Relationship: How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

The fundamental aspects of a relationship are trust and loyalty. When you commit yourself to your boyfriend or husband, you expect them to do the same in return. However this is not always the case, or does not always last. Infidelity is a very common occurrence in relationships, on both sides.
However it is more common in men, because of this you might be left wondering how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating. There are a lot of warning signs you can look for to try and determine if your boyfriend is cheating or not. However you have to be cautious.
When it comes to infidelity, people have a lot of conflicting ideas on how to handle the situation. A lot of people out there believe you should confront your boyfriend when you suspect he is cheating, but this is the wrong move. Not only will he deny it, but if he is not cheating then you are just shattering any trust that had been built up. Nobody likes being accused of being disloyal.
It is important to gather sufficient evidence that your boyfriend is cheating before you make a move. Think of it like a court of law, if you can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your boyfriend is cheating, then it is best to not confront him about it.
How to tell if your boyfriend is cheating can be difficult because they are probably pretty good at hiding it. But there are a lot of warning signs you can look for. While no individual sign means anything, if you spot several of them it might mean he is cheating.
1. Decreased desire to be intimate with you.
2. Suddenly tries new sexual positions with you.
3. Works late more frequently.
4. Mysterious phone calls.
5. Gets upset when you look at his phone, pager, or computer without permission.
6. Smells of perfume.
7. Showers immediately after getting home.
8. Starts taking more care of his appearance.
9. Changes his routine suddenly and without reason.
10. Accuses you of cheating.
The list is quite long and you will very likely notice your boyfriend doing some of the things listed above. However make sure not to jump the gun. Everything listed can be explained quite easily, so you do not want to falsely accuse your boyfriend of being unfaithful.
The real warning flag is not that he is doing something listed above, but that he is doing several of those things. If you notice your boyfriend suddenly changing their routine, going out at odd times or going to work early or staying late. If you notice him suddenly showering as soon as he gets home or how he suddenly loses interest in you sexually. These are things on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.
Use these flags to help you learn where to look for the proof you need. If you can follow the trail of suspicion to it’s source, you can find out the reason for these changes. It may or may not be infidelity, but at least you will know for sure. And if he is cheating, you can get the proof you need to confront him about it.