Sexuality: Menstrual Cycle Fertility

Menstrual cycle fertility in simple language can be defined as that time of a woman’s monthly cycle, when she is the most fertile. Fertile in this sense means, the time when her chances of conceiving are the highest.
However it depends on you whether you are planning to conceive or trying to avoid the same for the time being. So in either case it’s very important that you know your ‘fertile days’.
How to know your menstrual cycle fertility?
Before you know about your ‘fertile’ days, you should first be very well aware of the cycle as a whole. The cycle of a woman starts from day one, the day she gets her periods. The cycle is complete until the next month when she again gets her periods.
Now coming back to the fertility cycle, on an average a woman’s fertility period varies between 8-20 days from the onset of her periods.
The ‘fertility’ period of a woman is directly proportional to her ovulation period, which is when her egg is in the process of reaching the fallopian tube.
Depending on your number of days to complete your entire cycle, the fertility period can be calculated.
If your average cycle is around 30-32 days, then your menstrual cycle fertility is about 14-15 days before your next periods.
However, if your cycle is more than that of 30 days, let’s say 35 or more, your menstrual cycle fertility is about 17-19 days before your next period starts.
If you are unable to comprehend the ‘day counts’, then it can be more simplified and said that your ‘fertility period’ is when you are very close to the next time you are going to have your periods again.
Know your menstrual fertility period if you want to become pregnant
Taking 28-30 days as an average period of menstrual cycle, if you want to conceive, you fertility period would be optimum between days 8-19 from the day when you had your periods.
While the egg lasts for about 24hours after being discharged from the ovary, the sperm lives for a minimum of one day and a maximum of up to seven days inside a woman’s body.
If you want to optimize on your chances of conceiving during your menstrual cycle fertile period, then you should have sex every alternate day, if not every day during your fertile period.
That way not only the life span of a sperm to stay inside your body increases but also the number of sperms, one out of which one will enter your egg increases too. Thus accordingly your chance of conceiving increases too.
Know your menstrual cycle fertility if you want to avoid pregnancy
Fertility awareness will be the term if you don’t want to be pregnant all of a sudden. While there are many ways to avoid pregnancy, the only way to know about your ‘fertility period’ is just the same as already explained above.
The only difference here will be that, since you will be trying to avoid pregnancy, use condoms – the safest known natural way to have sex and avoid pregnancy at the same time. You can also consult your doctor and have oral contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy.
So in any case being aware of your menstrual cycle fertility is the key to your happiness whichever way you want.