Greenergy: Advantages Of Solar Energy

Advantages of solar energy
For years we humans have been exhausting the resources of fossil fuels and have been causing a great deal of damage to the environment, and it is now time that we look at alternative energy sources to stop or even reverse some of the damage that we have caused. That is where solar energy comes in. Solar energy uses the power of the sun to provide energy and electricity to all its inhabitants. There are a number of advantages of solar energy and these include such things as it is free, vast and friendly to the environment.
One of the main advantages of solar energy is that it is abundant and widely available. One scientist has actually said that everyday the sun generates more energy than the six billion people who live on earth would use in more than 30 years. The sun will never stop shining – it is a huge star millions of miles away, and we will always be able to get energy from the sun. The sun provides the energy for practically all life on earth and keeps the planet warm enough for all this to exist. Despite the clear advantages of solar energy, the impact of solar power on society has been very small – less than 0.05% of the nation’s electricity comes from solar generating stations.
One of the other clear advantages of solar energy is that it is friendly to the environment. Burning fossil fuels causes smog, acid rain, global warming and other forms of pollution and because of this we need to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels used. If you want to understand how damaging the burning of fossil fuels is to the environment, you should watch Al Gore’s documentary on climate change – once you have watched this documentary you will be stunned and will never want to switch on another light switch ever again and will want to switch fully to solar energy.
Another of the real advantages of solar energy is the low cost involved. First of all, sunlight is free so when you install solar energy you will not have to pay for a kilowatt of electricity ever again. Although there are costs involved with the initial setting up of solar energy, you will actually be saving a lot of money in the long run. It is becoming even more affordable to set up solar energy technologies now because the government offers incentives if you use solar energy. Probably the most publicized incentive is the Energy Policy Act 2005 where you receive a tax credit if you use clean energy to power your household. The act provided tax credits aimed at reducing the cost of building solar power plants and because of this, a number of solar energy plants are being brought in – the solar industry is going through a big growth spurt just like the wind power industry.
By cutting down on the amount of fossil fuels burned and using energy alternatives such as solar energy, health risks will be reduced as well. Many people underestimate the damage that continual burning of fossil fuels is doing to the health of our plants, animals, and to us human beings. Therefore one of the many advantages of solar energy is a decrease in health costs. You probably have noticed that over the past 20 years or so the number of people developing diseases and cancer has increased ten-fold – a lot of this can be blamed on the burning of fossil fuels releasing sulphur dioxide into the air.