Greenergy: Alternative Energy Source

Alternative energy source
Think of every time you flick on a switch in your home whether it is a light, the television or even a hair dryer. We use a huge amount of energy everyday of our lives and we now need to find an alternative energy source. Most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas, but these fossil fuel supplies are running low and produce huge pollution problems such as global warming. We do have other options however, and have to make use of an alternative energy source. Renewable energy is a great option and as it sounds a renewable energy source is an energy source that is constantly replenished and never runs out, the sun will continue to shine for forever and a day, as will the wind blow.
An alternative energy source includes solar power, wind power, marine power (waves and tides), and in some parts of the world geothermal energy options can be explored too. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources – once they are all gone there are none left. Fossil fuels are actually the remains of the plants and animals that lived millions of years ago, but we are using them up at extremely high speeds and we cannot justify the use of them any longer because there are plenty of other alternative energy sources available.
Solar power is the obvious choice as an alternative energy source because most of our energy comes from the sun, and the sun generates more energy everyday than we would possibly ever need – yet many people do not take advantage of this. Solar collectors are the main solar technology in use in our society today, and a lot of the time you will see these black boxes on roofs of houses. These solar collectors absorb the heat from the sun and converts it to energy. Water flows through coils in the collector and is stored in tanks for later use, such as for heating a pool or supplying hot water for showering and washing in the home. According to the International Energy Agency a solar water system is able to supply 50% to 80% of a families hot water needs – imagine having a solar hot water system in your home and using it as an alternative energy source – you would only need to tap into very few of the fossil fuel supplies each year. If every household did this, this would make a huge difference to pollution levels in this country. If we all do our part we can make the world a better place. It also would not be very difficult in expanding the use of solar collectors as current systems range from one solar collector on one household’s roof, to hundreds for a small community.
The government needs to provide incentives for people that set up an alternative energy source such as solar water heating because it is only then that people will make changes – this is partly to do with the fact that it is relatively more expensive to set up a renewable energy source such as solar power over more traditional forms of energy. It is possible to add solar water heating to newly built homes, because over 80% of all residential solar heating systems have been added to existing homes. Consider this energy source because you will be doing yourself and the environment a huge favor.

Alternative energy technology
Sources of fossil fuels are running low and burning them causes a number of hazards to the environment – there is no way to avoid both of these things unless we get rid of them completely and take advantage of alternative energy technology. There are many alternatives to using fossil fuels as a form of energy.
Solar power is one of the best options because most of our energy comes from the sun and there is a lot of energy to power the world 1000 times over. Wind power too has its benefits and can be powered through windmills that generate electricity as well marine energy such as energy produced by the waves and the tides.
There are other alternative energy technology options, but the three mentioned above are the best ones and the only ones in circulation today that have the potential to develop into something really amazing.
Solar power is an alternative energy technology that is being used well today. For centuries it has been known that the sun can be used to produce electricity however, in the early 1900’s fossil fuels were cheap and abundant and so they became very popular. We have been using fossil fuels too fast and they are running out.
There is strong evidence to suggest that we could power our whole society by harnessing the heat of the sun on certain technologies. Solar collectors are an alternative technology that is being used by many people worldwide to heat water for showering and washing. This technology has many benefits – it provides hot water in times of electricity shortage, and a cheaper option for electricity too.
It is a good idea to make use of this technology now because solar collectors will only get more expensive as electricity prices increase in the future (due to the shortages of fossil fuels). On top of this, the environmental effects of using solar power is great – instead of burning fossil fuels and causing pollution, your power will come from the sun (a resource that continually replenishes itself).
Wind power is another good alternative energy technology and has proved to be successful in the past. For years windmills were used to mill grain and pump water, and were even used as a source of electricity in continental Europe around 1890. But wind power as been seen as a potential wind source in the last decade and many scientists agree that this is one of the best ways to power the globe without electricity. There are wind farms scattered throughout the globe that are making use of alternative energy technology. The technology works like this: three blades are attached to a rotor and when the wind blows the blades spin the rotor and this allows energy to be produced – it is a rather simple concept but works well. The only problem with wind power is that for the technology to work there has to be wind and some places in the world do not have wind. However, this technology will work in places like Wales in the United Kingdom and in North Dakota here in the United States.
Alternative energy technology for marine energy is still being researched and developed fully, but there is some evidence to suggest that this technology works too. It will just take a bit more time until marine energy is in the mainstream, like that of solar power and wind power.