Greenergy: Building A Windmill

How to build a windmill
Windmills have been used since the beginning of time to mill grain and pump water. It is only since about 1790 that windmills were used in Europe and in particular Denmark to generate electricity. Interestingly windmills provided 25% of the energy consumed by the Danish industry back in those days, and back then they asked the same questions as you – how to build a windmill.
Cheap oil destroyed the windmill industry and it is only now that people see wind power as a valuable natural energy resource. Imagine this: by building your own windmill you will be able to cut down n our use of fossil fuels as well as providing a good source of electricity. So how to build a windmill you ask, well the process is pretty simple.
Before starting to build your own windmill it is important that you understand the technology and what a windmill actually does. Wind is turned into electricity by a windmill/ wind turbine. A windmill has a number of blades that are attached to the shaft of an electricity generator and the wind spins the blades around and this is where the electricity is produced. Now it’s well and truly time to find out how to build a windmill.
To begin with you will have to buy the motor for the windmill (unless you are an electrician you can probably make it yourself from recycled materials found at a scrap metal yard). Make sure you invest in some good oil as well because the motor in your windmill will require regular maintenance in order to perform properly. The oil is usually not very expensive and comes in two-gallon containers for approximately $20.
If you want to find out how to build a windmill, space is important too. If you want to build a decent size windmill make sure that you have a large enough workshop in order to have the space to carve the blades.
Many people find it difficult to get all the materials together when they want to find out how to build a windmill, and over the past year or so windmill making kits have been patented and developed. Many people choose this as their windmill making option. It is much easier; you often get a better result and spend less time searching for the materials to make the windmill.
If you do not like the idea of putting together a windmill kit and prefer building your own from scratch we recommend that you buy a book from your book store or online that shows you step by step how to build a windmill. These guides are great because they give you instructions on making different sized windmills depending on your need, and tell you exactly what dimensions the materials have to be so you can make the best windmill possible that takes advantage of wind energy.
However, if you know how to make windmills and actually enjoy the process you may be interested in setting up your own how to build a windmill business, because wind energy is becoming the best way to generate electricity and within a few years everybody will want to have a windmill in their back yard or on their section. It is best to tap into this market before everyone else gets the same idea – you could make a lot of money out of this.