Travel: Cruise Ship Entertainment Options

Cruise Ship Entertainment Options

Let’s face it: a cruise ship vacation is simply a one of a kind experience. Where else can you go and find wonderful food, luxury accommodations, crystal clear waters under a Caribbean night sky and a myriad of leisure and sports activities just waiting to be discovered? And on top of all of this, there seem to be unlimited cruise ship entertainment options the minute the sole of your feet step onboard.

If you are a first-time cruiser it can be confusing when trying to figure out all of the entertainment options available to you. Rather than sitting down at the smorgasbord of options and overloading yourself with choices, here is a breakdown of some common cruise ship entertainment selections on board most ships.

Production Shows

One of the greatest values that come from cruising is the availability of onboard production shows. Considering a Broadway musical can cost you upwards of $50 a ticket and performers in Vegas can be even pricier, you’ll want to take it at least one production show while cruising. Royal Caribbean cruise line offers the Broadway hit musical Chicago and Norwegian Epic cruise features the hit sensations Blue Man Group. Even on ships that don’t book major headliners, the production shows are dazzling and fun.

Bars and Restaurants

When you pay the initial fee for your cruise all of your meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included. However, each ship will still have a more upscale dining option for an additional fee. If this is your first time onboard the ship, it’s always recommended to dish out the extra cash and splurge on at least one meal. Carnival Cruise Line offers The Chef’s Table dining experience on all of their cruise ships. For $75 per person you’ll share a multi-course dinner with twelve other passengers and even get a private tour of the galley.

Onboard Shopping

While you will have plenty of opportunities to shop while stopped in various ports, you can also purchase items onboard the cruise ship. The pull to open your wallet is that everything you purchase is duty free. From liquor to clothing to souvenirs, your ship will have it all. There’s a convenience factor as well as whatever you buy is simply dropped off in your room by ship staff.

Adult Only Entertainment

Although many cruise lines try to be as family friendly as possible, most will offer adult-only cruise ship entertainment options that run from the casual to the risky. Carnival cruise lines provide a “Serenity Adults Only Retreat” where you can receive spa treatments sans the little ones running around. If something a little more risky is your style, then you can look forward to 2015 when Princess Cruises will launch their Bordello District complete with strip clubs and gambling across five decks.

Whatever your taste or style you are sure to find something onboard to match. The best advice is to use your room for rest and recovery and venture out as much as possible to take full advantage of all your ship has to offer!