Dating: Dating With Service Women

There can be many advantages to dating a military woman; they are usually disciplined, honest and loyal. But, there are also some very big disadvantages to this type of relationship. The number one of those is that you may go long periods of time not seeing her if she is deployed. Before you set off on dating service women, I would recommend that you take some time to think it through.
We have all seen the movies where a man who is deployed gets that terrible “Dear John” letter. It is devastating and can even be a matter of life and death since all personnel serving need to be focused and not thinking about things back home.
That same thing applies to dating service women too. If you aren’t sure (or at least as sure as you can possibly be if you’ve never done it) about being mature enough to handle long separations than perhaps this isn’t the best type of relationship for you.
So, here are some general tips on finding that perfect woman and to help you keep the fires burning even if she is away:
1. First things first, to meet a woman who is in the service, assuming you don’t already know one, there are online dating sites devoted exclusively to service men and women. This can be a fantastic way to find someone who you will connect with.
And, of course, she won’t be deployed the whole time so you want to find someone who lives close to you when she isn’t overseas. An online site will give you the best chance of narrowing down your search to just that type of service woman.
2. When you do meet, and hopefully things go great, you must face the fact that she will likely have to leave for extended periods of time. Another issue with military personnel sometimes is that they may not be able to tell you much about where they are going or what they will be doing.
There are many confidential elements to a military career. Make sure you have really thought this through and that you will be ok not knowing every little aspect of her life.
3. When (if) she is deployed, you can help keep a connection. Simple things like sending care packages filled with her favorite things can make her feel loved and connected instead of alone and lonely.
Today, it is also easy to video chat. This provides you the opportunity to have a face to face even though you are separated by thousands of miles. It adds a little more intimacy than you would have from a letter, an email or even a phone call.
4. And last, but not least, make sure you both talk about expectations. Most couples expect each other to stay faithful even if they are apart. Make sure both of you have discussed this and aren’t just assuming anything.
If you both promise to remain faithful, than you must live by your word and do it (and, of course, so must she).
These tips should help with dating service women and keeping that relationship going strong.