X-Files: Who Is The Stealth Wedge Between Islam And The West

There is a social natural law that says: If two parties wrangle, or worse, are at war against each other, then there is always a third party behind the scenes of wrangle or war who is considered friend by both parties. And that common friend is the least suspected evil doer.

Now the question is: Who the hell is that third party that plays a role behind the scenes of the increasing unrest between Islam and West? Answer: Unidentified to this day. But: There is an indication.

Roughly a century ago, there is in particular one country that was heavily involved in archaeological finds in the Middle East. Perhaps the disinformative movies Indiana Jones may ring a bell. Those archaeologists had no respect whatsoever for the artefacts at hand. They disassembled these, stole these and rearranged these between walls somewhere in a city for display to the public against a fee. So in fact, they completely altered the symbols of gods, i.e. the basic soul of the Middle East, which – seen from the esoteric viewpoint – largely disrupted the foundation of that culture.

Of course the politicians and scientists would dismiss that as sheer nonsense, and you could as well dismiss the concept of god that 90 percent of the word’s population believes in. Well, better read for example that story of Moses, the two tablets and the golden calf with all the implications. And that is less than a handful of artefacts. I am speaking of thousands of artefacts in the Middle East.

These artefacts are all symbols of some sort. Each one of them represents a line of thinking, a foundation of belief, a message of warning, a sign of respect, a way of life, and so forth. Ancient symbols should not be under-estimated. They are so powerful that that they have stood the teeth of time throughout history up to present time. Usually people think that symbols are just for artistic purposes, or for acting as a label to represent a product brand.

Sure there are tons of symbols these days that have been purposely designed as superficial brand labels in this world of sales and marketing. But the more esoteric symbols who share the same fundamental glyphs are the ones to take seriously.

Basic glyphs include the circle or part of it, the square or part of it, the pyramid or part of it, the star or part of it, the cross with all its variations, and so on. These basic symbols will have always been and will always be on both the background and the foreground of all symbols derived from these.

There is one nation with its major bank in particular that has always been the financial source behind major events already since the introduction of currency. The symbol of their currency is the capital letter L, or El or Alh, i.e. the god Allah. The L is a subset of the cross. The L is a quarter of the Nazi Cross. So in this way, that nation is basically Jewish and Islamic in its financial foundation. That nation is on one hand accountable for numerous financial injections in major businesses in the Middle East, and on the other hand directly accountable for the disruption of the gods in the Middle East in the name of socalled science and art. Two faces of operation.

And yes, that nation is Great Britain, with their British Pound between the Dollar and the Dinar, with their secret operations between the Eufrates and the Tigris, with their land between Europe and the Americas, and with their economic foundation between Islam and the West.

The Royal family and the Government at large of that nation has all the stakes in world domination. It even managed to get the zero time zone allocated, even though the actual zero time zone should have been at the pyramid of Gizeh longitude. Egypt was the prime area of archeological invasion and robbery, and all that is left now is a fence around the pyramid, blocking all the lateral energies from the pyramid, leaving an worn-out land behind. This land of Egypt was the center of the Middle East in ancient times. The last remnants of that position got stolen and stashed away by the Brits who now have another center of the Middle East: Islamic State. For now, I on purpose do not get into the subject of ISIS versus ISIL.

Great Britain is the nation that had all the stakes of World War II and in full co-operation with the Nazis (NAtional socialists and ZIonists) and Jew Adolf Hitler von Rotschild. So yes, Great Britain allowed themselves bombed by Hitler in exchange of taking major money making orders from Hitler through the Jewish Bankers, Elite Jews, Vatican Jews and British Royal Family Jews. Of course Great Britain and Hitler made sure only areas where no Jews were living would be bombed.

Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by the Rothschilds, who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks. The Rothschilds funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources that already financed wars before.

Great Britain has seen that their game worked well half a century ago, so now they create the opportunity to copy/paste that game into the Middle East region rather than in Europe. However, Europe is to be sacrificed by Great Britain to the Middle East. Not specifically by handing over the political borders, but simply by having Europe import the Middle East culture, i.e. religion, as to be subjected to the game of Islam from within.

Right now, the invasion is happening all over Europe, where socalled fugitives will bread alien eggs that will pop open all simulataneously when the time is ripe.

Of course the orchestrated unrest in the Middle East region gives a free ticket to socalled fugitives to the West such as Europe where they get paid wellfare by the state without having to work. Actually 80 percent of all Muslims in Europe live of the wellfare paid by the Christians and Jews. What better and easier way to facilitate the Trojan invasion? And after a decade of secret training those fugitves will emerge as intra terrorists.

So obviously that has to do with Great Britain to be the prime facilitator and stealth wedge between the various parties. Great Britain has always been good at it, by operating with two faces. Hence their covert symbol is double OO, i.e. two faces of the coin, two zeros symbolizing infinity, between the zero of the past and the zero of the future and therefore to be the present time. And the well-known symbol 007, James Bond’s logo, is the O and the O and the 7. The 7 is the upside down L, the British Pound, the omnipotent Allah, to pull all puppets of the world. Great Britain rules the world time zones, and that is a very powerful position.

Great Britain has always managed to be the buddy of major nations such as the US, Europe and the Middle East. But behind that apparent puppy behavior, it is this same Great Britain to be the one and only to pull the dog collar.

It is solely in the interest of Great Britain to keep on top of the world economic powers. And if the games stop paying off, such as the past Russian Revolution, the past World War II, the past Gulf Wars, well, then a new game is to be devised, the game of religion. And that World War III will be largely fought from within. Trojan horses are being imported at present time and that is the beginning of Great Britain’s play at the global level. Everybody will think that ISIS or ISIL is to blame, and no-one will ever suspect Great Britain. The news media tell you that the Allies of the West or the CIA are funding ISIS, but they fail to mention that the funding sources are funded by only one prime source: The Bank Of England.

Now why would hatred between Islam and the West be to Great Britain’s advantage? We all know that Islamic law/Shariah Law is completely incompatible with Freedom, Democracy, and Liberty, or any other government where the people have an actual voice in government or the will of the people. Well, the motive has nothing to do with religion, domestic politics or humanity at large. The motive has to do with business, i.e. money power. It has always been that very same motive throughout the times and will always be.

We all know how well new economic realms flourish in an era of war. Both past World Wars have shown this clearly. And for the Rotschild’s the formula remains the same as always: Those who control the money, control the world. Great Britain is the trigger for a world wide revolutionary war which cannot be won by either party. The world may end up in mass kamikaze in old Vietnam style. Lots of assets will be destroyed, there will be no winner, just a lot of exhaustion, and finally, after years, the remaining population will take it from thereon and rebuild the entire infra-structure, backed by The Bank Of England. That is the good old agenda of war. Illuminati mission accomplished.

So, dear Muslims and Jews and Christians, before pointing your weapons at each other, why not first doing a little analysis by yourself? You have all been setup to fight against each other! Why not considering the possibility of a covert third party? Why, after centuries of co-existence, must all of a sudden battles be fought, heads be chopped off, civilians be terrorized? What is the use of all that violence? Who finally benefits the most from all that shit? Have a good look at Great Britain.

Forget about Obama, Putin and the Pope. They are all distraction and lead you astray. It is all being orchestrated that way. I swear, if the entire land of Great Britain would sink into the deep right now, world peace will follow automagically.

And last but not least, you should also have a good look at India and Pakistan, both nuclear power nations. Know that these two countries are directly and tightly linked with Great Britain. And they are on the verge of a nuclear war. That nuclear tension has been smartly masked by the aforementioned unrest between Islam and the West. All eyes are to ISIS and ISIL and related shit. What a distraction! Very well masterminded.

Remember: At the global level there is always more than one game going on at a given time. There is no coincidence. Everything is planned.

Well, I have said my version. If you think it is far fetched or sheer nonsense, to you to come up with a better write-up. I would be very pleased to hear from you by then and I will gladly update this posting with mention of your name.