X-Files: Scientology Debunked: Principles

The disinformation issue on the 8 dynamics as defined in Scientology:

1. Self – The beingness and survival of the individual.

2. Creativity – The family unit and raising children. Also includes sex as a mechanism to self reproduction or self-birth. It seems not explicitly include cloning also.

3. Group Survival – Community, friends, a company, a social lodge, a state, a nation, a race or any group.

4. Species – Survival through mankind. All men and women seek to survive as men and women, for men and women.

5. Life Forms – Life forms such as animals, birds, insects, fish and vegetation, and the survival thereof.

6. Physical Universe – Matter, energy, space, and time to persist or survive.

7. Spiritual Dynamic – Spiritual beings or the urge for life itself to survive. Includes one’s beingness, the ability to create, the ability to cause survival or to survive, the ability to destroy or pretend to be destroyed.

8. Infinity – God, the Supreme Being or Creator, but it is correctly defined as infinity. Embraces the allness of all.

The first 4 dynamics essentially are variations on the human being. Moreover, it excludes other life-forms from being a species, which is totally wrong, because animals and vegatation is also species.

The fifth dynamic, life form, is illogical because it basically says that other forms than animal form is not life form. It should include the life form of the human being i.e. mankind. The fifth dynamic therefore is an integrated part of the first 4 dynamics, and therefore should not be a top level dynamic.

The sixth dynamic is an integrated part of the the first 5 dynamics, and therefore should not be a top level dynamic. Any life form manifests itself as physical.

The seventh dynamic is an integrated part of the first six dynamics, and therefore should not be a top level dynamic either, because all life forms include sentient beingness and urge to survival, otherwise life forms would not live. Moreover, the Scientology definition says it includes one’s own beingness, which is essentially the first dynamic. So why mixing it up with the seventh?

And finally, the eighth dynamic definition uses the term infinity as the same as the term god. Infinity is not the same as god. God is essentially the spirit part in and around everybody and everything. There is nothing without spirit. Even what we call minerals includes spirit. How else do for example stars influence life forms?

This eighth dynamic is nevertheless the least ill-defined (by Scientology) dynamic, however, the most misunderstood.

All in all, the Scientology dynamics form a collection of vagueness and disinformation, and therefore a very weak basis for auditing at best. No wonder why it takes so long to cross their Bridge.

The true dynamics levels are as follows:

4. Humans.

3. Animals.

2. Vegetation.

1. Physical things.

So, four instead of any other number. All physical objects are connected (e.g. controlled by, occupied by, contain) with sentient life form, i.e. spirit (thetan). These objects van be things, vegetation, animals or humans.

The levels of existence are basically different manifestations of density in this universe. This is something unheard in Scientology, yet very basic for any science.

They are:

8. Nothing – emptiness – perceived as the container of the universe

7. Spirit – sentient being

6. Astral / Mind – interface between sentient being and higher density

5. Aether / dark matter / e.g. outer space

4. Plasma – e.g. star

3. Gas –

2. Liquid –

1. Solid –

0. black hole – The term hole is totally wrong. In fact, it is the opposite of a hole. It is the highest density of existence in the universe. It absorbs (as though it acts like a hole) and compresses, and then decompresses and creates (emanates) lower densities of existence, usually in opposite directions.

The Scientology term MEST, i.e. Matter & Energy & Space & Time erroneously implies that each of the four parts can exist on its own. It is a useless term, because each and every manifestation of existence is MEST, regardless of the density of existence. If any form of existence be handled, then there is no way doing so by merely addressing one of the four parts. Anything to be handled must be handled entirely. When you boil water, i.e. H2O, then you do not heat H separate from O. You boil the whole damn thing. Some scientists call it holistic, but a better word is wholistic.

There is nothing that is unreal, unlike what Scientology dictates their members.

All is real. It is just that the manifestations are more or less dense. Reality is defined by Scientology as the agreed-upon apparency of existence. But no agreement is necessary for something to be reality, simply because everything is reality. Denial, for example, does not change reality. So that definition is pointless.

For example, the virtual world, as we perceive it through the computer, may not be physically solid as bricks at high density, however, the way the mind interacts with that virtual world is such as though there is indeed a higher density or solidity.

If the virtual world would not be real, then why are people so crazy about it, enslaved by it, addicted to it, dependent on it, and accepting it as the prime communication medium? What we think and feel is real and what we do is real and what we are is real, and so forth. And it has nothing to do with common agreement of some sort as defined by and in Scientology.

Because factually, matter cannot be destroyed – it may be altered in form, but never truly destroyed – matter cannot vanish either. Because everything is matter, in any density of manifestation, and everything is real, nothing real can become unreal neither completely vanish. LRH of Scientology completely failed to understand this basic science.

And last but not least: According to Scientology Tone Scale, death would be the greatest failure. This is obviously directly in contradiction with their own belief that the spirit, i.e. thetan, never dies and simply moves on to the next physical existence (body), i.e. reincarnation. According to the story about LRH who died and went on to a next physical body at another planet, death became the greatest achievement. So, flunk Scientology, for contradicting yourself!