Photography: Tallenge Scam Fraud

Since I was an active member on YouPic, a platform/medium for photographers, I repeatedly received spam messages from fake profiles (entities with false profile pic and no photos in the portfolio) who urge me to participate with Tallenge with the chance to win 500 fucking bucks.

I also received messages from legit members who warn me about the fraudulent scam that Tallenge seems to base their cyber operations on.

So then I took the investigation by myself.

Tallange’s T & C states:

“… irrevocably grant Tallenge, its successors, subsidiaries, parent and related companies, licensees, assignees, and third parties acting on Tallenge’s behalf, an exclusive worldwide, royalty-free right to license to use, exhibit, license, sub-license, distribute, perform, post, display, copy, publish, promote, re-format, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, adapt, make available online or electronically transmit and exploit the Submission, for free, […] for a period of five (5) years from the date you entered the contest. After the term of the foregoing license expires, the license shall automatically convert into a non-exclusive license to Tallenge in perpetuity.”

So in laymnan’s terms, this means that whatever photo I submit to Tallenge, I have no right or control whatsoever of my photo. My photo basically has become theirs.

“Any person uploading any media on would hereinafter be known as a “Participant”, and any person consuming or voting on any content would hereinafter be known as a “Voter”. By uploading media on, the Participant consents to the media being subject to Tallenge’s LICENSE, to being subject to Tallenge’s Rules Of The Competition, to being subject to Tallenge’s Privacy Policy, to having the media displayed on, and to having it enter into any and all periodic contests for which it is eligible running on, to be determined by the date and time of the media being uploaded. By voting, the Voter consents to having the vote counted for the determination of any and all periodic contests for which the media is eligible.”

In other words, I am reminded of earlier stated terms & conditions that say the same, so I better shut the fuck up and give away my photos or else.

You agree that the suspension or termination of your account may not prohibit other users from accessing and viewing the content uploaded by you, unless the same is deleted by you or blocked or taken down by the website.

So even if I terminate my account, all my photos remain for grabs at Tallenge! What the fuck!

And last but not least:

All Tallenge-specific or Tallenge-created material [ editor: BY WHOM?] or content (excluding any and all User Generated/Uploaded Content) made available via the website or any of its subsidiaries are and will remain at all times the property of Tallenge (or Tallenge’s licensors, sponsors or third parties, as applicable).

So this I read as saying that Tallenge is not specific enough whether material created by Tallenge or by its users. And why putting “excluding any and all User Generated/Uploaded Content” between parenthesis? Are users first, second, or third parties? This whole phrase is a contradiction to itself.

Tallenge, you cannot be trusted with your phony legal bullshit.

By the way, I could not find on the entire web any verified prize winner. So there is no prize of 500 bucks or 10 grand or any other prize than just losing my photos. The “prize” is just fried fucking air. The “prize winenrs” on their website are fake.

I created an account at Tallenge and uploaded one photo, just to see what would happen. Lo behold, my photo I could not delete, and when I contacted Tallenge about this issue, my account got deleted but my photo remained at Tallenge!!!

My advice to all photographers: Never ever enter anything at Tallenge. Tallenge is a fraudulent scam. They steal your works.

I was an active photographer member at YouPic – a Swedish venture. All members are very courteous – read: ass lickish – and there is not one single negative comment! YouPic gives virtual rewards as to stimulate your ego, very nice autistic setup, so yeah, go Tallenge!

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