X-Files: Halal Scam


The islamic teachings state that halal includes the procedure to kill animals that are not under anesthesia – so they suffer their death roll. Sometimes animals are slightly drugged, but that is the exception rather than the rule, just because of avoiding too much noise.

What halal butchers do not know is that a moment of intense fear provokes in the flesh a biochemical reaction – read: adrenaline, depressant hormones and immune system inhibitors – that makes the flesh unhealthy and even poisoned to a certain degree. In other words, those who eat halal meat, i.e. “angst meat”, will become aggressive, scared, depressed, and will have an unhealthier immune system. That’s how biology works, logically. It has been scientifically proven.

Even superficial transpiration fluids – i.e. sweat – has similar characteristics. Scientists have done experiments on rats by injecting them with sweat from cardio-vascular sportsmen and from people who are in intense fear. The rats that became more vivid were those who got sweat from the sportsmen. The rats that became sick or died were those who got sweat from the people in intense fear.

Dianetics auditing, a scientology procedure on the mind, has proven over and over that when a living being is temporarily unconscious, all perceptions (there are at least 55 of them) remain fully operational. Even if all the blood has left the body, the actual death – i.e. disconnection of the spirit from the physical body may take hours at least. Before the disconnection, all perceptions are vivid. Regardless whether the animal or human is drugged or not.

This applies to all living beings. So that includes animals at the butcher, islamic or not.

For animals it is not any different. So, even if an animal is drugged, i.e. under full or partial anesthesia, still all perceptions are vivid in the mind. So, whether or not an animal is under anesthesia, its flesh will turn into a mild poisenous state due to the fear factor. That flesh for consumers is “angst meat”. And quite literally, you become what you eat.

How do the muslims know that the bleading animal has no pain or fear? They have no scientific way of measuring pain in the absence of blood. Scientology does have this technology: The E-Meter. Especially the E-Meter Mark VII Quantum is a high precision instrument. I have one myself and I know all the workings. Experiments have been done on plants and rats, using this E-Meter, both either under anesthesia and not. Then when cutting the living organism, the E-Meter did register the reactions very clearly, even after physical death.

But the plants and rats that were not under anesthesia showed the strongest reactions by far! In other words, halal is procedure is more detrimental to the flesh than the Western butchery procedure. When killing an animal that is fully conscious, the amount of adrenaline, cortisol, and immune inhibitors is maximum.

Imagine, you are getting stabbed by knives by someone who is yelling prayers and Arab poetry, wouldn’t you think that Dr. Psycho is at work? Don’t think animals don’t care! That would be a complete misconception! Animals are way more sensitive than humans.

That E-Meter can easily register any kind of discomfort regardless the current state of mind. It has been proven by millions of scientology practitioners world wide. And their knowledge about the mind is way more advanced than the knowledge muslims have. Muslims are not at all schooled in the science of the mind. They are completely ignorant about the mind. Their religion of irreality prohibits them to dig into this area of knowledge. So they naively believe whatever is told them in their mosques.

I am not trying to promote the scientology organization here, neither as a religious entity nor as a sect or cult, but I do promote the scientology technology, i.e. the science of the mind, in particular dianetics.

I read and studied and applied that tech, but did not become a slave of the org as there is no need to become a scientologist. Just be a scientist … Before I criticized and abandoned scientology org, I studied that first. And after a couple of years I found out that the technology is good, even though the organization sucks.

For me it is the science that is important, not politics, not religion. And sorry to say, but scientology technology pinpoints exactly the problem related with butchery by all cultures and religions. Muslims should start studying reality.

I urge all islamic scientists to study dianetics and perform tests using the E-Meter. That will completely change their view on the concept of “halal”. And in fact, it is absolutely useless, even detrimental, to apply the halal procedure. Whether drugged or not, in both cases the fear fluids will be in the flesh everywhere. That’s why eating meat is not healthy for the mind, and certainly if the meat is halal because that is the most contaminated with fear and aggression induced hormones.

Now what solution would I propose? Well, very simple. Make sure the animals die in peace. In REAL peace. Just lead them quietly and gently in a natural looking room, with grass and nice lighting, and then take away the O2, simply by gently adding CO2 and Helium until saturation.

They simply suffocate without the slightest fear. Then move them into a cooled – natural looking – room where for the next days their spirit can quietly disconnect from the body. Only after, the cutting may begin.

That is simple and that is all. And the meat will not be contaminated in any way, and the microscopic traces of CO2 and Helium will dissipate within a day, and so the meat will be healthy for consumption, both for the body and the mind.