37 – Universes



This universe was founded on games of force and conflict. These can be fun, as evidenced by the popularity of various video and arcade games. But it is not fun for real living beings to be at the receiving end of these forces. And if it hurts others, it hurts the being who causes it as well because these things do kickback.

We have had these kind of games for a long time. They go back long before this universe. And they predate the time when we became the effect of our own creations and began playing these games for real, succumbing to pain and force and misery.

In early universes these were played with mockups, created projections, the god’s equivalent of our video games. They were not done and were never meant to be done with the suffering of living beings.

Don’t think to turn your back on force and deny this type of game as being too violent. The “gods” love playing with force and it is very entertaining.

A chess game is most interesting when there is a dramatic and well co-ordinated use of force to smash the enemy’s position. Imagine this on a larger scale with more action and sophisticated graphics. This is something that you have fun playing rather than something to be run out and erased.

Then consider the sick and degraded horror of putting living beings into these chess pieces and smashing them as part of the game.

That is what is really wrong and that is what needs to be handled.

Leave the violence on TV. That is where it belongs. Get it out of everyday life. Use your mastery of force for entertainment, not for the subjugation or destruction of others.

You will eventually need to master force. Energy is part of the anatomy of this universe. But you master it to regain control over the physics within which we have entrapped ourselves rather than using it to further harm and dominate your fellow man.

We will have a chapter later on the subject of energy. But if you increase your horsepower and then use it to play further games of dominating others, you will simply cause yourself to sink faster into this trap, just as a more energetic person would sink faster when struggling against quicksand.

So as a preliminary step, let’s see if we can pull you a bit further out of the degraded game of this universe. There are far better games to play and their shadows still remain with us. For example, art and creation still remain with us even if they don’t always gain adequate “points” in the cut throat games of the “real” world.

37.1 Six Ways to Nothing

This is best done sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.

Imagine that you are reaching through the entirety of the physical universe, way way out there, as far as you can imagine it going no matter how big, and then reach a bit further and find nothing. Hold onto the nothingness for a moment or for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable holding it and not thinking.

Do this in each of six directions in rotation:

1) right

2) left

3) front

4) back

5) above

6) below

When you have cycled through this a number of times comfortably, then begin doing these in pairs, reaching in two opposite directions simultaneously and holding both.

1) right and left

2) in front and behind you

3) above and below you

When this is comfortable, then reach in all 6 directions at once and hold the nothingness in all 6 places concurrently. Alternate this with looking around the room.

As an advanced step, if you can conceive of 4th dimensional directions, add a 4th non-physical axis and reach to both sides along that axis as well and find the nothingness beyond any 4th dimensional thickness that may be part of this universe.

Note that other separate universes do not occupy the same co-ordinate system, it is the independence of the co-ordinates that makes them separate universes. You would not, for example, find the magic universe by reaching far enough in physical universe space, you would find it in its own space instead.

And advanced student can also find other universes around himself besides the current one. In actual practice, you did not completely abandon the various earlier universes, and you still have parts of yourself there. When you are ready (probably on a second pass), you can close your eyes and mockup various other universes around you and repeat the above drill on those as well. But this is best done after mastering the techniques given in the next chapter.

37.2 Universe Exteriorization

Lie down and close your eyes.

a) spot 3 points in this universe

b) spot 3 points that are not in this universe

37.3 Beingness

The goals series introduced in the chapter on entering this universe (incident 1) is the anatomy of the game in this universe, and it is self destructive.

Each goal in the list is set up to fight against the goals on either side. As a godlike being, you oppose both the enduring people and the free beings. You successfully oppose the enduring people and therefore cannot endure as god, and you fail in opposing the free beings and thus eventually become one.

As a free being, you successfully oppose godlike begins, and therefore cannot be godlike, and you fail in opposing responsible beings and thus eventually change over to that goal.

And so the cycle continues downward, and with each abandonment of a goal and the corresponding abandonment of the identity associated with it (which failed), you also abandon some of your ability.

As long as you stay in agreement with this pattern, you find that it is difficult to be both free and responsible concurrently because the two have been set in conflict. Or, to use a different example, it is difficult to be both strong and intelligent at the same time.

As one steps out of this pattern and abandons the game of domination, you do not abandon these goals. Instead, you expand to encompass all of them, and hold these together without conflict.

Eventually you will want to do some intensive handling of this area. It is discussed in chapter 3 of the Super Scio book. But that is best left until a second pass through this book.

For now, we will do a light process to try and restore some of the abilities that were abandoned on each of these goals as you cycled through this pattern while living in this universe. Note that we have been here for a long time and most people will have gone around the entire series a number of times, loosing a bit more each time around.

The process here is very simple, but you should do it thoroughly for each of the goals in turn.

Do this in a crowded place.

a) walk around, visualizing yourself as having the primary characteristic of the goal, such as being godlike or being free or being responsible.

b) spot people and visualize each of them as having that primary characteristic as well, even if they are not manifesting it.

c) put the intention into people that they have more of that primary characteristic such as being more godlike or more intelligent, etc.

Run this for each of the items in the following list:





































37.4 Being Nothing

Run this one 4 different ways:

1) alone with your eyes closed in a comfortable position

2) alone with your eyes open in a comfortable position

3) outdoors in a quite and natural place (eyes open)

4) in a crowded place with lots of people around (eyes open)

The process consists of alternating between two different concepts, holding each one for a minute or until you feel comfortable.

a) conceive of yourself as nothing, no thought, no attitude, no characteristics, just a passive yet infinite potential.

b) conceive of yourself as an individual, with emotions and attitudes and thoughts and pictures.

37.5 Desirable Targets

37.5.1 Think of some things that you like

37.5.2 Think of some things that it would be nice to be

37.5.3 Think of some things that it would be nice to do

37.5.4 Think of some things that it would be nice to have

37.5.5 Think of some people that you would enjoy talking to

37.5.6 Think of some games that it would be fun to play

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