32 – Increasing Perception And Orientation



Once incidents of interiorization have been run out, it is safe to push harder on exteriorization drills.

As with the earlier drills of this kind, you will probably get a mixture of real perception and imagination. Don’t compare your perception to what you see with the body’s eyes and start invalidating yourself because of inaccuracies. Developing good perception happens gradually. These processes should take you a bit further along that road.

32.1 Positive Exteriorization

Lie down and close your eyes. Run the following alternately until you turn on some exterior perception with some certainty.

a) Spot 3 points in the body

b) Spot 3 points in the room

32.2 Distance (outside)

Walk around outside.

Spot two objects and notice the distance between them. Then feel the space between them.

Do this many times until you can really have space.

32.3 Distance (exterior)

Next, lie down and close your eyes and do the same drill (32.2 above) exterior.

Spot two objects outside and notice the distance between them. Then feel the space between them.

Again, continue until you can really have space.

32.4 The Grand Tour

For each planet in the following list, be above the planet (or get the idea that you are looking down at it) look it over spotting a number of points on the surface, and then interiorize into it (occupying a large space in the center of the planet) and exteriorize from it 3 times. Then look it over again, spotting a few more points. Then go on to the next planet.

When you finish the list, start from the beginning again. Continue until you have some significant gain in perception, reality, or orientation.

The list of planets to use is:

1. Mars
2. Venus
3. Jupiter
4. Saturn
5. Mercury
6. Uranus
7. Neptune
8. Pluto
9. The Moon
10. Earth

Ignore any energy fields or weird sensations and just keep doing the drill.

32.5 Orientation

Walk around outside. As you do so, get the idea that you are remaining stationary and moving the universe around you. As you continue doing this, start noticing objects and noticing the distances between you and the objects.

When you can do this comfortably, begin alternating moving through the universe and moving the universe around you, getting the idea of each one for a few moments.

32.6 Street Corners

Lie down and close your eyes.

Go (spiritually) to busy intersections in large cities with lots of people and interesting things around. Be on one of the street corners and look around. Do the following:

a) spot some objects

b) spot some motions

c) spot some people

Then pick another intersection, optionally in another city, and repeat. You can vary this by also going to crowded malls and department stores.

Do this one a lot.

32.7 Mocking Up Bodies

Repeat 32.6 above, this time mocking yourself up in a body standing on the street corner. This can be an “astral” or “energy” or “spirit” body. It can be insubstantial to other people.

Do the drill (going to street corners and looking around, spotting objects, motions, and people) using a mockup of your current body.

Then do it again using a mockup of an old body.

Then do it again using a mockup of a young body.

Then do it again being in a body of the opposite sex.

Then do it again mocking up a body that looks powerful.

Then do it again mocking up a body that looks wise.

Then do it again mocking up a body that looks holy.

Then do it again mocking yourself up as a cloud of energy with golden disks for eyes.

Then do it again as yourself with nothing.

32.8 More on Bodies

Close your eyes and mockup many many copies of your current body.

Jam the copies together into a ball and collapse them down to nothing.

Mockup more copies. Then throw them all away.

Alternate these two actions.

32.9 Using a Mirror

Look into a mirror and alternately see your ideal self (instead of the current body) and see nothing (ignoring what your eyes are telling you is there).

32.10 Exterior Version

Close your eyes and move around outside. Find reflective surfaces and look into them and alternately see your ideal self and see nothing.

32.11 Tactile

Walk around outside.

Touch something and let go of it.

Then mentally touch and let go of it and try to get the same sensation.

Repeat this a number of times on a particular object and then more on to the next one.

32.12 Sounds

Close your eyes and look around a big city.

Tune into sounds that seem interesting and go to those locations and look around.

32.13 Ext/Int on the Body

Lie down and close your eyes.

Mock yourself up as a cloud of energy with lots of stuff in it (gadgets or constructions of whatever sort that seem nice and interesting).

Gently slide this entire mess in and out of your physical body. Adjust it as necessary so that it has no impact on the body, but try to retain a sense of having lots of mass and energy moving in and out.

Next, from an exterior position, permeate the body with a cloud of comfortable white or golden energy. Turn any dark patches white or golden.

32.14 Operating the Body

Center yourself three feet back of the body’s head. Expand your space so that you are large enough to encompass the body from this distance.

Go to a crowded place, walking the body around and using its eyes but maintaining the idea that you are bigger than it and running it from behind the head or the entire space around it that you are encompassing.

Stand (or sit) in a comfortable and unobtrusive spot.

With the body’s eyes, spot some objects, then spot some motions, and then spot some people. As you do this, have the idea that the eyes are picking up the images, feeding them to the brain, and then these are relayed back to you on a communications channel of some sort.

Then ignore the body’s perceptions and repeat the spotting drill from your own viewpoint behind the body’s head or surrounding the body, again spotting objects, motions, and people.

Alternate these two steps.