Money: Fuck Tax – Sue The Govt!

Behind the giant smokescreen of disinformation, brainwashing and propaganda perpetuated for decades by politicians, bankers and other bureaucrats, through mass media, here is the simple truth:

Several decades ago a relatively small group of smart international bankers and their political cronies devised and implemented an intelligent plan to enslave progressively Earth’s population and whole countries by taking control and significantly changing to their profit the concept of “money”. Throughout decades they managed to transform “money” from an instrument of exchange into an instrument of confiscation of labor and property, in other words, instrument of enslavement. Here is how it works.

First, understand the basics. Suppose you own the only printing press in town and that you obtained monopoly and a license to print money in your town. This money is legal tender – i.e. the only money allowed in town. Everybody will come to you to obtain money as a medium of exchange. You will print the money on request, but only in the form of credit with interest attached to it, as “payment for your printing services” and you will, where you can, obtain mortgage or other security interest on property of your debtors.

Suppose a client comes to you and asks for 100 dollars for 5 years. You will agree to print the 100 dollars bill upon signature of your client’s promise to repay you the money and pay you annual interest (say, 10 percent i.e. 10 dollars per year, for 5 years). You will also ask the client to give you a mortgage on his house. Once you obtain the signature, you will print only the requested 100 dollars bill (you will not print the five 10 dollars bills to cover the future interests your client has to pay you).

Please note that a second before you print the bill, you didn’t have it! So, basically, you “legally” counterfeited the bill, based on your license and obtained mortgage on your client’s house. In a year’s time, your client will have to pay you 10 dollars of interest. But there exists in circulation only 100 dollars bill you printed, the 10 dollars bill does not exist. Therefore and because you print money only in the form of interest bearing credit (debt), you will only print the additional 10 dollars bill only in the form of new debt. Interest, therefore, increases the money supply in your town and dilutes over time the relative value of money you already printed and put in circulation in the form of debt (basic cause of inflation).

On another hand, interest represents the additional goods and/or services your client needs to produce for your benefit. In this example, the value of total additional work your client has to perform over 5 years will reach 50 dollars, which is half of the value of the 100 dollars bill you printed initially out of nothing and which your client will also have to repay you. Not bad at all!

Of course, your client’s customers will also have to come to you for credit to pay your client for his goods and/or services, so he can pay you interest and repay the principal. And of course, they will also owe you interest. In this way, interest will keep compounding and inflate all prices, as the economy of the town will have to keep compensating interest payable to you by constantly rising prices.

You realize now that you become the most powerful person in town and don’t care which politicians run it. Everybody in town now THINK that they need your services and need the money you print. You can cause booms and busts by manipulating interest rates and by deciding to print or not to print your money and to whom you issue notes or not. You see now that your monopoly on counterfeiting money (in the form of debt) with interest attached, gives you huge power. Actually, you would not care less to have any of your clients go bankrupt. Better than that, in case of your client’s bankruptcy which you can yourself cause by refusing to further credit him, you will obtain his property. You do not have any risk, as you yourself print the money! Of course, you will do everything to keep your little fraud going and people comply with it.

This scheme exhibits exponential growth pattern (ultimately uncontrollable even by its masters) and it is prone to abuse and fraud. One can only wonder why anybody in such a town would agree to go on with it… unless the town’s politicians are bribed.

However, this is the precise scheme upon which the whole money system has worked for decades now with your UN-informed consent and compliance. Today, of course, more than 95% of all money is created electronically out of nothing, so no need even to actually print the notes (apart some physical cash to maintain the illusion of money). Here is how this scheme translates in every day’s life and on a global scale:

I. “GROUND FLOOR”: CENTRAL BANKS. Created long ago and owned by private banks (such as, among others, the FED and the Bank of England), privately managed and controlled (ALL OF THEM) world central banks generate electronic sets of numbers and call them “money”. They then “purchase” with this newly created “money” government and other interest bearing debt (various bonds, notes etc…, i.e. promises to pay) issued by governments on your behalf. This operation can be done either directly or indirectly, through the “financial markets”. In fact, governments “back” this debt and the attached interest by fraudulently introduced taxes at different times and in different places.

Today, more than half of all government tax income goes to pay interest on government debt. Due to the compounding of interest embedded in the system, this debt grows exponentially (look at your respective countries debts and their historical growth). This means that the private counterfeiters are direct ultimate recipients of a huge chunk of revenue you earn from your collective labor (which is confiscated from you in the form of government taxes). No wonder why Central Banks surround themselves with such an aura of secrecy and remain unaccountable to anybody. Your governments act as agents of what is, in effect, private counterfeiters. But this is only a small part of the story.

II. “SUPERSTRUCTURE”: PRIVATE BANKS. The “money” thus created as interest-bearing debt by central banks is then deposited with other private commercial and other banks (which control central banks). These deposits are then arbitrarily called “bank reserves”. Based on the “fractional reserve” model, banks then multiply this “money” by more than tenfold – in the form of new debt. This means that on every dollar (or Euro, Franc or any other “currency”) of “reserves” the banks issue more than ten dollars of new interest bearing money in the form of private, corporate and further government debt. By the way, this also applies to your private deposits you “deposit” with your banks. They are not really deposits, but rather, loans you give to the banks, loans which they immediately multiply in the form of further debt. Actually, the entire banking system today is in a complete and permanent state of bankruptcy, only very few people understand it. You can never get out your savings, if more than a small fraction of you want to take your money out at the same time. This money simply does not exist!

This new debt is “backed” solely by the “promise to pay” the principal and the attached interest (for example by the loan agreements you sign when asking for credit of any form and purpose) and, depending on the type of debt, by mortgage or other type of security on property (in whatever form and the value of the underlying assets – see subprimes – which suits the banks). Therefore, not only the whole economy then spends energy to pay the interest on counterfeit money, economy’s actors (including yourselves) willingly transfer property rights to banks for the money the latter counterfeit “legally”. They dare to call credit a “life-blood” of the economy, when, in reality, it is its worst cancer!

As in the simple example with the town, money to cover the interest can only be created in the form of further interest bearing debt. In this way, the sum of all the principals and interest is always greater than the principal of the debt. Irrespective of the level of growth, no physical economy can accommodate with the perpetual lack of money to cover the ever growing debt and interest payments. The economies of the world are simply eating themselves out trying to cope with the cancer type growth of the debt and resulting interest.

So, you can see now that all money in circulation today is debt and it grows exponentially due to perpetually compounded interest. No “bank reserve ratios” nor any other stable money “standard” can be sustained under such a system. Moreover, no human real economy can physically keep up with an exponential mathematical model. The more interest is compounded in the economy, the more it has to discard jobs and downscale quality of products and services to “compensate” the growing interest payments. The truth is that this debt can never be repaid nor otherwise canceled without the destruction of the bankers’ system of slavery, which of course, they want to keep at any cost.

After all the damage already done, the whole world is stalling and choking from ever growing doses of interest poison. But the elites still do not want to come to their senses and keep on fooling everybody and themselves with their “recovery”, austerity measures, balanced budgets and other tales, which obviously have nothing to do with reality. All these tales are indeed their smokescreen.

They fake all statistics of inflation, GDP, unemployment etc. They do it to make it look good and to perpetuate their fraud. They organize false flag operations leading to wars which you have to fight for them to expand constantly their fake and corrupt empire and to enslave more and more people into their fraudulent web.

Historically, interest in any form has always been and remains usury, especially when it is charged on counterfeit money/debt. No wonder that in ancient times interest was prohibited: people then knew maths much better and had common sense, lost since then! It is important to know that the only process in human body exhibiting exponential growth patterns is cancer… Usury and fraud can never be legal, despite the “laws” the counterfeiters passed years ago and by which they trick you to comply!

This system of forgery and fraud attracts more and more new frauds and corruption. The like attracts the like… Stock exchanges and derivative scams of all kinds are only a tip of the iceberg of this additional fraud. That is also why the whole “financial system” looks and sounds so complicated and mysterious today – too much fraud and corruption are around and they killed all remainders of common sense.

This fraud results in slavery. It perpetually confiscates more and more of results of your labor and property. Today, more than two thirds of all taxes and prices paid for goods and services combined, go to payment of interest attached to the fake money/debt produced out of nothing. This fraudulent system also results in a complete devaluation and bankruptcy of all your “savings”, pension funds, communities and governments. Indeed, the un-repayable debt is sold all over the place today (including your pension funds). They fill with debt each and every empty hole across the planet…

The irony is also in the fact that everybody is ignorantly caught in this privately created and perpetuated illusion of money and everybody pays a tremendous price of enslavement for this fake illusion. But it is also true that everybody is individually responsible for being trapped in it. All of you are doing whatever you are doing in exchange for the fake money and pay huge compounded interest for it. You could very well do the same thing without money at all, there is no real difference, apart that the latter would be free of charge! Think about it! It is only through your willful, although uninformed, compliance that the group of smart individuals keeps maintaining the illusion of money resulting in your enslavement. So, they do everything to keep constantly formatting your minds for you to comply without thought nor question.

Of course, this system has been devised, implemented, constantly perfected and complexified for decades now. Over the years, the system’s masters raised and “educated” armies of servants (politicians, bankers, clerks, teachers, mainstream media employees, lawyers, judges and other bureaucrats) to manage and keep their system of slavery alive. Many of these, often unsuspecting, servants have no clue nor understanding of the underlying fraud (education system conveniently ignores these fraudulent aspects of the money and economic theory). Some of them understand it but are afraid to speak out or to do anything about it. Some others understand it perfectly and profit from it by perpetuating the fraud and by further building new frauds on top of it, sucking more and more of your life blood. This system cannot be reformed, all negotiation is useless. It has to vanish if you want to be free! All debts must be written off and all interest must be forbidden. At the very least, debt could long ago be replaced by interest-free money (be it fiat as well) without contraction of money supply (deflation), if elites wanted to, but obviously they don’t!

Remember, there are only a few tens of thousands of masters and their servants of various levels, strategically positioned across the globe. In fact, they do not have any loyalty to their countries of birth anymore. They represent a relatively new class of international controlling elites.

They are, nevertheless, afraid of you as there are tens and hundreds of millions of you! They know that only a relatively small fraction (critical mass) of you is needed to overturn their system of madness and slavery. That is how the collective consciousness works, a small spark of knowledge can ignite a huge fire of change. The elites know this.

So, what can you do about all this? If needed, educate yourself more in-depth on the concepts and history of central banking, fractional reserve banking, money as debt, interest and exponential maths. There is plenty of material available around. Remember that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (the elites know this perfectly well).

But most importantly, you can act. The elites DARE to enslave you, so DARE to fight back and ACT! Here are the only real and practical actions you can implement today to free yourself up and ultimately the society as a whole:

1. STOP paying all taxes, loans and interest. Just ignore all tax, credit cards and bank loan(s) bills. In other words – act deliberately to default on these debts (they only exist in your collective mind)! It is pointless to argue with anybody of the system’s servants. Of course, it is hard for one individual to make the first step, so get together, organize into groups and communities, wherever you are, and act together. You may decide in your group or community to collect all your tax and debt bills, cut your credit cards in half and send all of them back altogether to their respective issuers (be it government or banks) with your refusal to pay. Or you can just burn them altogether, in public. AND make your acts known to others all over the place, so they can join you, and act the same, in their turn, wherever they are.

2. IGNORE all authority, government, bank representatives, mainstream media and all other bureaucrats and institutions. It is totally useless to listen to their incantations and noise. All of them are completely useless and helpless to you, whatever they may say or do. They are unable to enforce their fraudulent rules and laws upon too many non-complying people. Nor to force you to pay. Nor to obtain your consent without your free will. MASSIVE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS MADNESS!

3. BOYCOTT and ignore all current and future elections on all government levels – you are already frustrated enough with electoral corruption and fraud. Whoever you elect is unwilling, or at best, is unable to help you. You know already that democracy became the elites’ joke and spectacle! So let them elect their servants themselves. Let them play their games in their five stars hotels and armored cars. Let them meet, talk, look intelligent and powerful wearing their luxury clothes and talk their fairy tales.

4. GET TOGETHER: cooperate with your family, friends and local communities. Organize your day-to-day life locally. If need be, organize your own local tax and debt-free system of medium of exchange. Remember that governments, misrepresenting you, fraudulently passed laws of forced circulation and acceptance of privately issued money as debt, but these laws are useless and unenforceable without your consent and compliance. Again, it is useless to argue, just act! If enough of you act in the same way, all “authority” will faint (it only exists in your beliefs). Keep in mind that the elites’ priority is and will always be exclusively themselves.

5. KNOW that the elites will not give up without a fight. They are already planning and implementing several major false flag operations on a global scale to break the growing resistance with your emotional shock. So, keep your eyes open, your minds and common sense awake and alert! Also, you need to understand that the leading core of the elites is composed of very smart people. It doesn’t matter, who they are, they are deep behind the curtains and have surrounded themselves with several layers of disposable patsies and puppets. They know very well that the whole world is completely bancrupt, so they certainly will come to an organised default – their only challenge is to do it in the way to keep their power – so they will go to any length for that, you may be sure. They will then come up with a new currency to start all over the same scheme. Therefore, your only chance is to outnumber them and to hold firm to your knowledge and understanding of the matter.

6. SPREAD this message locally and internationally by all means (e-mail, fax, social networks, by leaving printed copies wherever you go). Translate it in other languages (but keep its meaning and use affirmative words in the action plan, rather than negative such as “don’t or not…” etc… – it is important). Spread the word as fast and as far as you can. Be aware that some Internet email gateways filter messages and their content, so be technically inventive, remember backups and bypass strategies. Make it VIRAL, use your networking! You will see that things will start happening much quicker than you may imagine!


AS ABOVE – SO BELOW, BUT ALSO: AS BELOW – SO ABOVE! Only the collective AWARENESS, WILL AND ACTS can bring about the system of equilibrium and freedom into this reality!

So, DARE to ACT now! DARE to create your own reality of true freedom! DO YOUR DUTY OF HUMAN BEINGS! Or else – remain eternal slaves!


PS: This text is Copyright-free:) The authors may disclose themselves at a later stage.