Synthesizer: Latest Track

LATEST TRACK – George Philip Birney

Dit is mijn recentste synthesizer track. Het is gemaakt met 120 BPM beat op de achtergrond, en op de voorgrond wat mantra-achtige vocals.

XperiMental – K1 Everest Mantra

LATEST TRACK: “XperiMental – K1 Everest Mantra” inspired by the mantra prayers performed by the monks on Mount Everest to the climbers prior to going to the summit. I used one 1 drums Boss DR-3 and seven 7 monophonic monotimbral synthesizers at minimalistic modus: Moog M32: vocals – Dreadbox NYX: vocals – Doepfer Dark: bassloop – Waldorf Rocket: plucked foreground – Volca Bass: bass background – Waldorf Streichfett: background vocals – Roland JV-1010: ethnic plucked lead. Effects: Avalanche Run: reverb & delay. For sequences I used 2 x Arturia Beatstep Pro and 1 x Arturia Keystep.