Synthesizer: ExperiMental

XPERIMENT – George Philip Birney

Alien Shit – beyond the 2020’s. Hate it or love it. IDGAF anyway.

XperiMental OuterWorld

Tracks are played in RANDOM order. Click the random black X button (bottom left) – it will turn from blue to black – to switch to SEQUENTIAL order.


Tracks been created with various synths and combis:

  1. – Waldorf Streichfett into Dreadbox NYX through Vocoder VO-1
  2. – Doepfer Dark Energy II into Moog Mother 32
  3. – Korg Volca Bas into Waldorf Rocket
  4. – Roland JV-1010 with EMU Proteus Ochestra through Kaoss KP3
  5. – Roland SH-32
  6. – Micro Granny II Sampler
  7. – Drums Boss Dr Rhythm DR-3
  8. – Novation Nova

All controlled and sequenced by Korg X3R 16-track sequencer workstation.