Kindle: Alien Terra

ALIEN TERRA – George Philip Birney

George Philip Birney wrote this book after a UFO sighting.


What aliens do not want you to know

Now available for Kindle

I, the Author, had my first UFO sighting on June 26, 1993 on Mount Saleve in France at the border near Geneva in Switzerland, on a Summer afternoon, clear sky, during approx one hour. I, and a student of mine, managed to record some fragments with a video camera.

We kept the video secretly in a vault in a Geneva bank during 5 years. Then, in 1998, I published some screenshots of the video on the internet. Soon after, I got contacted by several people. This book is a modest part of their information that I am ready to share with you, before the time has come for me to leave this world. It is about the hidden things behind the scenes of Alien UFO craft and bases much more secret than Area-51.

This book contains the complete story of a contact I had after my first UFO sighting in France. It all started with the subject of Blue Water Craft, initiated by an Op from the ultra secret Ad Vitam Aeternam faction undercover in the Tax Office.

Subtitle of The Ava Chronicles is “What Aliens do not want you to read”. This book exposes the Aliens secret bases, their strength and their weaknesses too, such as which of the over one hundred Alien UFO bases – yep their actual locations and purposes – to attack in order to disable their entire organization and operations.

This book contains the complete actual real story of a contact I had with an “udercover operative” after that first UFO sighting and after I lost contact with him.

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Years later, out of nowhere, all of a sudden this op mailed me again, this time about another kind of “aliens”, i.e. refugees [fugitives] currently invading our countries. Well well well, quite some congruence indeed, as I indeed did write some crap about those fucking refugees terrorists. Okay, I replied etc but then again complete silence to this day. [“Look Mister JM Op, if you want to entertain yourself with this kind of game then go fucking seek someone else. I am thankful for the (dis)information you have given me years ago, but I went a lot further in knowingness ever after, as more alien UFO fake space travel shit came on my path. Read the book and you will find out and I get some royalties.”]

This is not science fiction, not for entertainment, and definitely not for the faint hearted. BTW: Some portions I have re-verified and re-corrected through remote viewing. I outsmarted Mensa in the 1980’s, I outsmarted Scientology in the 1990’s, I outsmarted any “undercover agent” or “operative” in the 2000’s and no faction – not even the covert Ad Vitam Aeternam faction with their Roman bullshit cult – can stop me from writing what I see fit. Ever. And I will keep on outsmarting any IQ challenge in the 2010’s and more decades to come!