Kindle: Voters Leaks 50 Days Office

VOTERS LEAKS 50 DAYS OFFICE – George Philip Birney

This is the only novel that George Philip Birney has ever written. Based on a true story – first published in 2007 – NEW edition in 2018!


Timecapsule youtube chat snapshot of day 50 of the new President

Only for Kindle

300 Pages. This is a 300 pages time capsule snapshot of 50 days presidential office seen through the minds of the voters. Some portions may have been unintentionally repeated. It contains tons of adult explicit graphic language, extreme expressions, and unethical ideas. In no way it reflects the author’s position. Reader’s discretion is strongly advised. The author declines any responsibility if any instance of discomfort may arise, and will plead to whatever applicable amendment.

ASIN: B07DHXQ1LN (300 pages) Kindle

Binding : Kindle
Distributievorm : ebook
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Aantal pagina’s : 300
Uitgeverij : Niet bekend
Datum publicatie : 06-2018