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320 pages

This is a cyber-novel based on a real story about an older Middle East man who in his dreams went into the body of a European man that was cyber-dating American girls through internet cyber-sex chat rooms. He got caught and punished with … No I won’t tell, just read the book!

Become Greater

315 pages

For those who are fed up with all that positive thinking crap that always leads to nowhere but daydreaming and disillusions, here is the book that is the one and only self coaching based on negative thinking. Go through your dark side and your life will change for the better. No shit!

The Marketing Blogbook

350 pages

All my past blogs about marketing practice derived from real life experience. Read it all and then you’ll know how to do successful marketing ranging from planning, promoting, financing, and everything in between the whole nine yards!

The Management Blogbook

350 pages

All my past blogs about management practice derived from real life experience. Read it all and then you’ll know how to manage any department and any company!

Be Have Social

690 pages

This book is crammed with all kinds of tips on how to live as a good social living being. There is no specific structure, as all chapters are to be read anyway. You can use a search function to browse through this mega book.


456 pages

This book is still unfinished! However, you may read already what’s in there, because there is always too little time left for recognizing the real truth behind the real lies.

One day this book may be rewritten and published as a paperback. Stay tuned.

The Real X-Files

84 pages

This book is what the X-Files is not: Real. Well … In the era of disinformation you may find here enough material to think for a decade or so about what’s real and what’s not real.

Aliens, UFOs, black projects, top secrets, coverups, the whole nine yards, it is all here. Some people may argue that this document is yet another piece of disinformation crap, well yes, it tells you basically what not to take for granted. BTW, most alien & UFO related information is disinformation. Simple as that. But this …

Space Shuttle Coverup – Fire In The Sky

140 pages

The complete disclosure of the true Space Shuttle coverup related with UFOs and aliens and Russian intervention. Nothing that NASA shows on TV is as it seems. You are being fooled! Here is the real truth. Largely based on the reports from the late CIA operative under his pseudo Special Agent Branton.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

50 pages

A top secret document that was sent to me by anonymous source with the request to publish this. So I did, what the heck. Well, the content is just another top secret document that’s leaking all over the place. Read it and get amused by some ridiculous governmental illness.

0. The coming of the prophet 1. Love 2. Marriage 3. Children 4. Giving 5. Eating and Drinking 6. Work 7. Joy and Sorrow 8. Houses 9. Pets 10. Clothes 11. Buying and Selling 12. Crime and Punishment 13. Laws 14. Freedom 15. Reason and Passion 16. Pain 17. Self-Knowledge 18. Teaching 19. Friendship 20. Talking 21. Time and Space 22. Good and Evil 23. Prayer 24. Pleasure 25. Beauty 26. Religion 27. Death 28. Forms Of Existence 29. Real vs Virtual 30. The Farewell