Abandoned Manuscripts


no longer being considered – all these manuscripts are part of abandoned book projects, and are for FREE DOWNLOAD and contain no harmful scripts of any kind, just flat PDFs that I created by myself. ebooks – available for pubic review

I am no longer dedicated on the unpopular subjects of conspiracies, aliens, UFOs, dark projects, secret ops and so forth. I have given my share during much of my life, and that be it. I need to make a living, and this is only possible with more popular kind of books. Besides, I need to have some more peace of mind, rather than sleepless nights. I have grown old and I want to enjoy my retirement ;-)

All of these works were in collaboration with other writers, who submitted or made available these base manuscripts, except those maked with * – intended as a basis for new book projects, but it never came that far, mainly because these were not originally my own ideas and I did not feel like working together with others – I have full permission to (re)distribute these documents to public domain, as these may already be there through other researchers – the * marked works are strictly mine, with applicable copyrights.

Alien UFO Bases

A complete list of locations, occupations and functions of all Alien UFO bases on planet Earth, the Moon and Mars. This is not sci-fi. The content may be used in my upcoming book “GeneSys” next year or so. Lots of disinformation I need to weed out. [The big problem with socalled “leaked top secret information” is that the leaking usually occurs intentionally, as to make people believe they found the truth. Yet in nearly all cases the leaks are just other layers of lies.] CONTENTS: Alien UFO Bases: 130+ Locations | Alien UFO Bases: Antarctic | Alien UFO Bases: Arctic | Alien UFO Bases: Australia | Alien UFO Bases: Europe | Alien UFO Bases: Mars | Alien UFO Bases: Mexico | Alien UFO Bases: Moon | Alien UFO Bases: Saudi Arabia | Alien UFO Bases: South America | Alien UFO Bases: USA

Cosmic Conflict Files

Also known as the CosCon Files. Received from anonymous source and slightly edited with permission. I do nothing with these files, because I know that there is a lot of intentional disinformation injected by the Government who is hiding truth behind yet another layer of lies. [Their socalled secret agents are staged and fake. Why else are they known, unless they are truly secret? Anyone who is using the name of Branton as a credible source of information is naive.]

Cure AIDS Eclectrically

A truly working cheap simple technology to cure AIDS using electrical pulses, ‘borrowed’ from an anonymous source of the Red Cross that has masterminded this disease in the 1970’s in Africa. Currently there are cheap Zappers and Rife units on the market that do the same thing. Similar to Hulda Ckark and Rife technologies. the electrical pulse technology is the only way to cure AIDS. No (bio)chemical compound can do the cure ever. [AIDS is very easy to cure, and it does not really matter how accurate the frequencies be tuned. Many different frequencies will do the job, even random pulses, which means that many different cheap zappers will help cure AIDS completely within a matter of weeks. At eBay they’re for sale for a few dozen bucks already, the mini-zappers for example.]

Doomsday 2012 Busted *

This was written prior to 21 December 2012, the well-known “Doomsday”. I predicted the zero occurrence of Doomsday and the lies and nonsense of the Maya Calendar hype scam fraud. And I was right. Better yet, there will not ever be any doomsday this whole millennium, and the Maya calendar has nothing to do whatsoever with any doomsday. It is simply an aboriginal ephemeric at best, not a calendar, no end of the world prediction whatsoever. There is no alien involvement. [There is a lot of human involvement in falsifying and misusing “archeological” artefacts, and the Maya scam is one of them, same as the socalled “Olanet X” or Niburu, Nemesis, and what have you. You should never believe ay doomsday guru, as they all have these specs in common: liar, dumb, idiot, mentally underaged.] End of story.

Flight Simulator TR-3B FS2002 *

FS2002 Flight Sim model based on Edgar Fouche’s 3D specs of the TR-3B Flying Triangle. Comes with fully working model, cockpit & avionics, flight manual. Requires Harrier piloting skills. Edgar handed me the 3D model, and I developed the sim. I did not upgrade the sim from FS2002 to any next Flight Simulator version, due to lack of funds. [Despite of having written a complete comprehensive flight manual, some FS pilots reported that this craft could not fly. Well they did not RTFM in the first place and thought all would go automatic.]

Flight Simulator UFO FS2002 *

FS2002 Flight Sim model based on the usual disk shaped UFOs. Comes with fully working model, cockpit & avionics, flight manual. Requires Harrier piloting skills. Sim tech based on the TR-3B workings. I did not upgrade the sim from FS2002 to any next Flight Simulator version, due to lack of funds. [The flight operations manual was very detailed, to the point that any dummie could learn fly this UFO. Yet some users did not take the trouble to read the fucking manual and gave negative feedback a la “it does not work” those stupid fucktards.]

Flugscheiben UFOs

German UFO report about the Haunebu and Vril UFO technologies. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. [These German flying saucers are the ones in the sky, upgraded versions, and some have super stealth capability, such as invisibility, zero radar reflection, silent, temperature adaptive i.e. no IR signature, etc. They are primarily used for monitoring, i.e. spying at close range. Germany secretly won WW2 and NaZi technology survived WW2 covertly and is being improved to this day.]

Mojave Secrets

The complete story behind the space shuttle incidents. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. I did not use these reports, because these have been injected with a lot of disinformation. [They suggest there was space travel using conventional rocket technologies, but in reality there was no such space travel. The alleged secret agent was staged, i.e. faked, by the government who made sure this document would find its way to the public. But because the odds of physics tell me clearly that rocket technology will not work beyond the Earth atmosphere, I know for fact that the entire space shuttle program is a fake, and therefore all related (meta) information.]

Moon Wars

No comment. Received from anonymous source – including the socalled “Cooper Files” and “Apollo 20” shit – and never done anything with it because it turned out to be mainly disinformation, i.e. lies. It is based on the assumption that there was and is space travel using rocket technology. This lie alone makes this document zero credible. Even for entertainment it sucks. [I reiterate, the entire space programs world wide are all fake, and that includes the space station, space telescope, satellites, voyagers, pioneers, landers, rovers, probes, Gemini, Apollo, Soyuz, Shenzhou, Tiangong, Selene, and all the other fake scams, etc. No conventional newtonian rocket technology can put anything beyond the Earth atmosphere. All astronauts float in swimming pool based simulators and live in a hotel at Star City in Russia.] For you to download for free, read and see for yourself.

Pentagon Aliens

Top secret aliens involvement in the Pentagon. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. I did not use any of the information in any of my books because of lack of clear evidence. I refuse to willingly take part of disseminating disinformation. [Anything that is leaked or released from the Pentagon is highly questionable. Real secrets do not leak from source.] The government uses the “top secret leak” concept to make you believe that you discovered the real truth, but it is just another layer of lies. You are being fooled by the government whom you pay tax money to.

Project Management *

Project Planning *

For the rookie project manager. Based on my own experiences as a project manager in the oil industry information technology. Free for anyone who is interested in my experiences as a project manager. Perhaps later in the future I might use these two 2 manuscripts for a schoolbook. Or you do it ;-) be my guest!

[CONTENTS: Acceptance – Activity Modeling – Analyze Locations, Users, Presentation, Processes and Data – Application Development Projects Guide – Actual Cost of Work Scheduled – Audit Review – Authority to Proceed – Baseline – Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled – Build Outline Implementation Plan – Build Technology and Database Independent Applications – Business Case – Business Needs – Business Policy and Procedures – Change Management – Choice of Functionality – Class Definitions and Class Specifications – Class Diagrams – Client/Server – Close-out phase – Common User Access – Concept phase – Conducting a User Documentation Inspection – Configuration Management – Consolidation Workshop Protocol – Contingency and Risk – Contract Administration – Contract Management – Contract Guide – Core Team – Corporate Strategy and Product Portfolio – Cost Breakdown Structure – Cost Performance – Current Systems Analysis – Data Flow Diagram – Data Normalization – Defect Tracking – Defining Boundaries – Defining Evaluation Categories – Defining the Content – Defining the Detailed Scope – Definition – Design Infrastructure Architecture – Designing Classes – Designing Data – Designing Inputs and Outputs – Designing Tasks – Detailing the Work Breakdown Structure – Determining Category Weights – Determining Potential Vendors and Products – Develop Infrastructure Specifications – Developing Business Specifications – Developing Initial Vendor Questionnaire Materials – Developing Materials for Detailed Evaluation – Developing Software Modification Analysis – Developing the Package Evaluation Summary – Developing the Task Flow Diagram – Developing the Vendor Solicitation Document – Developing User Documentation Objectives – Developing Vendor Reference Questionnaire Materials – Disaster Plan – Documentation Usability Testing – Earned Value – Economical Value – Encapsulation and Information Hiding – Encapsulation Overview – Entity Modeling – Entity-Relationship Diagram – Error and Fault Management – Establish Background – Establish Implementation Requirements – Estimating Conversion Projects – Estimating Projects – Euro Checklist for Insurance Companies – Evaluating Solutions – Evaluating Package – Evaluating Vendor Bids – Exceptions Management Guide – Fast Track – Financial Management – Fixed Price Contract – Functional Requirements – Fundamental Business Process Modeling – Gantt Chart – Identifying Relationships between Classes – Implementation Approach – Implementation phase – Inspect Infrastructure Specifications – Integration Plan – Intellectual Property Guide – Interview Tips – Interviewing Vendor Reference Users – Inventory Management – Issue Management – IT Impact Analysis – Lessons Learned – Life Cycle – ISO – Logistics Checklist – Matrix Analysis – Messages and Methods – Method Descriptions – Model-View-Controller – Module Decomposition Method – Module Specification – Object Diagrams – Objects and Classes – Operational Test – Organization and People Management – Organization Breakdown Structure – Organizational Impact – Overrun – PERT/CPM – Physical Database Design – Planning and Estimating – Polymorphism – Portfolio Management – Postcontact planning phase – Precendence Diagram Method – Precontact planning phase – Preparing for Definition – Preparing for Designing the Business System – Problem Management – Process Modeling – Process Verification – Program Management – Progress Reviewing – Progress Tracking – Project Completion – Project Control Book – Project Definition – Project Endorsement – Project Identification – Project Office – Project Planning and Scoping – Project Startup – Project Transfer – Proposal Projects – Prototyping – Purchase Orders – Qualifying Vendors – Quality and Conformance – Quality Control and Testing – Quality Management – Questions for Decision Support Systems – Questions for Technical Criteria – Questions for Vendor Criteria – Questions for Workstation Criteria – Reconcile Process Views – Refine Infrastructure Configurations – Resource Management – Responsibility Assignment Matrix – Request for Proposal – Request for Quatation – Return on Investment – Reuse – Reviews – Risk Management – Scheduled Variance – Scoping and Estimating – Safety Plan – Select Infrastructure Components – Sign-Off procedure – Sizing Guideline – Software Plan – Spiral Model – Splitting Fundamental Business Processes – Standard Processes – Startup – State-Transition Diagrams – Statement of Work – Structured Design – Structured Diagrams – Structured Programming – Structuring Phases – Subcontracting Plan – Subdividing Large-Scale Development Projects – Summarizing the Package Evaluations – Supplier Management – System Test – Task Analysis – Task sequence – Team Building – Technical Design – Technical Requirements – Test Case Development – Test plan – Transaction Analysis – Transform Analysis – Transforming Diagrams – Transition Plan – Trends – Triggers – Underrun – Unit Test – Using the Specimen Contract Appendices – Variance – Walk through Major Processes – Work Breakdown Structure – Work Packages – Workflow Business Process Modeling]

I have been teaching this stuff at a university. So before any Project Manager straps on the black belt, now you know.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. There is enough information about silent weapons, such as microwaves, particle beams, ultra low frequencies, etc. so I have no reason to be number zillion on this trodden path, but for you this might be a new topic.

Space Shuttle Coverup

The complete story behind the Space Shuttle incidents. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. I did not use these reports, because these have been injected with a lot of disinformation. [They suggest there was space travel using conventional rocket technologies, but in reality such space travel cannot exist other than in medieval sci-fi wrytts. Moreover, the real truth that I learned later on is totally different from what’s been written in this document. You must besome aware that all space programs are fake. But all this background about fakery is not covered in this space shuttle document. Just that you know the real truth and the real lies, before you get into intentional (and faked) government leaks.] To me, this document is rather entertainment for conspiracy thrill seekers.

Space Suit Protecting Against Radiation And Zero Gravity *

Invented by me, George Philip Birney, a means to protect astronauts against cosmic radiation as well as the zero gravity effects on the human body tissue. Based on an ancient physics principle. I give it for free to anyone who has the funds to develop this concept. Space agencies from the US, EU, Japan, China, Russia did not show any interest! Of course I know why: There is no space travel, so there is nothing to protect against ;-) WTF, space agencies my ass. I repeat: There is no real space program ever!

The Krill Files

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. For me it is more esoteric sci-fi entertainment rather than factual hard proven evidence. Nice for entertainment for conspiracy addicts, but as useless as secret doctrines from the usual dusty armchair gurus and YouTube science hippies who claim they know “secrets”.

The NaZi Files

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. There is already enough information about Nationalist Zionist technologies, so I have no reason to be just another toothwheel in the not so secret info streams. I have nothing to add to the already largely available NaZi related information supplies.

The Secrets Of The Mojave

The complete story behind the Space Shuttle incidents. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. Well, there is nothing secret about it, other than a lot of disinformation. [The real truth behind the real Challenger staged incident has been completely left out and is substituted by a and absolutely useless sci-fi story written by a fake CIA agent named Branton. Moreover, the alleged killed Challenger crew is still alive, their photos, identities and bios have been published on various social media, and it is no secret that the entire Challenger incident is fake from A to Z. Just that you know this background information before you read the Mojave files.]

Time Travel

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. Later on I found out through unacademic physics studies that time travel is not possible, simply because the concept of time is totally misunderstood by the even the greatest scientists, so I left the subject for sci-fi sheeple whom I certainly do not serve. [There are a lot of YouTube gurus such as Hawking, Icke, Kaku, Hoagland, etc who claim to know (about) “secret space programs” etc, but they are mere puppets moving the torrent of fantasy through the river of disinformation on the lands of entertainment. None of these gurus are to be taken serious. They are all meaningless useless autistic low IQ i-apes who use false public domain data as “evidence”. They even believe that conventional newtonian rockets can get into space. They never proved anything as true fact and they are wasting my, your, and their time. Bad sci-fi at best.] This document is not even good enough for entertainment. See for yourself.

Uranium Coverup

No comment other than that some nuclear trading is exposed rather superficially. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. Some information on what’s happening in the political world of nuclear technology. The only thing that is clearly missing is the actual military application of nuclear technology. [To me, the whole nuclear bomb concept is as fake as the Kodak bombs at Japan in the mid forties. This document was made available to the public, quite likely to rub sand in the eyes of the beholder. Well, not me.] I do not find it interesting because it contains questionable data. CONTENTS: 00/21 – Iran’s True Nuclear Position | 01/21 – Crime against mankind | 02/21 – Introduction | 03/21 – Uranium hazards | 04/21 – Fate of Uranium | 05/21 – More hazards | 06/21 – Health effects | 07/21 – Govt & Industry | 08/21 – Humanitarian law | 09/21 – Law violations UN | 10/21 – DU-banning treaty | 11/21 – Consequences use | 12/21 – Anatomy coverups | 13/21 – Information warfare | 14/21 – David and Goliath | 15/21 – Behind the scenes | 16/21 – Deny, delay, deceive | 17/21 – Service to humankind | 18/21 – The other factor | 19/21 – Captive science | 20/21 – International Commission | 21/00 – 20,000 Nuclear Warheads World Wide | 21/21 – References.

WTC 911 Nuclear Demolitions

Based on the analysis of Russian scientists, the demolition of the WTC has been done with nuclear technology and was an inside job. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it, because I have nothing special to add or change anything to it and I had no involvement in this research whatsoever. But one thing is certain: Nuclear technology was involved in the demolition of the WTC. [It is already sufficient to analyze the cars around the WTC area that got fried due to EMP, a by-product of nuclear reaction. No other technology can cause that.]

0. The coming of the prophet 1. Love 2. Marriage 3. Children 4. Giving 5. Eating and Drinking 6. Work 7. Joy and Sorrow 8. Houses 9. Pets 10. Clothes 11. Buying and Selling 12. Crime and Punishment 13. Laws 14. Freedom 15. Reason and Passion 16. Pain 17. Self-Knowledge 18. Teaching 19. Friendship 20. Talking 21. Time and Space 22. Good and Evil 23. Prayer 24. Pleasure 25. Beauty 26. Religion 27. Death 28. Forms Of Existence 29. Real vs Virtual 30. The Farewell