Kindle: Dear Mr S. Expat

DEAR MR S. EXPAT – George Philip Birney

Haha pronounced as SEXPAT! This is the only novel that George Philip Birney has ever written. Based on a true story – first published in 2007 – NEW edition in 2018!

Parthyme dedicates this story to that special younger lady Lois from Lintilla Talker.


Real Virtual Lies

Has your heart been broken by finding out that the other unknown person was having a cyber love affair with another? Even though you never met that person for real? As soon as you get warm feelings for a cyber profile, please do analyze yourself to figure out what exactly turns you on. If you are honest to yourself, you may be surprised. If you are so much in love with a cyber profile that your life gets turned upside down, then you are in a cyberlusional state.

Hey, no offense, it’s just a story! Let’s say, it is a psychological cyber love drama.This novel is aggressive and contains rough language. No, it is not porn, but is has some cyber sex passages. Yes it has also some true literary poetic elements in it, but you definitely won’t fall asleep! So do not read it in bed. Unless you have other plans than sleeping of course.

ASIN: B07D9212W1 (370 pages)


Storyline: A true dating related story about an older man who is forced to deal with different sex cultures in a virtual world that is not his own, where he is to confront people outside of his reality in a complex maze of feelings, desires, beliefs and behavior on the internet.

Chat & email style reading, also for those who have never been online. CONTENTS: I Am And I Was | Petman | Lovernaut | Kungfool | Who-Man | Youngies | I-Loosion | Frustro | Psycho | Idents | Realities | Fate Faith | Validay | Change | Net-Wedding | Why | Truth-Lie | Court | Forbidden Reality | Net-Only Wizdoom | Awakening | Reboot.