Kindle: No Idea

NO IDEA – George Philip Birney

Original title was “The iProphet”.


Storyline: An alien crash landed on Mount Saleve in France and spent some time with the rescue team. They got the opportunity to ask questions and learn from an alien perspective all about the life departments on planet Terra as outlined by “The Prophet” in Orphalese long time ago.

But now it is in the modern world where mankind lives unaware about the actual reality, despite of their intellect.

This time there is no gentle poetry to read. It is exactly the opposite in style and content compared to the book “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran.

ASIN B07DCXK5Q7 (123 pages) Kindle


CONTENTS: The Coming of the iProphet | Love | Marriage | Children | Giving | Eating and Drinking | Work | Joy and Sorrow | Houses | Pets | Clothes | Buying and Selling | Crime and Punishment | Laws | Freedom | Reason and Passion | Pain | Self-Knowledge | Teaching | Friendship | Talking | Time and Space | Good and Evil | Prayer | Pleasure | Beauty | Religion | Death | Forms Of Existence | Real vs Virtual | The Farewell

“An alien got stranded on top of a mountain, and got interviewed by the mountaineers. They asked about the same subjects as from the book “The Prophet” written by Kahlil Gibran. A lot of truism came out of the meeting and this book hands it over to you, as a gift for life. Your life.”