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EPC Project Management

80 pages

Project Management for large scale Engineering Procurement & Construction industrial projects. This book contains a full explanation of EPC PM terminology. A must for Senior Project Managers in the EPC arena.

Project Management For Smarties

50 pages

Business Ethics, Project Management and Project Audit are the essential parts of proper project management. Any project can and will go wrong at least at one given time. So how to handle and mitigate risk? How to preconfigure the project plan in order to have enough slack for risk situations? How to audit a project to ensure it goes all according to plan? It is all here! There is a dozen of project management areas that you must keep in mind very deeply. A must for Senior Project Managers in the EPC arena.

Project Management Practice at NCR

450 pages

NCR is a large company with offices worldwide, and they all share the same PMI (Project Management Institute) based project management principles presented here in one document. The content shows ready to use checklists and forms for any entire project from start to finish. A practical must for every serious project desk where bureaucracy needs to be minimized and project control needs to be maximized.

Engineering Procurement Construction Terminology

23 pages

Specifically for the oil & gas industry for project managers and department managers in the Engineering Procurement Construction business. Basic terminology for documenting all aspects of EPC related activities and project deliverables.

Become Greater

315 pages

For those who are fed up with all that positive thinking crap that always leads to nowhere but daydreaming and disillusions, here is the book that is the one and only self coaching based on negative thinking. Go through your dark side and your life will change for the better. No shit!

0. The coming of the prophet 1. Love 2. Marriage 3. Children 4. Giving 5. Eating and Drinking 6. Work 7. Joy and Sorrow 8. Houses 9. Pets 10. Clothes 11. Buying and Selling 12. Crime and Punishment 13. Laws 14. Freedom 15. Reason and Passion 16. Pain 17. Self-Knowledge 18. Teaching 19. Friendship 20. Talking 21. Time and Space 22. Good and Evil 23. Prayer 24. Pleasure 25. Beauty 26. Religion 27. Death 28. Forms Of Existence 29. Real vs Virtual 30. The Farewell