X-Files: Moon Scams By NASA & JAXA & CNSA

The Japanese JAXA, the European ESA, the Chinese CNSA, or the American NASA, they are all the same shit. Neil Armstrong, in the only press conference he ever gave, said something about “layers of truth”. Quite a cryptic statement from this Apollo movie actor, however, the message came through. In a way.

Basically Neil was admitting one the greatest lies in history. He was forced to. And finally he died a “natural death”, and so his extended footnotes never made it to the public.

It has

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George Philip Birney


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This is a cyber-novel based on a real story about an older Middle East man who in his dreams went into the body of a European man that was cyber-dating American girls through internet cyber-sex chat rooms. He got caught and punished with … No I won’t tell, just read the book!

Become Greater

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X-Files: 6 Million Fake Dead Jews Holocaust


No one gives a fuck about the facts that the Jews killed 66 million Russian Christians early 20st century. And the Jews executed 15 million Germans, 100 million black Africans, 85 million Indians killed by British Jews, and 135 million killed by the Jews in the East Block where the Jews openly used poison gas, hanging, burning live civilians, cutting & stabbing, etc. Also, the Jews also killed millions of civilians in Vietnam in the same style, a secret that seems well guarded!

So in total approx 400

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X-Files: 365 Days A Year Fake Space Program


Space programs are supposed to be designed primarily to produce visuals of objects in outer space. Such as moons, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, etc etc. Why is it that images produced by ground based telescopes are as good as images produced by alleged space craft such as space telescopes, flyby probes, rovers, etc etc? Of course some alleged “space images” excel in quality, but they are all photoshopped. Planet Earth image has been exactly the same for decades in our books, just one image, and it was proven to be photoshopped. Videos “from outer space” show planet Earth clearly in CGI modus. Fake. And why do we need aircraft with telescopes onboard for space photography if we have “real space-telescopes in orbit”?

All alleged “close range” photos from the Moon, Mars, rings of Saturn, all planets, etc etc are FAKE. The HST photos are FAKE, because the HST has never been in space. Just in a swimming-pool. The Mercury, Apollo, Soyuz, ISS etc etc not any different. All FAKE. And alien UFO YouTube gurus use those images for their video shows. Those “professors” are FAKE. Pathetic.

YES ALL SPACE PROGRAMS ARE FAKE. For those who want to debunk this, or ask proof of some sort, my question is simple: HAVE YOU PHYSICALLY SEEN IT IN SPACE BY YOURSELF WITH YOUR OWN EYES rather than consulting and believing some MacDonald napkins downloads from the agencies and youtubees?

To produce news, movies, or documentaries, exactly the same videographic technologies are used in exactly the same type of camera studios. These places have full size mockups and realistic actors of whatever must be filmed. Moreover, all major journalists are paid and commanded by intelligence agencies to lie at all media for all news companies, i.e. all news is dictated by intel.

News channel show videos of “terrorists” who chop off heads, and next day they show videos of astonauts in outer space, or an MH airplane crash, and so on. All faked. The public does not see the difference between fake and real. Only a few spotters with IQ do.

“Reality” is being manufactured artificially, and all that we see we think it is real. That includes all kinds of disasters, terrorist acts, assassinations and executions of presidents, scientific presentations, historical events, space programs, etc etc etc. Even when the president of whatever nations speaks on TV, in most cases it is heavily manipulated footage. Recent analysis has proven that Obama often does not speak for TV in the White House, but in a chromacolor studio.

Are you only relying on what the virtual world and entertainment channels are telling you? Do you really believe the YouTube PhDs? Are you actually buying into the countless conventions, conferences, speeches, interviews? Do you trust, copy/paste, or even worship the alien ufo artefact investigators, celeb web speakers, astronauts, geniuses, doomsdayers, naysayers, professors, and what have you?

Do you really believe the government? Any government? Of any nation? Did you check them for real?


The socalled alien ufo artefact investigators who claim to “know” about extra terrestrial structures on the moon and other planets, just on the basis of information materials from “credible sources” are using fake data. They have no idea.

When I tell them about the fake side, I receive only arrogant replies from those blind desktop YouYube gurus like “who are you to … etc”. That has really happened…

Well dear YouTube University Lecturers, my “who are you” is undisclosed because you obviously cannot handle superiority. They ask me to come with proofs, even though it is their job. But the YouTube gurus do not want to remove the layers that protect the truth. Neil Armstrong who wanted the public know about truth protected layers, got murdered by the NASA short after. Other astronauts got assassinated as well. That means nothing to the desktop pensuck gurus who keep on youtubing about images supplied by NASA photo/video-manipulators. And of course, the space agencies are well served by the socalled “whistleblowers” and “investigators” who spread disinfo on disinfo on disinfo. Layers of them.

They know nothing, those YouTube preachers. They believe news channels. They believe the pics by the space agencies are real. I tell you once more: all space agency supplied pics are FAKE! They are all CGI edited. All news and all fiction production is done by the same entities.

You want proof, YouTube speakers? You will dismiss it anyway. Why because the moment you recognize the fakery, all your work up to now will be proven total disinfo garbage. And you don’t want to lose your face against your followers and disciples. Your ego will always be greater than the real truth. I pity you, no matter how well known “truth seeker guru” you may be.

But here are a couple of things for you to consider:

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X-Files: Dutch/Nederlands: De leugens rond de Joodse Holocaust

Gaan we weer in april en mei die Dag van Jom HaShoah naar boven halen en treuren over de Joodse Holocaust? De Joodse Holocaust en het Hitler verhaal zijn toch wel de allergrootste onwaarheden, en dat moet nu maar eens afgelopen zijn. De media plus Steven Spielberg brengen goed uitgedachte leugens naar voren.

Niemand die zich erom bekommert dat de Joden zelf ruim 66 miljoen Russische Christenen om het leven hebben gebracht aan het begin van de 20ste eeuw. Om dan nog niet te spreken over de 15 miljoen Duisters

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X-Files: Planet X or Niburu or Marduk or Nemesis Disinformation

(Reloaded from Dec 03, 2012)

Still today, in the year 2015, YouTube gets infected with the dumbest videos about Planet Niburu or Nibiru or Planet-X or whatever dumbass mindfuck shitformation. Cannot these autistic fishheads stop posting this nonsense?

Planet X or Niburu or Marduk or Nemesis to cause cataclysm on Earth – again ? WTF! Zeta disaster “cyber prophets” got it all wrong and may be at least a thousand years off. Some years back there was the hype that Asteroid XF11, discovered

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X-Files: Agenda 21

Local Agenda 21- The New World Order Plan For Your Community

Local Agenda 21 – The U.N. Plan for Your Community
By Berit Kjos

Global action plan matches PCSD report: Sustainable America
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11 – The Secrets of the Mojave

(Source : unkown)
The Secrets of the Mojave

The Serpent Beings or the Nagas are said to possess many different kinds of machines including aerial craft. According to ‘Sharula’ (or Bonnie), the Aghartian Federation of humans utilizes their own space fleet (known as the ‘Silver Fleet’); they assisted in the construction of Telos itself — or rather the extension of the underground metropolis from the already existing natural caverns below Mt. Shasta; and are allegedly allied to at least 100 human- occupied underground cities throughout the world, many of them in conflict with the reptilian ‘Draco’ species and their ‘Gray’ collaborators.
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05 – The Secrets of the Mojave

(Source : unkown)
The Secrets of the Mojave

“…’the PROTOCOLS OF ZION were published as a deception (by the Russian Secret Police), to make people believe they had to worry about the Jews.’ “…’throughout history it has been a ploy of the Illuminati to dub anyone who told the truth as an anti-Semite or a Nazi. >>> READ MORE >>>

04 – The Secrets of the Mojave

(Source : unkown)
The Secrets of the Mojave

“The United States had developed, used, and was the only nation on earth in possession of the atomic bomb. This new weapon had the potential to destroy an enemy, and even the Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the largest and most powerful military forces in history. >>> READ MORE >>>

03 – The Secrets of the Mojave

(Source : unkown)
The Secrets of the Mojave

“This letter is in reply to your January 31 letter. Please forgive me for not answering sooner. Enclosed is some material I hope that you can glean something of value (from). Please be as candid as you have been in the past and if I am far off base don’t hesitate to tell me…
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X-Files: Alternative 1 2 3 4

The commonly accepted meaning of Alternative-3 basically includes the following.

The three alternatives mentioned by the Alternative-3 book are related with a possible future climatic catastrophe that seems coming upon the planet, the kind of greenhouse or biological or nuclear disaster. To deal with such catastrophe, there are three possibilities :
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