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This is a cyber-novel based on a real story about an older Middle East man who in his dreams went into the body of a European man that was cyber-dating American girls through internet cyber-sex chat rooms. He got caught and punished with … No I won’t tell, just read the book!

Become Greater

315 pages


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Uranium Coverup 21/00 – 20,000 Nuclear Warheads World Wide

So the US cannot live with a nuclear Iran? But can live with nuclear Israel, Korea, Russia, France, China, etc.? But Europe and Asia can [live with nuclear Iran]. Since the mid 1940’s till half a century later, many countries got their nukes and delivery systems. So far, all others could live with that, as none has ever dropped any nuke since on Japan. So what’s the threat if Iranian scientists are playing with trans-urane elements? They do since the 1980’s. Now show me their bomb!

Between 1945 and 1977, the United States based thousands of nuclear weapons abroad. The weapons’ hosts did not always know they were there! After 1977, the records got very confused, if not covered-up. Dismantling weapons of mass destruction largely happened on paper, whilst the subject of mantling weapons of mass destruction got barely touched.
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03 – Cosmic Conflict

cosmic conflict 03

(“COSMIC CONFLICT”, Vol. 2, Edition 1.2)
The Cult Of The Serpent
What do the following names all have in common: Dennis Brunnell, Stan Deyo, William Cooper, Bill Hamilton, Val Valerian, ‘Commander X’ and Robert Lazar? They all allege that the following scenario is a reality… Ever since the so-called “end” of the NASA moon shots the U.S. “secret” government has been involved in covert manned space exploration of this solar system utilizing super-advanced technologies which are so revolutionary that the secret government has chosen to tell the public little or nothing about it.
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X-Files: Iraq Attacked Because OF Hussain UFO Technology

Was Hussain Owner of Crashed UFO?

An UFO’related incident that occurred four years ago poses a troubling question whether any kind of cooperation is possible between Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and extraterrestrials, UFOlogist Joseph Trainor declared in his review UFO Roundup (issue 51 of December 17, 2002). On December 16, 1998, during Operation Desert Fox against Iraq, a video clip aired on CNN showed a UFO hovering over Baghdad;
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