Sexuality: Causes Of Impotence

Known under many nicknames over time and feared by any man who seeks to enjoy life, impotence is getting to be a more and more common dysfunction in these times. Higher levels of stress and pollution, lifestyles that are harmful to the body and exposure to beauty and sex standards that are not widely met within the society are the likely culprits for this situation.
Impotence may be caused by many different factors of both physical and psychological nature. The list of physical factors features inherited

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Sexuality: Menopause Self Help Tips

If you think you are in pre menopause symptoms you should look for are irregular periods to start off with because the hormones that have been managing your period like clockwork for the last 30 years have now gone berserk and love to cause havoc to your system.
You may start to feel minor hot flashes that only last a couple of seconds or you may notice that you wake up in the middle of the night sometimes absolutely drenched in sweat. Night sweats occur often and usually signify then onset of other

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Sexuality: Menopause Vaginal Dryness

Hot flashes are the first symptom women usually complain about when beginning the process of menopause vaginal dryness is the second. The best advice is to talk to your doctor about what causes vaginal dryness so you understand and how best to treat it.
Vaginal dryness is caused by the decline in estrogen levels in a woman’s body making the walls of the vagina thin and dry. This condition can make having sex very painful and could lead to a condition called vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy would

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Sexuality: Aging Might Not Be The Problem

As men age, many will find that they are exhausted during the day, the spare tire around their middle continues to grow and their interest in sex plummets. Most men attribute these symptoms to the natural, inevitable aging process. But what most men over 40 don’t know, as the latest national study shows, is that all of these symptoms could indicate an often treatable clinical deficiency defined by abnormally low levels of testosterone, called Low Testosterone (Low T).
“Low T is potentially

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Sexuality: Learn Indian Sexual Norms

To learn Indian traditions concerning past sexual norms, it is best to consult the old Hindu love manuals. Such a study will prove interesting and rewarding in its way, especially for students who set out to read about, to re-imagine and or to re-discover the wealth of Indian erotic literature.
The Kama Sutra is still one of the most famous love manuals from the region. Well known among collector’s of erotica, the compiled illustrations of the Kama Sutra is still regarded as one of the most complete,

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Sexuality: Erectile Dysfunction and Intimate Relationships

How does Erectile Dysfunction affect Intimate Relationships?
Every intimate relationship out there is different. What brings people together is quite interesting. So are the reasons that drive them apart. It may be hard to understand how the issue of erectile dysfunction can affect an intimate relationship. While most men don’t have any control over it occurring they can help the challenges become something positive for the relationship.
A man has the choice of how he will handle his problem

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Sexuality: Erectile Dysfunction – A Review

Despite years of progress and accumulated changes in the world view of each generation, it is safe to say that sexual dysfunctions are still a sensitive issue for men. Shame and embarrassment made sexual dysfunction a taboo subject in polite company for a long time, which gave it a prominent position in the urban legends and endorsed dozens of folk remedies of doubtful effectiveness. Modern times have brought a certain change of attitude, but the issue is still a touchy one and best left alone. The launching

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Social: Mistakes Trying A Woman’s Sexual Motor

Are You Inadvertently Making One Of These 3 Mistakes Trying To Start A Woman’s Sexual Motor?

It’s Not In Your Looks

You can have a perfect forehead, chin, smile, and even a perfect pair of dimples but none of these will start a woman’s sexual motor. You can work out at the gym all week long, week after week and look like Mr. Atlas, but you aren’t going to start a woman’s sexual motor with your muscles.

Granted, you might get her attention for a brief moment – just like any other kind of abnormality

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Dating: Proportions Matter, Sort Of

Dating – What Do Men & Women Find Irresistible in Each Other?
Consider this amazing fact. In mathematical terms men have evolved to find a woman waist to hip ratio is about .7 as most attractive to them. In other words, divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement and the resulting number is between .6 and .8. A man will almost certainly find that woman instantly attractive. And What women find irresistible in men?
Women say they want to find a ‘good man’ they can love. This

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WellBeing: Penis Size Matters Don’t Matter

Penis Enlargement

Read till the end for a surprising conclusion…

Men are you experience a desire for penis enlargement, yet think others will think you are homosexual. Penis enlargement gives sense of power not only with sex, but also with the fact that it sounds disingenuous.

Men are you experience a desire for penis enlargement, yet think others will think you are homosexual. Penis enlargement gives sense of power not only with sex, but also with the fact that it sounds disingenuous.

Penis enlargement

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WellBeing: Tongkat Ali Potency Herb

Tongkat Ali: The Asian Viagra

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among many men. It is an ailment that poses a threat to the self-esteem of men and their ability in terms of physical intimacy. Erectile dysfunction is not only a medical condition. It is also seen as a social problem since most men are embarrassed to talk about this sexual ailment. Studies show that one out of ten men around the world suffer from this condition. Because of this alarming statistics, men are constantly

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George Philip Birney


Not available for sale

ebooks – available for public download



320 pages

This is a cyber-novel based on a real story about an older Middle East man who in his dreams went into the body of a European man that was cyber-dating American girls through internet cyber-sex chat rooms. He got caught and punished with … No I won’t tell, just read the book!

Become Greater

315 pages


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X-Files: 365 Days A Year Fake Space Program


Space programs are supposed to be designed primarily to produce visuals of objects in outer space. Such as moons, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, etc etc. Why is it that images produced by ground based telescopes are as good as images produced by alleged space craft such as space telescopes, flyby probes, rovers, etc etc? Of course some alleged “space images” excel in quality, but they are all photoshopped. Planet Earth image has been exactly the same for decades in our books, just one image, and it was proven to be photoshopped. Videos “from outer space” show planet Earth clearly in CGI modus. Fake. And why do we need aircraft with telescopes onboard for space photography if we have “real space-telescopes in orbit”?

All alleged “close range” photos from the Moon, Mars, rings of Saturn, all planets, etc etc are FAKE. The HST photos are FAKE, because the HST has never been in space. Just in a swimming-pool. The Mercury, Apollo, Soyuz, ISS etc etc not any different. All FAKE. And alien UFO YouTube gurus use those images for their video shows. Those “professors” are FAKE. Pathetic.

YES ALL SPACE PROGRAMS ARE FAKE. For those who want to debunk this, or ask proof of some sort, my question is simple: HAVE YOU PHYSICALLY SEEN IT IN SPACE BY YOURSELF WITH YOUR OWN EYES rather than consulting and believing some MacDonald napkins downloads from the agencies and youtubees?

To produce news, movies, or documentaries, exactly the same videographic technologies are used in exactly the same type of camera studios. These places have full size mockups and realistic actors of whatever must be filmed. Moreover, all major journalists are paid and commanded by intelligence agencies to lie at all media for all news companies, i.e. all news is dictated by intel.

News channel show videos of “terrorists” who chop off heads, and next day they show videos of astonauts in outer space, or an MH airplane crash, and so on. All faked. The public does not see the difference between fake and real. Only a few spotters with IQ do.

“Reality” is being manufactured artificially, and all that we see we think it is real. That includes all kinds of disasters, terrorist acts, assassinations and executions of presidents, scientific presentations, historical events, space programs, etc etc etc. Even when the president of whatever nations speaks on TV, in most cases it is heavily manipulated footage. Recent analysis has proven that Obama often does not speak for TV in the White House, but in a chromacolor studio.

Are you only relying on what the virtual world and entertainment channels are telling you? Do you really believe the YouTube PhDs? Are you actually buying into the countless conventions, conferences, speeches, interviews? Do you trust, copy/paste, or even worship the alien ufo artefact investigators, celeb web speakers, astronauts, geniuses, doomsdayers, naysayers, professors, and what have you?

Do you really believe the government? Any government? Of any nation? Did you check them for real?


The socalled alien ufo artefact investigators who claim to “know” about extra terrestrial structures on the moon and other planets, just on the basis of information materials from “credible sources” are using fake data. They have no idea.

When I tell them about the fake side, I receive only arrogant replies from those blind desktop YouYube gurus like “who are you to … etc”. That has really happened…

Well dear YouTube University Lecturers, my “who are you” is undisclosed because you obviously cannot handle superiority. They ask me to come with proofs, even though it is their job. But the YouTube gurus do not want to remove the layers that protect the truth. Neil Armstrong who wanted the public know about truth protected layers, got murdered by the NASA short after. Other astronauts got assassinated as well. That means nothing to the desktop pensuck gurus who keep on youtubing about images supplied by NASA photo/video-manipulators. And of course, the space agencies are well served by the socalled “whistleblowers” and “investigators” who spread disinfo on disinfo on disinfo. Layers of them.

They know nothing, those YouTube preachers. They believe news channels. They believe the pics by the space agencies are real. I tell you once more: all space agency supplied pics are FAKE! They are all CGI edited. All news and all fiction production is done by the same entities.

You want proof, YouTube speakers? You will dismiss it anyway. Why because the moment you recognize the fakery, all your work up to now will be proven total disinfo garbage. And you don’t want to lose your face against your followers and disciples. Your ego will always be greater than the real truth. I pity you, no matter how well known “truth seeker guru” you may be.

But here are a couple of things for you to consider:

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Dating: Parenting Teenage Dating

Teenage Dating Avice For Todays Time.
The world of teenage dating has changed a lot in recent years, but for all of those changes there are still many things that have remained the same. This article is written for parents who are looking for advice on teenage dating, but teenagers will find there is a lot of good stuff in it for them as well. You, as a parent, may wish to read it first, and then give it to your teen. After you have both read it, you will be able to use it as the basis of a conversation.

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Dating: Successful Methods In Getting A Guy

There are some very basic methods that you can use when you’re trying to get the guy of your choice attracted to you. Some will help you in getting his attention and the rest of them will help you KEEP it. Then he’ll keep finding you interesting.
First of all, figure out what your strengths are and emphasize them. It may take someone trustworthy to show you what your good points are as well as your less good ones. When you do figure out your strengths, it’s important that you use them the best

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WellBeing: Truths & Myths Of Masturbation

The Truths And Myths Of Masturbation

This article discusses the common myths of masturbation and the details about those ideas. Among those that are included in this article is the issue about masturbation causing impotence among men. Also, this article discusses the truth about impotence and the ways of avoiding it.

Most men are still clueless about masturbation, yet they do this activity almost everyday. Thus, when people make up even the most absurd stories about masturbation, some men easily fall into

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Relationship: Infidelity Investigation

Definition of Infidelity
According to the dictionary, infidelity means unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, and in layman terms this simply means that your girlfriend / wife or your boyfriend/husband could be cheating on you for someone else. No marriage, no matter how rich, religious, political or powerful, is immune to the threat of unfaithfulness, so say experts who give advice on how to survive infidelity.
Relationship Infidelity
Infidelity in a marriage or in relationship is a bitter

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Social: Pedophile

The Roots of Pedophilia

Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children and act on their sexual fantasies. It is a startling fact that the etiology of this paraphilia is unknown. Pedophiles comes from all walks of life and have no common socio-economic background. Contrary to media-propagated myths, most of them had not been sexually abused in childhood and the vast majority of pedophiles are also drawn to adults of the opposite sex (are heterosexuals).

Only a few belong to the Exclusive Type – the

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Relationship: Breakers

Have you noticed that some girls just can’t help self destructing their relationships? Even when they have a great guy who treats them well, they start committing relationship sins that are sure to lead them to a cold and lonely destination. One major relationship crime is smothering.
Listed below are some of the most commonly violated forms of smothering. If any of this sounds familiar, you need to make a change starting today.
1) Do you insist that you two spend every weekend together?

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Relationship: Partner To Change

How much energy do you spend trying to get what you want from your partner? Think about it for a moment – how much of your thinking time is spent on what to say to your partner to get him or her to be the way you want him or her to be?
Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about how to get what we want from our partner – how to get our partner to open up, be more caring, see us, love us, pay attention to us, spend time with us, have sex with us, and so on. We spend at lot of energy trying

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Dictionary E F G H

EARLIER SIMILAR, 1 . whenever an auditor gets a read on an item from rudiments or a prepared list it must be carried to an F/N. If you know bank structure you know it is necessary to find an earlier item if something does not release. What has been found as a read on a prepared list would F/N if it were the basic lock. So if it doesn’t F/N, then there is an earlier (or an earlier or an earlier) lock which is preventing it from F/Ning. Example: auditor asks for an earlier similar ARC Break. (HCOB 14 Mar

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Dictionary A B C D

A, affinity. (5904C08) AA, attempted abortion. (DMSMH, p. 245)

A=A=A1 . anything equals anything equals anything. This is the way the reactive mind thinks, irrationally identifying thoughts, people, objects, experiences, statements, etc., with one another where little or no similarity actually exists. (Scn AD) 2 . all differences are probably identities and all identities are different and all similarities are imaginary. We have a broad dissertation on this in Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health

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Updates And Notes

FreeZone America presents: ‘The Pilot’

Ref: post19.txt

Date: 9 Jan 98

subj : Super Scio Tech – Working the Self Clearing Book


I have been working through the self clearing book myself.

As I have said elsewhere, I myself could be thought of as somebody who has done a light and sloppy pass on the entire book and who is ready to do a second run through and make a thorough job of it.

Some beginners might actually need two times through the book to reach the point

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Dating: 52 Free Things To Do With Partner

52 Free Things To Do With Your Partner On Date Night
One of the things that works to keep relationships alive is spending quality time with each other. In this day of the information age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to carve out the necessary time to nurture our relationships. What with long work hours, helping kids with their homework, transporting them around to their extracurricular activities, getting dinner, cleaning up and going through the bedtime routine, what time is left?

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Dating: Types Of Women To Avoid Dating

8 Types Of Women To Avoid Dating
A recent survey revealed that fifty two percent of men date for intimacy. Men are looking for that “someone” to get romantically involved with and a potential mate for life.
There are women that a man should avoid dating. Here are signs to watch out for:
1. The overly feminist. This type of woman assumes and believes man is the cause of all the pains and suffering of a society. It is her strong belief that women are much more intelligent than men and

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Management: Workplace Discrimination And Harassment

Workplace Discrimination And Harassment
Australian Federal and State legislation states unlawful discrimination occurs when a group of people, individuals are treated less favourably than any other person or group of people because of their ethnicity, race, colour, sex, marital status, age or disability, religion and sexual reference, whether your a member of a trade union and any other characteristic specified under anti-discrimination or human rights legislation.
Workplace discrimination and

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Dating: Desperate To Date A Girl?

Desperate To Date A Girl? Don’t be! Finding the right girl for you to date takes a lot of confidence, honesty and time. A good place to start is visiting the places where a lot of people hang out, at the same time, places that you love so that you both have a thing in common. If you love going to coffee shops or going to clubs on Friday nights, then look for her there. It is important to meet a girl that do things similar to things that you do.
An effective and interesting way to meet a girl is

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Social: Alpha Male

Alpha Male And Nurturing love

As alpha male if you let a woman nurture you what will happen is that it will destroy her sexual desire towards you and also her respect towards you will die sooner or later.

A woman can love basically in two ways:

– Adult Love
– Nurturing Love

Nurturing love is an instinct. As such it is stronger than her will. In a word: women are hardwired to nurture. This instinct is meant to have children grow up safely.

Nature is sometimes a bitch. Instincts are very primitive

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Social: Narcissism In The Boardroom

Narcissism in the Boardroom

The perpetrators of the recent spate of financial frauds in the USA acted with callous disregard for both their employees and shareholders – not to mention other stakeholders. Psychologists have often remote-diagnosed them as “malignant, pathological narcissists”.

Narcissists are driven by the need to uphold and maintain a false self – a concocted, grandiose, and demanding psychological construct typical of the narcissistic personality disorder. The false

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Dating: First Date Success

First Date Success – It’s All In The Preparation
Dating can be stressful but first dates can be particularly painful and nerve wrecking. Follow my simple tips to getting ready for a date and before you know it you’ll be breezing through first dates with you’re only concern being what to wear on your second date.
1. Don’t stress!
First of all, try not to stress yourself out. Tell yourself, it’s only a date and if it doesn’t work out, so what?
2. Easy on the wedding

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Marketing: eBay BlockLists

Here is a complete verified list of fraudulent eBayers who cannot be trusted. I took the info from various verified and discussed sources such as forums and added my own.

Posted by Hardpress » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:43 pm

10293, 1123chrisp, 11kis, 122benno, 135tankerguy, 1952adamh, 1966babe2007, 1987sweeney, 1yakdriver, 2005kruk, 21624528@deleted, 21956311, 2784shirley, 4445kent, 6172matt, 64485556@deleted, 7762cookie, 8880alan, 99stores, aand1965, abs333, acidshok, adrianb323, alinou87, animard, anthonym708, apacka, arajnai, ashley8624, asikiz81, aslabarge, atcc70, atransamguy2, audas25, aumbr80, avashtad, babybluepottery, baddawg6160, bbiller1947, bbobber3, bigu2fanxxx, blessings1998, blue1966falcon, blue_phatboy, bluemoonluck, bnserger, br1078cam, brettb614, buffone, bushguidepilot, c-de, cameljoe1979, carguy10126r00, cassyp815, ccraigfry, ceewilly, chdine, cheeyt, cherryred-2007, chipperchater, chiquitarocker, chris_b77, chrisziz, chung201, chupismama, cincostate88, cintaskas, clark1095, crazedbunny85, crazywebguy, ctp046, dakku7, darknamelessone, davec_76, de123na, dengaucher, devercin, dr_dave, eguzman28, elwoodwins77, emegan, emperor5, ewholesaledirect, familyguy5259, fitchet, flgatortown, fotek888, fotot1966, from2006, frozenrocket, funkymeup, gainguyen, gerryw1314, glenjen718, glou2, gonnej92, gopisk1, greengroovestella, guilas2332, happyhoni, hevnshil10, hq72hotmale, hu.zh, hungeek1986, ibsriv, idavilld, iheartyeti, ilovebonn, inventure1, j_deberry, j_treat911, jabaroo1, jake44bluedog22gofast14, japole1914, jasonrobo, jasonstein, jbaer1982, jdmblu, jean-gab, jfickman, jmaii, joeddogg, john-howard-pm, johnm3522, joseaa2004, jpenrod9, jsiress1202, juttagrossbeck, k3v05, karamelwaffel, karen0ng, kartracer71, kennethwalters, kfc4202002, kingquad2, kittyhazelton, kmaskins1974, lagdoro, lcdscreenservices, lescamera, leslie33_1999, libertytire72, lilanger, lionfeeder, lkfinds, lmc19531933, lupo78m, lv7959, machew76, maplevshoney, mariamtnguyen72, markplaubel, merlinthemagician0-0, mew719, mirage76, mishkakrisa1, mobydick34, mona7002, mrchristopherino, ms7379, msheldon05, mwhite1704, neibaf123, nelscomp, newtown1983, nikon_and_wine, nisimasa, norman505, novakmartina1978, nyak_0, obrock1, oscar5453, overstrand38, paige4846, paulalou, pcalafell, photosee, poorboy6179, poppa_ahwr, raksrakamus, randrchase, ray*massey, ray2107, rbptpred, reddfoxharley, redflamebluewater, reef***rat, regnantree, rhel3894, rjd8423, rods_garage_ivxx, rondom69, roxmac3, rthurlow48, rusann6667, sagent3000, saildragon, scudamor6, sekuv, serlomas, shirty35-2008, sierrareef, sj37bonsai, sjpaintball, smbuddy46, smedard, soterios2, special1kad, sssonia76, staggerlee62, steveitano, stoneddog, stopsasha, suspendedchroma, sutho1971, syllikesminiatures, tcohen41, tdc666, tha1ndonly, thehugeeug, thestoragelot, thisgillis, timbo1519, timweller, tnrosarian, toxx623, tvraider1, urbaninsights, v0orbugw1l, vegasclubsystems, wallywild2000, wasabijunkie, wlosiuol111, xpresscomputers1, yippee_yi_yo, youwilllearnitonthehardway, ziggyabc2000, zootog, 14561300@deleted

Especially eBay member id 11kis ( Feedback Score Of 0 ) is the worst of all. He bids and never pays. He uses this account to bid over other accounts (probably his) to keep them from buying. He comes from Hungary. I have put Hungary on the exclusion list as well.

Postby vladimir » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:17 pm

These are Nigerian eBay scammers that I and my colleagues have been dealing with the past 2 years. Use this list to block them all!

12345berquist, 22voiceofmaine, 3853, alfu2u, appliedtop,, blueeyesmale49, chris02171976, coquot, dalia1770, debzhiddenfinds, dinkit, disciple177, drumron8929, eleon1776, hemingway5, hream2008, lldiemaster, manhattancables, marantz_guy, maria.lurdes129, metaldog66, paulweekley, pdpooch6, radioactive_project, rdn39828, revrandspook, rockman7420, sheepdogphilip, superaligizakis, sweateater

Postby Hollander » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:43 pm


I am new here and my mother tongue is Dutch, In Holland there is a kind of auction site (owned by eBay) named I use that one to buy & sell things in Holland.

So far, I encountered 3 suspicious persons on the Dutch eBay counterpart named Marktplaats:

Mister B. Golstein, at Gemert in Holland, who wanted me to send a raincoat in advance and pay after. He returned the coat without paying my lost transportation money, and for no good reason. Sure he mailed that the size was too small, but when I offered a larger similar coat, he kept silent. Moreover, I checked his photos on the web and in no way the coat could be too small. He is a liar. Finally he returned the coat and it was damaged.

Mister B. Ferrer – – who sold a hat. On his ad it showed a Tilley hat, but after I bought it, it appeared to be a crappy cheapie disposable beach hat. I filed a police report on him. He is a Spanish expat in Holland and he is a liar.

And here a third one, a female bitch Corrie Franken, 6373 GB Landgraaf 2 in Holland, she ordered an electronic slimming device. I bought special package materials as to protect this device during transport by mail. Day after I got a mail saying that “oh poor me I spent too much money with other things” blah blah something like that. What a load of bullshit.

You should never do business with these people.

Postby thegood » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:17 am

Here is what I gathered from my own and from my friends experiences. All eBay assholes whom you should not do any business with, so copy/paste them into your blocklist:

vinyl_lovers_only, $bigdaddee$, ***bates***, 04146243, 102050, 123.bradley.01, 12345berquist, 123angeloo, 123sahonta, 1450jad, 1501miles, 1967jm, 1chiefsteward, 1jgwin, 1stmardiv, 2-4runners, 2005markbulldog, 2007warm, 2009thalia, 2010calvin75, 206michaelw, 225james, 22voiceofmaine, 231046, 247329, 2586kenneth, 2805jasonc, 2hat, 2whippets, 305scoop9810, 30971359, 30pkabs, 3127tommy, 3581.junkyarddog, 361baker, 3853, 4-tune-teller, 406must, 415hilda, 434434, 4355ian, 45110sharps, 4602blair, 4oleg, 5050montana, 5224ana, 5293_drink, 555srs, 55hipster, 59020, 5captain, 6608clare, 6686lonnie, 702lon, 715sheldon, 7226charles, 74mrkol, 7868joshua, 8060steven, 822017, 83z28, 8661drew, 9202deborah, 9547philip, a.beaulieu, a1-record, a112go, a3kblocksoldier, abnartyguy, abojosalami3049, ackglenn, aclass3011, acrid, adacmusik, adamcurlyboba, adamguedj, addfish2, addydawson, adelsmu, afvn, agil61084z2s, agjls728, aintgotaclue26, ajrodrig09, aka_fuji, akamuzik, akihiko7272, akira.sp, aknellipowitz, alaingilles2007, alexandra, alexismijnbroer, alfu2u, ali-sh, allkindagoodstuff, alundi, amandac8520, amar5735, amazing_mr_g, amducious_ram, amsterdam1012, anbertin, andja07, andref465, angcobra, anotherbiscuit2006, anselmo2022, antinowhere68, antlersandwings51nu, anto$hik, anu86_2000, aragornwingfoot, arey1128, arierom, arvgotti, asamy123123, ascenseur13, asgrant2009, ashtonjaerielborja, askim1230536, aspectjm, astrohood2001, asu74asu, asuarez13, ataemaster, atkins_rx, atomic_daddy, aton9977, audrey391968, augdog75, aurimukas5, austhenry, austinboo, autonomy0, ayers1967, ayumana0515, b-truss, b.s111, babatiddlers, backin8d8, backtoblackrock, bad94toy, bakou84, bananaboy.62, bara_zani, barlev18, bassmasterman1969, baureihe0857, baz7105, bboy_panda, bcole68, bcyrus, be_individual, beaner$, bear731, beaverdam1, beckrock82, belflowerfaye, belli360frud, ben179, benge16, benputnam, bergym72, bernardrizzo, berrybowlboogies, bestiole-libre, beswick9119, betopen, bhazherper, bidderno8,, bigairboy7, bigbaz1977, bigbeardsrule, bigbuck-8, bigdawg7448, biggandwassie!!!, bigmetalglenn, bigraids, bigwavedave1971, bikewoody159, bird_hunter_guy, bjoerne03, bklyn4.2, bliphunter, blondeeva, bloodspray762, blu313220, bluecat1593, blueeyesmale49, bobbyjw1947, bobxmustang, boogaloofunk, boogiegreatsound, bookofballard, bootneyfawnsworth, bowstr, breamkiller58, briavoine, briseur-de-coeur, broadside138, brucie67, bryan4326, btcsr311, bu2fu2sw, budcharlie, bulmeniki5, burlingtonroy, bus58, buster9909, buzzumjo, buzzycards, bwil9835, bwpi95, bwwallace, c.liz, ca$h-flow0, cacey47, caioerenata, caldi123, calimero69500, camoboyrusty, canadianeh!!!!!!!!!!, canbuoy, capttron6l8a, cardiacjack56, carlosdeplaya, carlosgrla, carrot_1984, cass-bs-marina, casteelgl, castillo.enrico, catuzu2xx, catweazleman, catwoodbeer, cbrewer80, ccbussey, ced2troyes, centurian007, cfdsta14, chad_and_erica, chamm334578, chanies74, chaosorc, chasonandme, chattiebet, chazz613, cheapgamestuff, chelle292, chiaki1020, chicamitipo, chicken_of_power, chiefshotguns, chikky4ever, chinamanlim719d, chipolaman, chlllionion, chlo718, chris02171976, chrismyers1962, christanj2007, christopherh3530, chs944, chynadoll2000, cj_claus, cjs8771, ckayakker, ckirkman88, ckqristir, clandy44, clartgallery, clay470_0, clbhdspringer, cmdsmb, cocoarose, coconuts745, coeurenchocolat, collector4stuff, collin, coltsauer257, cometdog1angela, coolhatcoolgirl, copterdrvr, coquot, cornellian07, cortneyc78, coxxx009, crane885, cratediggin83, creations, cremmeke, crimedog72, crown-oak-kitchens, cshall999, ctcoa, ctelemaque, cujon304, cupcakes911, curio193, curriedbeatz, curtis4par, cw1brian, cycle1257, cyclonet1, cyril_the_french, d8492, dabergmans, dada91, dafilkins, daikohara1951, dainstein, daiva0779, damski666, danielcunha, danielmartinez40, danielo2367, dannyelmore, dannykyz, darkarpagon, darleenbrother, dash20050_0, dave-collects, dave39669, davey7mirk, daveyjoneslocker78, davidbrianmac09, dawsonswift1, ddumbb, deanleggett, deb8ter, deborahragonez, debra5081, debzhiddenfinds, degriff1,
deinekleinezitrone, democritus49, demon_thunder, dennis5852, dennisw627, depression77, derfunkmeister, descentlol3, dewarch, dgwyman, dickyone70, dig_it_record, dighirpar, dinadog, dinkit, disciple177, disclavoura, ditch914, dix2409, dj-thumsup, djdjing, djfbo, dkmii050402, doc.vinyl, doc1955, docborsos, doctor_bop, dodgechrgr69, dodger00712008, donene03, doobee1234, dopeonplastic, doukfon, dpearne1, drewster126, drg0416, drickguns, drogers6969, drsergioblanco, drumron8929, dsco12, dsp969, dtailzz, dublin24man, dwiny_123, eallen1379, earnhardt88car, eaz12374, ebmaxer, echo143rr, eclipse2025, eddym1307, eebsubj, efbb67b6aad4ee932189695, eiserner_felix, elcary3, electro1chem2, eleon1776, elkgrove07, elkhroubi, elodiewallace, elsa4, emarquez54, emeraldseas05, encore-lyon, enelia2005, ericn-73, erotic, esider63, ethansuh, etincelle21, eugdankbids85, evemcmaster, evercheerful75, evileira, evoe2, exa7574, faflarage12, faison_35, fallentree1, farmer_boy_records, fat_swede, faustinog2007, felixbarbosa, fenomen, fergrn37, fess454, feverone030, fftraines, fightdapower, finejoeart, finelfamily, fivewinx, florida456, flsts4fun, flycaster50, flycowmarketing, flyingsockx, fobama2008, fordstraat, fouad989, foxbite4, foxinfantry, francoifunky, francoisbilodeau, frankin8tor, franklindal, free_and_happy, freezuma, fritschsr, fuknskzy, funkpunkhippy, funky_muse, funkychem69, funkyfunky0_0, funkyuptight, fuseyz, fusionrecords4me, fuzos84, fuzzyadkins, fy126789, fyfanmusic, gabfab, gardnered, garydavisremix, garyk9550, garymc-123, gent111, geodjo, georgegero918, geranium765, ghandjr, ghettosofthemind, ghost2john, gifteroberts, gilberto2808, glenmarpiper, gloria.gottardo, gloverecords, gods_dangerous_creation, gogale, goharro, goldenoldiesseattle, golfjock1, goodwax2011, goofy412mom, grabthenet, grady2107, graham1547, greatlakes999, greenbuoy, grendel_us, grip_c, grizlyadamsofmt, grizzlang, grooveyard58, gs_sports2010, gsiy2, gsmith7003, gsxrfixer, guardian6c, guillaume13230, gunbutcherblue, guo_dong_cn, gwen8431, hagisoku_bmw318is, haig4439, hala1545, halny69, hannyhose, happygunscars, harald805, harley1647, harrytheschmuck, hayabuza2005, hayneskim, hbjf99, hcnmech, heatherlemaymiller, heavyvibes, heidi51980, helena1879, hellstones, hemingway5, henryhunter, herihor, hi_note, hibuyitall, higachitheboss, hillbillyspecial, hip2thegame, hiphopjoints, hiphopsoph, hippotomon, hkusp(45), hobo57, homekathy5577, hoocritter, hood4sale, hopstepjump, hot*lucky, hotball55, hotbargains4u, hotrod213, hream2008, hrzepeda44, humbugsneak, huntergw40, huntingjohn123, huntintoo, hvyiron, iamhere-gschwab, iamsoftware, iawe, ibuyufly09, idrinkjazz, ifishtoo, ihawtin, ikeda9rit407, imoldovan, infinity_audio, inrockuptible, irieland79, irish.501, iroczcamaro85, ironbuttroadwarrior, irr_lp, islander00831, istaoreetmarra, italia-fashion, ithinkijustwon, j_e_2009, j_man1469, jackmachine, jaf5549, jakubczyk.b, jamesrambo, jamielee2385, jamwoo35.513, jasminbaljinder, jasonk818, jasonkobe, jay_twist0, jazz_beatz, jazzalist, jazzman62, jazzman92037, jazztobonsai, jb2311, jbjosh444, jboley021671, jc1000247, jcrf00, jeana1962, jeeptruck64, jellybus, jenniferg4810, jer944, jerrsue1, jerwcollins, jessandjames, jessedmj, jessex1, jester52661, jet_star_19, jimbobaz, jimmy4string, jive20001, jjrrj, jknr7677, jkrancour, jmckinney27, jmpuma, jmzba14f2, joaochico, joe-rocket, joeburrows, joezinh_ok, joffesol, john.k.rote, johnashington, jonasbrotherslvr100, jonkanoo*, joolziz, jorgei789, josecurras, joshandpete, jpbuonomo, jpellone, jr1407321, jrg1701e, jthree_services, jtyner0335, ju213, junk_boy_360, jurgen99tt, justbejust, jw11273, k6onceagain, kactusman123, kamilm123, karl70499, karmell99, kashmun, kathy24272, kawabatayasunari, keithb8424, kelnraz, kennethfromct, kennynewtonjohn, kentdiesen, kevink030, keyfobwoman, kffenelon, kgtg2009, kiddle28, killster1, kimwhim, kinbouken, kirsty-02, kiwi.bloke, kiwind008, kiwishooter, kmotika03, knes504, knightrider88, kobayashitt-tk, konken1957, kotony777, kshipman420, ktk2401, kuromomo817, kut_jaclynn37, kverzani1, kyleandem, l.i.-girl,
laila1490, lamicalos, lange-1965, langfear123, larryjm13, latchman69, latinprincesa, laurianeplume, lbbrownyen, ldehart36, lee0010_1, lefeufollet2, legalgunshot, lharvey19, lhhilburn, lilou1239, lion_kalls_records, lippers, liquitious, lldiemaster, loeb807, louisen8840, lp2006, lp服饰, lsahart, lucasb67, luckyluke75017, luv2likeu, luvaint4me, lvgolfer1, m.o.b.s.t.a, m.trapezius79, maalin_99, maceandchase, mad-gunner, madjealous, maggielung11, magicmeyer1, mainman0001, maio31, malfoygurl66, malmed8, mambomstarr, manhattancables, manning87, marantz_guy, marble-mouth, maria.lurdes129, marissa5146, markgravel, marthmar_05, matam1989, matheusroots-br, mattdmcv, matthigg21, mattygirlkelly, mayrock, mbprimate, mcapps717, mcd124, mceaglefan5, mchackett1001, mcmillionmmichael, me34cham, medman96, meenthee, mehdi-rose, melchorcano, melodie_mystique, melonchops, merc32, metaldog66, metalheadsjeep, metrobudzynski, mevf, mgs_auctions, michaeldavid70, michaelryu, michelandsheila2010, midnight_star, midniight_star, miescpe, mike-s-photo, miked6700, millencolin3296, mimo164, mintmusiconly, mishka_dog, missiledefender, missoriginalspecies, mjah873, mjm092655, mjodriggers, modemflik, modernwebstudios, moejoewoe, mofati_88, mollydog35, mom2joeyandella, moment1983, mommyofdca, momofgamer2010, mongeral, monman42, monnie619, moon-child-1982, moonstorm10, moparplayer, moreshiva, morny356, mosem-e-gol, mountain-viper, moz_619, mpsawyer1, mr2_ed, mr_englishshooter, mrcash3778, mrtroudbill, msavsa, msgcajun, msr-16, musc1, musemil, musicologue, muskielureaddict, mutant_86, muttburger, muzzleloaderjpd3, mye1996, mynet1234, nadieshop, nana464, nanotechrnd, napagigi, nash2010, nautilus412, navdivrcwo4, nc_adonis, nelsong73, neu-rich, nevers5, new_note, newtention, nfatuad24, nfl-legend, nickthedeath, nikhil0406, nino51380, nitro4blood, nmkty, noemarquez, nums74, nut, nuvation, nxccj, occultrecords, ofeldman, ofthemirroreye, okame819, old-178, oldcollectiblecloseouts, ondemand12, oneasterik, osmosisrecords, otooto88, oulouloux, oxmop, p.r.s.s, p451245, palla58, pan7636, pancellipennell, pango301, paologerih, paradisecity7462, parishilton2022, passeira2007, passelfot, pauldoane, paullakedistrict, paulweekley, pcfriar59, pdpooch6, peaceunity, pearldragon5, peatol187, peddler633, penguinsoldier87, pennysoldstuff, perichon, petrus36, pfscomp, pheiyen, philton024, pietrod91, piscop0, pjross2, pkf1, planet_crew, pleasepayhere, plot38, poison_creek_man, pondbranchpurdies, porsch996, pottsy10, preampli2, premierhunter, premiumvinyl, prestoncappspc2010, pretty_somethingz, primeav, profesional33, proteus315, provideo3, prunero-vinilo, pteigs, punkrocker197, puppymagic, pworthfamily, rachelnuttell, racingdale8-3, racingmike2005, radioactive_project, ragtopcruzin, raidrfan1695, rainbow-mountain, ramblin_bob, randyandypandy1981, rapidsseller, ras_reyna, rasnattyfred, rasyak, rdn39828, recordslover, rectory777, redbone311, redkioo, rehmugs, remchi13000, retro35, revrandspook, rhinoklown, riartwork, rich_o, ricktennisace, ricky-7988, rino492, rjthrice, rjzingler, rlb21chevy, rmaynard60, robarr55, robbinhood231, roberto864, robertocasio, robertrandt2006,, rockkstar15, rockman7420, rocksoldier., ronr615, roofgrizzly, roohoare83, rose*ryan, ross9475, round, rov_the_cat, rowboat610, rrt2266, rsc2448, rudalega, rude_boy_scott, rudylangley, rugburn2, rvixlv, rzhangwm, s.gmay, s3bug, s40285, s_larsen, saibot, sajid163, sakkasarisgr2, sakura1207jpjp, sakyskm, salesjcs1108, salrmomvirginia, sam050305**, samattolicoiii, samnigel2233_123, sandbar51, saogald, sapphiresolutionsltd, sarkofunk, sato-chan48, saund56, savingmyangel, sawman2682, sballance, schnorpel, schoolofspool, schoopafly187, scott14880, scottishdriver, sdhealy, seco06, setbox, seth2139, sethmont, sfguard, sgkercan, sgtgodsmack, shaina12345, shak2345, sharonjohnston, sharpshooter40, shawn_w, sheepdogphilip, shiv*, shohetubodek, shooter500guns, shulcs, sicknick63, sidekickguru, silverruby10, simale-73, sinacom777, singlesourcebargains, singten, sjb_624, skarm7, skaubjonn, skinncl, skyraider001, sl0010,
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Re: More To eBay Blacklist

Postby thegood

And here two more in detail:

premiumvinyl left me three neutrals because he did not like the records I sold him/her. I tried to contact him/her but (s)he never replied. I left positive feedback as soon as (s)he paid.

jeverage10 is a noobie. Bought something and did not pay, yet still had the time to ask me things, you know, before he won. I never heard from this asshole again.

Postby facecook » Mon Aug 05, 2012 6:46 pm

My pet asshole ebay bidder is one JOHN HORTON from Reno, Nevada. He now bids under the ebay identity of his boyfriend Rich Lembi (rlembi2012 which displays as m***m). His two previous ebay IDs (skyboyyy and evaccards1) have both been blocked for excessive unpaid strikes).

Ebay has removed all negative feedback to give a “positive” appearance to this deadbeat. He picks and chooses which auctions he wants to pay for. And he ALWAYS has excuses for non- or slow payment: A death in the family, a medical emergency, credit card won’t work (obviously when you’re bankrupt or don’t pay your bills), problems with his Paypal account (perhaps if his credit cards weren’t declined or his bank accounts overdrawn). I have kept all emails and correspondence with this jerk over the years and now collect the same from other ebay sellers that have issues with him. He has been reported repeatedly to ebay. What do they do to “provide and safe environment”?…Not a damned thing.

Postby thegood » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:01 pm

And now another new eBay asshole is coming into the picture: dubaieshope (Turkey). That one is no longer registered at eBay and is trying to do transactions outside the eBay system. His email addresses are

“Ali Boyaci” aliboyaci2012 AT
“maysam abdola” dubaiseller2012 AT
“Maysam Abdola” nmahmaudi AT

Three different accounts for the same guy. He seems to live in Dubai, not in Turkey. Or he conspires with another person with that other identity.

This guy manages to have people pay him directly through PayPal and not via the eBay interface. As a consequence, eBay payment is not recognized, therefore no buyers protection. And PayPal Resolution Center does nothing, as usual. You pay, he gets the money, you get nothing.

I can’t warn other eBay members through the feedback option, because this seller is no longer registered.

Summary of facts:

1) Seller “dubaieshope” has the following identities, all used in the transactional process:
“Ali Boyaci” aliboyaci2012 AT
“maysam abdola” dubaiseller2012 AT
“Maysam Abdola” nmahmaudi AT
2) I have ordered the item through eBay at seller
3) I have paid for the item to seller through PayPal
4) I have not received item after 5 weeks from seller
5) eBay refuses to support me in case escalation
6) Seller is no longer registered at eBay

And yes, not only eBayers suck, but eBay sucks as well.

It is sad that online buying is not the kind of trusted experience. One of the alternatives for transactioning is the escrow option. COD is generally not opted for due to the high costs. Socalled “Buyers Protection”, that eBay and PayPal promote as their strengths, usually do not end up in favoring the one who is at the losing end. These are the hard facts. And the bad folks listed above know that.

DHL sucks too

Postby eurobaypal » Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:47 pm

Yep, moving a parcel from one planet to another in a Starfleet 1701 space-ship is quite expensive. But sooo fast.

I bought a mobile phone through eBay from a Hong Kong supplier. to have the phone send to Holland in Europe.
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Marketing: Three Times Three Tactics

3 Marketing Tactics That Will Send Your Sales Through The Roof

It’s difficult to reach your buisness goals if you don’t have the right materials and/or the information to help your buisness reach the success it’s capable of. These 3 insights will help you generate the buisness you’ve always dreamed of.

When the tide comes in, all boats in the harbor go up… the tough part is figuring out how to bring the tide in. Booming economies come and go and bring surges of profit increases,

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Dating: How To – Your Profile

For many people, the hardest part of starting to date online is figuring out what to put in their profile. All dating sites offer their members a profile page, where each member can write about his or herself, upload a photo (or several) etc. What you write about yourself in the profile is extremely important: second only to the picture in terms of making other members aware of who you are and making them want to contact you.
Many people are keen to start searching for and contacting people as soon

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04 – Cosmic Conflict

cosmic conflict 04

(“COSMIC CONFLICT”, Vol. 2, Edition 1.2)
The War In Heaven
The following historical scenario is a revolutionary one which, we acknowledge, contradicts “traditional” historical thought in many ways. We only ask the reader to carefully weigh the information and make their own determination as to its accuracy and historical reliability. The reader must be the one to decide how to fit the following information into their own frame of reference.
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Alien UFO Bases: The Moon

1980s documents from Los Alamos National Laboratory and from Texas A&M University (under contract to NASA) indicate that there are plans to use “nuclear subselene tunneling machines” to melt tunnels under the Moon’s surface, to make living, working, mining and transportation facilities for a lunar colony.
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Dating: Interracial

Interracial dating in the past has been considered taboo. But as time passed by, more and more people came to understand and accept relationships of people from different races. Although there are still quite a few who are uncomfortable about the idea of interracial dating, most people in the society nowadays are open-minded.
You cannot control what your heart tells you. If you fell in love with someone from a different culture and racial background, you may find it difficult to fight for your love

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