UFO Bases: USA

Alien UFO Bases in the USA ? About 35 to mention. Here are some of them…..

Place: Division Peak near Black Rock Desert.

Purpose: To manage California. World’s Cult Center. Cult training Center. The cult the person likes gets implanted and trained.

They think they have been on another planet and got a God’s vision .

They will have no money problems.

Main center for the planet. All data are computerized, and they will be able to teach only the permitted things. All had contact with a “Supreme Being”. This is what people in each cult would like to reach.

Spiritual miss information.

Strong machines to influence groups. Projecting what people “see”.

Composed of: ET’s 40- Homo Sapiens 96 – Hybrids 50 –

Ships 4.

Place: Ruby Mountains between Sherman Mt. and Jiggs

Purpose: Work with salt crystals to concentrate radiation, also to increase the power of the waves they are sending to get people “crazy”. These waves are put in the air and they restimulate the negative mind which we all have. When in the air, even the sun feels stronger.

This is been thrown with space ships.

Composed of: ET’s 10 – Homo Sapiens Scientists 20 – Hybrids 56

Ships 10.

FLORIDA Place: Base under water between Jacksonville and Palatka, in the ocean.

Purpose: To gather the Salt for the Crystals, which are then used to make people afraid.

Composed of: ET’s 5 – Homo Sapiens 10 – Hybrids 61 –

Ships special for use under water 3 plus one broken.

This is considered slave work. Under its production some deadly smoke emanates. Using the mishaps of their genetic experiments.

COLORADO Place: Gore Range near lake, west from Denver.

Purpose: Planet’s “Library” and Central Data Bank. Registers population (through governments on planet). Any threats to their work is checked, and if true, programs are issued to send mental pressures, diseases, etc.

Planet’s “Secrete Service”.

The information gets processed in this place, and the different threats are handled after the instructions given by them.

Compose of: ET’s 25 – Homo Sapiens 40 – Hybrids 25 – Ships 16.

Place: Warden Valley West from Fort Collins.

Works tightly with Colorado Base and with their Boss in Montana.

Purpose: To make people sick, stressed, even to the point that they commit suicide. Their information comes from Gore Range, they execute and check if orders are accomplished.

They use certain mental gadgets, which, when finished with their work are retrieved back to base.

They send people to handle “danger” areas

ET “police”. Total hidden population control.

Give “special” treatments to make “threat” work for them such as Hypnosis, change of the beings running VIP’s bodies etc.

Full access to any weapon needed if not available in base.

Composed of: ET’s 30 – Homo Sapiens 50 – Hybrids 35 – Special Ships for sending waves on specific places 3 – Spirits trained to take over another person’s body, and come back when mission is accomplished 40.

OKLAHOMA Place: Lake Cherokees.

Purpose: Blood Bank, mainly from animals, but also from people. With this they are preparing ET’s food supply. Genetic experiments with children, sex. Using young women as incubators. Also doing animal tests.

Composed of: ET’s 68 – Homo Sapiens Scientists 7 – Hybrids 5 –

People for experiments 550 – Animals to experiment with 155,783.

Place: Between Danway and Delaware.

Purpose: Brain implants, Experimental machinery.

Bodies are kept in coma, some refrigerated. Great human suffering. Implant people to make them tell the stories they wish known.

Composed of: ET’s 16 – Homo Sapiens 16 – Hybrids 15 – Ships 5 – Patients 100 –

OREGON Information received on 18/1/95.

Place: The Dalles, Mt Hood.

Purpose: To infiltrate areas and provoke conflicts. Investigation of troop movements the whole planet.

Provoking all sides with intrigues, to make them fight endlessly.

Intelligence service with computerized data.

Language Center. A study place to make programs for infiltration.

Check on all known leaders (opinion leaders). Here they study their life to be able to handle them, and if necessary to cause them a “natural” death. They make programs for the future of the countries. Manipulation of the different crisis on the planet.

Composed of: ET’s 78 – Homo Sapiens 9 – Ships 10 –

WASHINGTON Place: Barron, between Mt. Logan and Jack Mountain.

Purpose: A Study Center to create a world under their control (Greys From ANDROMEDA).

Models for future cities.

Training leaders to take over the different governments. Each studying the country he will take over.

Make models for future cities.

Hybrids are trained to be “nice”. The best products from the other bases come here.

They want a society with no revolts totally robotic, peacefulness all over the place. They like nice and orderly environment. Low class people and bums are not needed.

They want well trained and disciplined people.

Plants, forests, the sea, can regenerate fast under their control, with their own microorganisms.

Only thing they fear are earthquakes in their zones, as they have no weapons against this.

Composed of: ET’s 35 – Homo Sapiens 5 – Hybrids 120 – Ships 5 –

Place: Colville, Calispel Peak.

Purpose: To train beings to make war, die and come back.

Beings are trained to duplicate a specific person. Done under hypnosis.

These beings are used as revolutionaries. When sent out they stay in telepathic communication with “base”.

Their job is:

1) Take over a body.

2) body dies, back to base to be sent anew.

This way quarrels continue endlessly.

Composed of: ET’s 80 – Homo Sapiens 10 – Hybrids 20 – Ships 8 –

INDIANA Place: Fort Wayne, area Churubusco.

Purpose: Telecommunication.

Satellite check and its programs. Main control on data about ET’s, Authorization Center for programs. Public Relation, programs of how to get known.

Public reactions tests.

Cartoon ideas approved.

Need populated areas to test reactions. Have power to cut any transmission via Satellite.

World Communication control. Phone Communications can be traced via computers, main interest being data about them.

Composed of: ET’s 16 – Homo Sapiens 5 – Hybrids 12 – Ships 4 –

Place: Terre Haute, area Rockville – Greencastle.

Purpose: Fauna and Plant life experiments.

Need fertile areas. They want to have the planet as they like it.

One way to be accepted is improving Ecology. “Helping” farmers. Efficient Public Relation!

Petroleum will not be used as main energy source.

They can change climates, but can’t control earthquakes.

Compose of: ET’s 17 – Homo Sapiens Scientists 6 – Hybrids 25

Ships 9 – Animals 50,000. Seeds from this planet 7,000 different sorts – Seeds from other planets 5,551 – Making experiments to mix them.

NEW MEXICO Information received on 21/1/95.

Place: Las Vegas area. Baldy Pk. – Cowles.

Purpose: To drive the world crazy.

In different ways, direct attention on sex, even shooting these picture in the air. Also pictures projection of people should be seeing via satellites.

Center for different mental machines specially.

Mind experiments. Hard to approach this area even mentally.

Using and manipulating negative beings.

Mind suppression.

Composed of: ET’s 26 – Homo Sapiens 3 – Hybrids 67 – Ships 7 –

Place: Gallinas Mt.

Purpose: Execution of Las Vegas plans. Sending things out “to drive the world crazy”

Homo Sapiens trained for purpose from Las Vegas base.

A big Center.

Composed of: ET’s 62 – Homo Sapiens 47 – No Hybrids nor ships. Using those from other bases. Want the least possible attention on this area.

Place: Grants area – Paguate – Mt. Taylor –

Purpose: Important military attack zone.

Training military strategy and the use of weapons as well as ships.

Composed of: ET’s 595 – Homo Sapiens 48 – Hybrids 500

Troop transporting Ships 6 – Ships usual size 52.

Place: Tajique – Laguna del Perro area.

Purpose: Procreation of Hybrids.

Training of children. School area.

Composed of: ET’s 36 – Homo Sapiens 15 – Hybrids 630 – Ships 6.

ALABAMA Place: New Market “Cumberland Plateau”.

Purpose: Animal and Human Experiments.

They take in animals from this planet and from others, also fishes. They want their own fauna.


We are considered their animals too.

They breed human and animal bodies.

Composed of: ET’s 66 – Animals 7,200 – Homo Sapiens Children and Grown ups 250 – Ships 6 –

Place: L M Smith Reservoir.

Purpose: To train them to walk on Earth. Let ET’s get accustomed to this place. Walk at night. Frighten population. Mix with population, and make experiments to see how they are accepted.

Composed of: ET’s 47 – Hybrids 92 – Ships 6 –

Place: Falkville.

Purpose: A Scientific Center.

Water experiments. They want a clean planet.

Pollution tests. Planning of how to make the environment as THEY want it, after they take over.

Ecological planning. Programs to see how many Homo Sapiens are needed for THEIR Civilization.

Pollution to kill what is not desired.

Composed of: ET’s 17 – Homo Sapiens 2 – Hybrids 2 –

IOWA Information received on 25/1/95.

Place: Mt. Pleasant, area New Landon – Wapello.

Purpose: Scientific Center. Tests of how much Homo Sapiens can take, to take only the most able survive. Tests for diseases & bacteria. Also virus and the spread of cancer (through water).

They wish to kill people, but not plants. They try to produce an epidemic catastrophe, but they must also know how to stop it! This is important to be able to have the exact amount of people as they need.

Composed of: ET’s 42 – Homo Sapiens 66 – Hybrids 22 – Ships 5 –

MASSACHUSETTS Place: Mt. Everet.

Purpose: Government advisors.

Heads of States come here for instructions.

Friendly environment.

Make agreements about the “prosperity” of the countries. For their “help” they are paid in gold and diamonds.

Paper money is useless and worthless. It is issued just to keep us busy.

Infiltration into the heavy industries. They need some missing supplies.

They do have supplies problems.

Composed of: ET’s 40 – Homo Sapiens stable there to make guests feel at home 60 – Hybrids 25 – No ships of their own.

MAINE Information received on 25/1/95.

Place: Not far from the Canadian border. Area near Eagle Lake.

Purpose: Landing field for big ships.

Investigation into Canada and running Canada.

Helping New York base to control population.

Training criminals to infiltrate society.

Check on drug cartel lines

Sex experiments under drug euphoria.

ET’s cemetery. Military Police for ET’s. Highest posts are given from here.

Emissaries land here to check situation on the planet.

Scenario preparations for the coming of a “Helper” to this planet. To enforce this “Big Helper”, there are frozen bodies waiting for the take over action. This troops stop at NOTHING.

There is nothing that can be seen from the air, only clouds. Anyone approaching gets pulverized.

Composed of: ET’s 60 – Frozen ET’s 465 – (these are hidden from Homo Sapiens) – Hybrids 40 – 182 ships trained to get out simultaneously Tremendous magnetic field.

NORTH DAKOTA Information received on 15/1/95.

Place: Area Bismark – Aberdeen – Napoleon –

Purpose: Main Base as Boss lives here.

Planning for take over, preparing things using huge maps of the planet. Experiment and training area.

Center for making weather changes.

Implanting their people in order to have robotic obedience.

Tight union with U.S.A.. government.

Composed of: ET’s 750 – 5,000 hybrids trained in take over technology. There are no Homo Sapiens nor ships!

MICHIGAN Place: Lake Michigan, Near Big Sable pt. Under water base.

Purpose: Unknown to us, weapon storage. We have no idea of what kind of weapons they have.

Machine, and flying tests.

Work directly under Boss’s orders.

They have problems with spare parts!

There are tunnels to communicate with others.

Composed of: ET’s 75 – Homo Sapiens 15 – Hybrids 30 – Ships 17 –

MONTANA Place: Livingstone area.

Purpose: Repairing of their ships.

Composed of: ET’s 85 – Homo Sapiens 22 – Ships 7 –

Place: Piney Buttes.

Purpose: Genetic Experiments.

There is great suffering for all beings.

Composed of: ET’s 110 – Homo Sapiens 15 – 700 Hybrids –

Animals 10,000 – Ships 5 –

UTAH Place: On the Northern part of the State, area Noamy Pk.., Logan City near Garden City.


“Incubator” area with 14,876 bodies in progress.

Composed of: ET’s 150 – Hybrids 71 – Animals 666 – Ships 10 –

ARIZONA Place: Southern part of the State. Baldy Pk.

Purpose: Political manipulation area for Canada – USA – Mexico –

Highly computerized, all very confidential.

Coordinator of American Politics.

There is such a Base on each Continent, but this one is the most important one. They have the programs and the machinery to “shoot” at politicians.

Highly specialized in taking over actions.

Composed of: ET’s 60 – Hybrids 20 – Homo Sapiens, taken for data, who have knowledge of the structure of the different societies 200 – Ships 7 –

Place: Kendrick Pk., Area Flagstaff – Red Lake.

Purpose: Base for radiating devices, much of it comes from Andromeda, as there are very sophisticated ways of manipulating people and population. With these things they manipulate big cities as they radiate their stuff from their ships.

This is also sent to war areas, as well to very populated places. With this they can keep people in apathy and desperation.

This base has a camouflage of being a Repair Base.

Composed of: ET’s 16 – Hybrids 66 – Ships 9 –

WISCONSIN Information received on 29/1/95.

Place: Fond du Lac.

Purpose: To keep in communication with Lake Michigan base This is done with a tunnel.

Over ground this base works as an observatory for weather changes.

They make tests with their lethal weapons here, as if this would be the real base where they keep them. A camouflage base for Homo Sapiens to know about.

It is shown to different world governments.

Exchanges are then made. To get their knew technology, the ET’s get money to build their bases, and get a quota of how many people can disappear without any government interference.

This is the way how many new lethal weapons have appeared on this planet! Also other “extraordinary things”, only, they give us something to keeps the government people happy, and take great care not to give anything that could be used against them!

Meanwhile we keep happily killing each other with this new “inventions”.

Composed of: ET’s 35 – Homo Sapiens 10 – Hybrids 32 – Ships 6 –

Place: Elkhorn – Willlam Bay.

Purpose: To be able to destroy New York fast. This is the way to get rid of surplus population.

To do this they need the OK from Boss in Andromeda Galaxy. Basically all major orders come from that place.

Test area for flights at certain distances.

As their plans are not allowed by any agreements, when they attack, they must act fast.

The ET’s are not at ease here, and are afraid to stay trapped in their positions.

Homo Sapiens’s main disadvantage is his lack of knowledge about the whole situation!

They do not need our big cities!

They need disasters happening around the planet to keep attention off their work.

Composed of: ET’s 70 – Homo Sapiens as scientists 28 – Hybrids 20 –

Place: Center City – Area Turtle Lake.

Purpose: Center of their Organization.

Secretariat for the Boss area. Their “Heart”.

As the Boss is hidden, his orders are executed from here.

Computerized Center of Communication to the bases on the planet.

From here coordination’s are made between the different bases on the planet.

Also their Justice Center.

This is a very strict Organization, but all robotized, which also is their weakness! If something gets out of order they get easily confused. A strictly military Organization. This base is their “nucleus”. Any order coming from here has precedence on any other base’s command.

If this place got destroyed there would be great confusion among all bases!

Composed of: ET’s 120 – Ships 5 –

They do not want to draw attention on this area. It is a relatively small base.

NEBRASKA Place: North Platte – Seneca and Ringgold.

Purpose: To plan and execute the Programs. For this purpose there are 2 bases in this place, and they are connected by a tunnel.

Here they have the sight of all what is occurring on the planet, such as wars, population movements, disasters, etc.

This is the place for meetings on a high level such as Bank loans meetings from IMF, and other important institutions.

Composed of: ET’s 15 – Ships 5, specially equipped for VIP’s and as all is made through computers, these are part of this place too.


Place: Evarts Harlan – Cumberland nets.

East Point – Dewey Reservoir.

Sandy Hook – West Liberty.

Denton (entrance).

Purpose: Atomic War shelter.

Military reservoir.

Government Management.

Secret Service.

Andromeda Communicator.

Central government for this planet.

Equipped with luxurious hotel rooms. Totally organized to “protect” high politicians. “Safety” place in case of an Atomic War. But this is really a LIE, just to get it built.

They do not want any of these people whom they are trying to “save”, they plan to kill them or implant them and just use them for their purposes.

NOTHING of what they say can be trusted.

They are masters in manipulating opponents.

Composed of: ET’s 650 – Homo Sapiens 190 – Hybrids 3,486 Ships 56 –

NEW YORK Place: North of the State.

Adirondack Mountains – Long Lake area. Piseco.

Purpose: This are really 2 bases.

A military one and one to check all airline traffic, as well as control New York population.

Send waves on populated areas. Have total check on what is going on there.

Military strategy is also developed here.

Military equipment such as clothing, guns, radios.

There is also a potent receiver that can get outside communications. (From outside this planet).

Their gold is also kept here.

Composed of: ET’s 150 – Hybrids 400 – Military Ships 11


Place: Livingstone area, direction Big Timber – South West from Big Timber.


Base disguised as a Ship Repair Base.

His place is 89 meters under earth and protected against any bombing.

Many communication devices are installed in the ships for “repair”. The most important communication is for outside this planet. They are the only ones to know about incoming Space Ships, as well as in which direction this planet should go.

Those analyzing from outside have a clearer view about the whole planet.

N0 orders go to bases from here except to their Center Base in Wisconsin, area Center City – Turtle Lake.

So, this is the heart of the Grey’s Organization on this planet, and its main artery is in Wisconsin.

What we should do is KNOW about this organizational system. With this knowledge MUCH of their power would vanish.

Composed of: ET’s 75 – Hybrids as servants 28 –

There are misleading tunnels around this Base, as it is the most secret part of their Organization.

Entrance from another direction than the Repair Base.