UFO Bases: Planet Mars

Russian television channels have recently broadcast several programs about the USA and Russia working on manned flights to Mars. Serious scientists develop fantastic projects to create a biosphere on the red planet and to inhabit Mars with people. It deems that it never occurred to anyone that such projects can never be implemented.

Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky conducted an extensive research to prove that various forms of reasonable life can exist in low-oxygen matter. Those forms of life can be of a higher level in comparison with the human civilization.
Alien UFO bases on Mars

Kostantin Tsiolkovsky asserted that the Universe is controlled, that everything in the Universe is reasonable and rational, although people can hardly understand this. The great scientist’s logic gives a reason to say that if there was a biological life on Mars, it was liquidated with the Supreme Space Mind for a good reason. It goes without saying that no one is allowed to correct actions and decisions of the Supreme Mind, which makes all ideas to reanimate Mars illusionary.

Dinosaurs became extinct on planet Earth 60 million years ago: the Supreme Mind believed that their further living on planet Earth was not expedient anymore. In addition to that, “cleansing procedures” took place on many occasions against humans too. This does not seem to be incidental at all. Everything that happens on Earth and in the Universe is based on the laws of the Supreme Mind.

It became known during the research of the red planet that certain space forces did not want to let people realize the secrets of Mars. The Soviet space station Phobos-2 approached Mars in January of 1989. On March 25th the station approached Mars’s satellite Phobos and the connection with the Earth was lost soon after that. As the telemetry analysis showed later, the station started spinning in a chaotic way several minutes before the connection with the station was cut. The station managed to transfer a photograph, which was taken with an IR camera. The photo depicted a huge cigar-like object near Phobos, the satellite. According to calculations, the object was 20 kilometers long and about two or three kilometers in diameter. Some researchers did not pay considerable attention to that fact, whereas other scientists were shocked with it.

As it usually happens, officials told everyone, who took part in the program, to be quiet about it in order to avoid troubles. However, the information about the Mars sensation transpired in the press anyway. Later on, Soviet researchers came to conclusion that the cigar-like object was located on the stationary orbit in immediate proximity to Mars.

On August 22, 1993 the American station Mars Observer achieved the Mars’s orbit, but the connection with the Earth was lost just in three days for unknown reasons. The station was supposed to collect the information, which would then be used in the preparation of a manned mission to Mars. Moreover, the station was outfitted with the equipment to determine extraterrestrial beings on the surface of the red planet.

On the base of the two mentioned occasiaons, Soviet and American scientists came to conclusion that the two stations were either captured or destroyed. Such things took place during the research of Venus too.

The goal of those intercepts is not clear still. Yet, it would be logical to assume that something or someone does not want people to learn their secrets. Some Russian space researchers do not doubt that there is a certain galactic presence within the framework of the Solar system. NASA specialists do not accept this point of view, basically. However, some of them start thinking that a piloted mission to Mars does not have any perspectives. The American government is not likely to claim the responsibility for such a risky undertaking, taking into consideration the fact that everyone knows what happened to Mars exploration stations. Both Russian and American scientists are drawn to believe that people do not play by their rules in space.

One of NASA major specialists Michael Wolf said that Russians are right to understand an opportunity of alien bases on Mars and Phobos. The scientist believes that UFOs that people can observe from time to time are used to control people’s activities. Authorities have always tried to conceal the facts of UFO activity from the public eye, explaining such occasions with technical malfunctions or man-caused reasons. Michael Wolf believes that such a confession on the part of the American government would be premature at present.

This statement gives every reason to believe that high-ranking American officials realize that it is almost impossible and even dangerous to conceal certain facts about the exploration of Mars. However, one has to acknowledge the fact that the American space station Odyssey has been working on the Mars orbit very well. The station has even managed to discover a huge quantity of frozen water on the planet, which made NASA specialists get too much excited again. The discovery of ice on Mars entailed a fantastic project to make the planet another home for people. This seems to be rather naive.

The fact that the space station transmits information about Mars on planet Earth does not bring any harm to more reasonable beings that live on Mars. In contrast to humans, they realize that the resumption of a biological life on Mars (if it ever existed there) is absolutely impossible, contrary to the Supreme Mind. That is why, one shall assume that “they” do not see any reason to get rid of the station.


Function :

Strategy (i.e. what must be achieved)

Resources :

400 Extraterrestials 3000 Hybrids 500 Humans

Activity :

Main task consists of collecting information in order to have a complete overview of the situation on planet Earth. In addition, programs and projects are defined, reviewed and changed as needed, and are communicated in the form of orders to other bases on Mars and the Moon.

The humans are doing information analysis and evaluation, because the extra terrestials are not very good at it.

Interplanetary and intergalactic communication is largely done by controlled telepathic means.

Computers and conference rooms aid in individual and well synchronized team-work. There are also facilities for relaxation.


Function :

Logistics (i.e. what means are available)

Resources :

30 Extraterrestials 370 Hybrids 110 Humans 20 Spaceships for local traffic between Mars and Earth

Activity :

Storage (largely underground) for spare parts as well as shelter for several big intergalactic spaceships to protect these against harsh Martial elements (storms that even blow pieces of rock along; hence the numerous debris of stone that you see on published pictures of Martian landscapes).

Spare parts are frequently transported to Earth, so there is quite some traffic between Mars and Earth.

Protein based food (such as meat [animals]) as well as carbonhydrate based food (such as vegetables) is cultivated in green-houses. Yet much of the food supplies is imported from planet Earth.

Premises for body care and mind care (such as reprogramming or implanting the fellows in a way as to make sure they do certain missions) are focused on maintaing efficiency of all workers.


Function :

Tactics (i.e. who does what when where how)

Resources :

370 Extraterrestials 320 Hybrids (60 Hybrid pilots) 80 Humans

Activity :

The project tasks (detail work scheduling & resource assignment) that are derived from the strategic plans (BASE A) are put into the minds of the fellows as to make sure that they execute the work exactly as scheduled. Media (such as voice, documents, etc.) communication is done through their network system.

Sometimes instructions to fellows on Earth or on the Moon are given in person rather than by remote messaging.

No Humans are allowed to serve as pilots, possibly because of their tendency to escape.

The following is a quote from Matt Spetalnick’s article “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? NASA LOOKS FOR REAL ET’S”, in REUTERS Magazine, Oct. 5, 1992:

“At least 70 times scientists have picked up radio waves that bore the marks of communication by beings from other worlds, but they were never verified, [Frank] Drake said.”

Through proposed projects such as SETI [Search For Extra-terrestrial Intelligence], which involve large arrays of Radio Dish recieving mechanisms to ‘tune in’ to cosmic radio waves, Drake and others ‘hope’ to contact outside intelligences. If in fact Drake is in on the UFO cover-up, then he would be a prime candidate to lead projects like OZMA and SETI. Drake could throw out just enough “bones” to the public to keep them interested in financing such projects with our tax monies. When an actual discovery of an intelligence radio source or sources is confirmed, Drake and friends can bury the information so deep that no one but the “Insiders” will be able to see it. There are those who allege that the strange failures of nearly every Mars probe since the Viking missions-which photographed the notorious and controversial “faces” and “sphinx” on Mars-were either sabotaged by aliens or taken over by the perpetuators of “the Coverup”. Even the Hubble telescope, a multi-billion dollar project, was supposedly delayed for several years because some fool ordered the wrong mirror size! How stupid do these people think we are? Now that it has been “fixed”, we should PRESSURE the Hubble crew to zoom-in on the strange artifacts on the moon and Mars. To refuse to do so would be self-implicating and nothing less than a passive admittance of their involvement in the Cover-Up.

Another possible use of these ‘radio dishes’ has been suggest-ed by K.S. of Salt Lake City, who allegedly talked to a man who was involved in setting up top secret underwater radio dishes for secret government projects. He claimed that many of these dishes were used to communicate with “our” bases on the moon and Mars! If this is the case, could the SETI program be an extention of this?

>From ‘THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA’, by John Spencer (Avon Books., 1993), under the heading ‘DR. OTTO STROVE’, we read how this astrophysicist assisted Frank Drake in establishing Project OZMA, and it’s very mysterious conclusion:

“…the project began its search by focusing on the star TAU CETI. According to claims made at the time, AS SOON AS the project got underway STRONG INTELLIGENT SIGNALS were picked up, leaving all the scientists stunned.

“Abruptly, Dr. Strove then declared Project OZMA had been shut down, and commented that there was no sensible purpose for listening to messages from another world.”

[Note: Or, was this merely an ‘excuse’ used to keep the Project and it’s findings SECRET? If not, then Dr. Strove would seem to have an extremely warped idea about what is or isn’t “sensible” – Branton]