Alpha Healing with the Mind 4


As soon as you are in your Workshop and using it, you are already in Alpha-Theta, which is the state in which you shall be whenever you wish to work out any problem.

Switch on the large Screen of Mind in your Workshop. Display yourself entirely on that screen. Look at yourself. Turn the color of the frame of the screen into bright white. Wherever you see dark spots on your image, point to each one of the dark spots and delete the dark spots so that they will turn into white; do so until all dark spots are deleted. You can point with your finger or with cursor or a stick or whatever you wish.

When all the dark spots are deleted, or when you feel you have done enough for the moment, tell to yourself that a sense of peace will come over you and that your body will be in perfect health. Immerse yourself in an infinity of white light which gives a loving, all knowing, wise and powerful radiance.


Your screen of Mind you have already tested when you did what is described in paragraph 6.3.

Now you are going to test the calendar. Switch on your Screen of Mind and make it so large that you see only the screen and the calendar. It is okay if you put the calendar on top of the screen.

Start with the month of January, and display on the screen the season, the Winter, with the snow, the frozen water, the leaves, the sky, the hidden birdies, the chilly moon, and all that comes into your mind, including how you are doing and feeling. Then move the calendar to February, and as you move from January to February, see the changes occurring. And so move to March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December, in order to go through the changes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The testing of the calendar is now complete.

Now you are going to test the clock, by asking it to show the time of now. It will show you the time of now, and when you have left your Workshop, have a look at the clock in reality, and you will know that the clock in your Workshop is working fine. Don’t worry if it does not work the first time. It will come sooner or later.

The testing of the clock is complete as soon as you are in Beta again, having left your Workshop and having looked at the real clock. But stay still in Alpha-Theta this moment.

Now you are going to test the elevator or teleporter. Tell to the elevator or teleporter for example to bring to you a flower (or any other object that you like). Push the start button, if your elevator or teleporter has a start button, and the image will be promptly delivered. If there is no start button, simply imagine there a start button. If nothing happens, don’t worry, the elevator or teleporter may have to get used to you. If the flower arrives, you can try more complex objects, such as a painting from Leonardo da Vinci for example.

The testing of the elevator or teleporter is now complete.

You have done it ! Your Workshop is now in order and has become your companion instrument wherever you are.


Open your eyes now, and you will be wide awake, feeling revitalized and in tune with life.

You have now been in your Alpha-Theta Workshop for the first time.

You may feel the heaviness gone away from your head, like you are floating in the air. This is good. You are now serene, calm, happy, productive and fit.

Now close this booklet, do not go any further with this booklet for the moment, and do the thing that you deeply wish to do most. Let noone disturb you. Switch off the doorbell and pull out the phoneplug. This very moment is now all yours. It is a beautiful moment, which will return each time you have been in Alpha-Theta.

There are many areas to which Alpha-Theta can be applied. The following paragraphs, from 7.1 onwards, describe some of the applications. Having gone through them, you will be able to find new applications in styles that suit you best.

After you have learned how to enter into Alpha, this article will give you some examples of situations and how to handle these.