Alpha Healing with the Mind 3


First of all, you have to setup your imaginary Workshop. Your Workshop is the place where you do all the mental work when you are in Alpha-Theta. It is your private Alpha-Theta treasury which shall not be made known to anyone else.

Now will be explained how to setup your workshop. Follow carefully the instructions as set out in the paragraphs 6.1 and 6.3 (GO FROM BETA TO ALPHA and GO INTO ALPHA THETA). These paragraphs will always be referred to from all other paragraphs, so make sure that these paragraphs are perfectly understood. Do not ever be in a hurry, even though enthusiasm may wish you to go fast and experience immediate results. Take your time with Alpha Control. It may take some time and patience, maybe weeks or months to make it your own; it needs some investment as to benefit from it for the decades to come.


Close your eyes, but if you fell you must open your eyes, you may if you wish. If you want to move, scratch or clear your throat, you may do so.

Breathe slowly and deeply, but not excessively, just naturally. Each time you breathe out, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Just let your body go the way it goes. Do not use any force to concentrate; allow your mind to drift casually and unconcerned with any results. Do not let bother you that your conscious mind may be restless; it is normal.

Feel the relaxation moving like a wave going downward through the body. Concentrate on the top of your head first, move down to your forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaws, neck, shoulders, feel your lungs breathing rhythmically, your heart beating in a natural way, the stomach, intestines, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, legs, feet, toes, all the way down.

Become aware of your mind in the soles of your feet, gradually pull it up to your knees, then your waist, chest, neck, and head. You are now only aware of your head. Gather your awareness into your head; then place your total awareness in space over your head.

You are going from Beta to Alpha.

To further tune into your inner levels of mind, visually pick out a passive scene from nature, any scene that you find serenely beautiful and relaxing. Choose the colors, smells, textures, sounds, and so forth, that you prefer. See yourself mentally within that passive scene; reach out and feel the vibrant life forces of nature that surround you; feel in perfect tune with your inner levels of mind.

I myself take a shore at an ocean with a sunset and warm colors and the sound of silent seawaves. For you it may be something different.

Then, to help yourself reaching a deeper and more inward level of mind, count down from 21 to 1. On every descending number, you feel yourself going nearer to the very source of your being.

I myself take a rolling staircase that goes from an opening in the shore down to underground, whilst I move down along the numbers 21 to 1 that are painted on the wall. For you it may be something different.

As you relax physically, while counting, you see the color spectrum going by :

* Red relax 21 20 19

* Orange mastering your emotions 18 17 16

* Yellow calm your mind 15 14 13

* Green inner peace 12 11 10

* Blue love 9 8 7

* Purple see yourself 6 5 4

* Violet further tune into Alpha 3 2 1

* White your inner self 0

Now, at the final count of 0, you are entering the state of Alpha.


Start building now your imaginary Workshop. Put at least the following items in your workshopA large screen, capable of 3D-displaying anything you want

A calendar, capable of going forward and backward in time

A clock, capable of going forward and backward in time

An elevator or teleporter, capable of bringing anything to you that you may need from another dimension

A platform on which you can put any object

and, if you wish, add any other item, such as furniture, instruments, tools, art, whatever you wish to feel comfortable. Each time you enter your workshop, you may change it, the shape, size, style, colors, contents, location, whatever you wish.

Mentally use our hands to lay the foundations, the floor, walls and ceiling of your Workshop. Use materials that appeal to you in creating this room.

You are both the architect and the builder. Pay attention to details and create your Workshop exactly as you want it to be.

Check your entire Workshop and be prepared to bring in any assistant who can guide, instruct and counsel you at all levels; but you yourself are always in charge and actually do the work; they are only in advisory capacity. Your assistants are only of real use when they come to you on subconscious level, in Alpha-Theta, with no calculation by your Beta conscious mind.

Choose your assistants exactly the way you want them to be; their personality, their wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, artistry, appearance, and so forth. You may use persons or entities that existed centuries ago, or who still exist, or you you may use persons that you define yourself.

I myself used some time ago Bach, Einstein, Buddha, Tutankhamon, and some self defined persons, such as extraterrestrials, Atlantian technologists, and so forth. For you it may be different; maybe one of those could be Leonardo Da Vinci.

Maybe you would like to put a conference table with chairs in your Workshop, so that you can receive the assistants and discuss all kinds of matters with them.

Now your Workshop is complete.