Alpha Healing with the Mind 5


Even without knowing the person that you wish to understand, from within your Alpha-Theta level you are able to understand and to help that person.

Go into your Alpha-Theta level by following the instructions as laid out in 6.1 and 6.3 (GO FROM BETA TO ALPHA and GO INTO ALPHA THETA), and stay in your Workshop.

Switch on your Screen of Mind and display the person on the screen. Place a white frame around the screen.

With your mental hands you take the person’s head off the screen and place it over yours as though you would wear a large hat. Don’t worry, that person will not notice anything in reality.

As said before, the subconscious does not know the difference between the real and the imaginary. It has no sense of humor and it is very literal in that it accepts what it is told in the way of visualization and instruction. So, in Alpha-Theta the real is the same as the imaginary.

Try to grasp the person’s basic mood; it may not be at all what you would expect. Is there anything that person is trying to tell you ? Listen to that person and feel the feelings and emotions. Talk to this person mentally, making suggestions and advice at the inner level; visualize perfect end-results that you wish for that person. Feel within you peace, love, strength, and project this to the person you wish to help. When you feel you have done enough for the moment, then take this person’s head off and put it back mentally.

Switch off the Screen of Mind and leave your Workshop.

Immerse yourself in an infinity of white light which gives a loving, all knowing, wise and powerful radiance.

Open your eyes now, and you will be wide awake, feeling revitalized and in tune with life.