Alpha Healing with the Mind 6


Even without knowing the person that you wish to heal, from within your Alpha-Theta level you are able to diagnose the ailment or problem and to heal that person. That person could be you yourself as well.

Go into your Alpha-Theta level by following the instructions as laid out in 6.1 and 6.3 (GO FROM BETA TO ALPHA and GO INTO ALPHA THETA), and stay in your Workshop.

Switch on your Screen of Mind and display the person on the screen. Place a white frame around the screen.

Search for dark spots in the person’s body. The largest and darkest spot is the one that needs help most urgently. Ask to your Screen of Mind what the dark spot indicates. It may for example be a stomach ache. Remove the dark spot with a vacuum cleaner, or with any other means that suit you most. Then put a white light at the place where the dark spot was. Write in your imagination on a label that this white light will not allow the spot to be dark anymore; attach the label to the white light.

Immerse yourself in an infinity of white light which gives a loving, all knowing, wise and powerful radiance.

Switch off the Screen of Mind and leave your Workshop.

Open your eyes now, and you will be wide awake, feeling revitalized and in tune with life. You can be sure that the stomach ache of that person will be over almost instantaneously.