What Alternative 1 2 3 4

The commonly accepted meaning of Alternative-3 basically includes the following.

The three alternatives mentioned by the Alternative-3 book are related with a possible future climatic catastrophe that seems coming upon the planet, the kind of greenhouse or biological or nuclear disaster. To deal with such catastrophe, there are three possibilities :

  1. * Go underground and live underground
  2. * Do something drastic with the atmosphere like with high power application
  3. * Set up bases on other planets, for only the top people of course

That’s what they explained it with.

But now, what is behind the Alternative-3.

Planet Mars does not have both an extremely thin atmosphere and a dusty atmosphere, quite an impossible combination. In extremely thin air, dust would fall down quickly and would never keep on floating in such thin air. Besides, the Martian atmospheric pressure is about 70% compared to the Earth’s atmosphere, and is breathable too, no matter what NASA makes public. NASA keeps lying about their observations to great length. If Mars is so red, which clearly indicates corrosion by an excess of oxygen, then the air has more oxygen then on green planet Earth!

Some American researchers discovered pyramids on Mars. In fact, they discovered those photographs that had been filed incorrectly under the Southern latitude and longitude on Mars when they should have been filed in the Northern part. They were deliberately taken out by NASA. But they just happened upon them by chance. But NASA has never admitted that those are real photographs of pyramids on Mars although they took them.

A scientist at an observatory in England, recorded on one of his radio telescopes a report coming from an American spaceship in the days before the Americans had sent anybody up. And he knew it was a NASA Space Agency recording, because it had a certain code, a bip bip bip to it, but he did not have a decoder. The television station investigated all this, and they found another guy who had a decoder, and they wanted to bring the two together.

Now during the attempt to bring the men together, the professor of astronomy was going to drive it to London, but he thought maybe something might happen, so he mailed his recording in a package. And then he drove, but he was killed on the way, a very strange accident, as he was found in his car down the side of the road, burnt all the way to his bones, as if it was done by a high intensity heat source other than conventional car petrol fire.

Now this was all recorded in the British newspapers. Other newspaper stories told that the government of America and Russia were working together to establish bases on the Moon and Mars. Which explained the disappearance of quite a few scientists. And this was long before Sputnik or any other publicly known spacecraft. In fact, ancient bases on Mars have been and are still being refurbished.

Moreover, the whole theory about a semi permeable membrane around the Earth, also referred to as “Stargate”, does not apply to the technologies used to frequent planet Mars int present time. That underscores the assumption that UFO technology is used.

And so by that time the (not publicly known) space station, possibly nicknamed “Space Station 33”, was in the problem of almost appearing to be putting out a science fiction movie. And they are supposed to be investigative reporters of facts, you see. So they were told to admit to the public that these programmes were all a hoax or they would lose their license. And they must fire the reporters who were working on it. That is how the book Alternative-3 finally got written by the reporters who were fired. And thus the Alternative-3 report came about.

What remained unnoticed was the most obvious of all : the book title. It is not titled “Three Alternatives” or so, but “Alternative-3”, and that is what it is all about : bases on other planets.

The third alternative is already taking place, certainly since the Mars landing in 1962 with a UFO that had a group of international (Americans, Russians, and others) passengers on board. They did not go there just for sightseeing. And ever since, that has not been the only trip. There are ongoing trips between Earth and Mars, and between Earth and Alpha Centauri 4.

The Apollo landing on the Moon was just meant to disctract any public attention. Although it seems not logical that the Russians never publicly went there, or, at least one of the rumors goes that they noticed something on the back side of the Moon that kept them from visiting the Moon.

The Russians also had to give up their space station Mir, for the same reasons : they knew too much and they were willing to sell their information to any bidder, as easily as taking anyone on board of Mir who can get there and have a good UFO sighting out there in space.

On planet Mars there is a lot more than only pyramids. Rockets and probes sent to Mars form another attention shifter. What is really going on has been kept top secret until now, definitely a relationship with MJ-12 and other things.

There are some rumors about a possible ALTERNATIVE-4, whatever that might be. BUT :

I would not rule out the Alternative-4 be related with genetic adaptation. After all, the Alternatives are all about physical survival, in the event of a catastrophe. The 3 Alternatives mention only doing something with the external environment or relocating bodies, nothing about internal environment such as the human body itself. As genetic engineering and cloning has now been pretty well advanced, it will not be long till the physical body can be highly adapted to extreme environments. So if ever planet Earth becomes an “alien” planet, so to speak, well, by that time the human body might have quite a few things with some alien species in common.

Recently I received some interesting information about the rad Bacteria, as researched by Michael Daly (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences). These bacteria could survive on another planet. In an Earth lab, Deinococcus radiodurans (D. rad) survive extreme levels of radiation, extreme temperatures, dehydration, and exposure to genotoxic chemicals. Amazingly, they even have the ability to repair their own DNA, usually with 48 hours. Known as an extremophile, bacteria such as D. rad are of interest to NASA partly because they might be adaptable to help human astronauts survive on other worlds.

Sure this stuff is even more interesting for the grand conspiracy (Illuminati and co) concerning their extra terrestial activities. After all, Alternative-3 would be only successful if there are genetic solutions besides of external isolators (such as buildings, spacesuits, bio domes, etc).

A recent map of D-rad’s DNA might allow biologists to augment their survival skills with the ability to produce medicine, clean water, and oxygen. Already they have been genetically engineered to help clean up spills of toxic mercury. Likely one of the oldest surviving life forms, D-rad was discovered by accident in the 1950s when scientists investigating food preservation techniques could not easily kill it.

If we manage to apply the D. rad genetic system in our own, then that would be the answer to Alternative-4.