no longer being considered – – all these manuscripts are part of abandoned book projects, and are for FREE DOWNLOAD and contain no harmful scripts of any kind, just flat PDFs that I created by myself. ebooks – – available for pubic review

I am no longer dedicated on the unpopular subjects of conspiracies, aliens, UFOs, dark projects, secret ops and so forth. I have given my share during much of my life, and that be it. I need to make a living, and this is only possible with more popular kind of books. Besides, I need to have some more peace of mind, rather than sleepless nights. I have grown old and I want to enjoy my retirement ;-)

All of these works were in collaboration with other writers, who submitted or made available these base manuscripts, except those maked with * – – intended as a basis for new book projects, but it never came that far, mainly because these were not originally my own ideas and I did not feel like working together with others – – I have full permission to (re)distribute these documents to public domain, as these may already be there through other researchers – – the * marked works are strictly mine, with applicable copyrights.

Alien UFO Bases

A complete list of locations, occupations and functions of all Alien UFO bases on planet Earth, the Moon and Mars. This is not sci-fi. The content may be used in my upcoming book “GeneSys” next year or so. Lots of disinformation I need to weed out. [The big problem with socalled “leaked top secret information” is that the leaking usually occurs intentionally, as to make people believe they found the truth. Yet in nearly all cases the leaks are just other layers of lies.] CONTENTS: Alien UFO Bases: 130+ Locations | Alien UFO Bases: Antarctic | Alien UFO Bases: Arctic | Alien UFO Bases: Australia | Alien UFO Bases: Europe | Alien UFO Bases: Mars | Alien UFO Bases: Mexico | Alien UFO Bases: Moon | Alien UFO Bases: Saudi Arabia | Alien UFO Bases: South America | Alien UFO Bases: USA

Cosmic Conflict Files

Also known as the CosCon Files. Received from anonymous source and slightly edited with permission. I do nothing with these files, because I know that there is a lot of intentional disinformation injected by the Government who is hiding truth behind yet another layer of lies. [Their socalled secret agents are staged and fake. Why else are they known, unless they are truly secret? Anyone who is using the name of Branton as a credible source of information is naive.]

Cure AIDS Eclectrically

A truly working cheap simple technology to cure AIDS using electrical pulses, ‘borrowed from an anonymous source of the Red Cross that has masterminded this disease in the 1970s in Africa. Currently there are cheap Zappers and Rife units on the market that do the same thing. Similar to Hulda Ckark and Rife technologies. the electrical pulse technology is the only way to cure AIDS. No (bio)chemical compound can do the cure ever. [AIDS is very easy to cure, and it does not really matter how accurate the frequencies be tuned. Many different frequencies will do the job, even random pulses, which means that many different cheap zappers will help cure AIDS completely within a matter of weeks. At eBay theyre for sale for a few dozen bucks already, the mini-zappers for example.]

Doomsday 2012 Busted *

This was written prior to 21 December 2012, the well-known “Doomsday”. I predicted the zero occurrence of Doomsday and the lies and nonsense of the Maya Calendar hype scam fraud. And I was right. Better yet, there will not ever be any doomsday this whole millennium, and the Maya calendar has nothing to do whatsoever with any doomsday. It is simply an aboriginal ephemeric at best, not a calendar, no end of the world prediction whatsoever. There is no alien involvement. [There is a lot of human involvement in falsifying and misusing “archeological” artefacts, and the Maya scam is one of them, same as the socalled “Olanet X” or Niburu, Nemesis, and what have you. You should never believe ay doomsday guru, as they all have these specs in common: liar, dumb, idiot, mentally underaged.] End of story.

Flight Simulator TR-3B FS2002 *

FS2002 Flight Sim model based on Edgar Fouches 3D specs of the TR-3B Flying Triangle. Comes with fully working model, cockpit & avionics, flight manual. Requires Harrier piloting skills. Edgar handed me the 3D model, and I developed the sim. I did not upgrade the sim from FS2002 to any next Flight Simulator version, due to lack of funds. [Despite of having written a complete comprehensive flight manual, some FS pilots reported that this craft could not fly. Well they did not RTFM in the first place and thought all would go automatic.]

Flight Simulator UFO FS2002 *

FS2002 Flight Sim model based on the usual disk shaped UFOs. Comes with fully working model, cockpit & avionics, flight manual. Requires Harrier piloting skills. Sim tech based on the TR-3B workings. I did not upgrade the sim from FS2002 to any next Flight Simulator version, due to lack of funds. [The flight operations manual was very detailed, to the point that any dummie could learn fly this UFO. Yet some users did not take the trouble to read the fucking manual and gave negative feedback a la “it does not work” those stupid fucktards.]

Flugscheiben UFOs

German UFO report about the Haunebu and Vril UFO technologies. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. [These German flying saucers are the ones in the sky, upgraded versions, and some have super stealth capability, such as invisibility, zero radar reflection, silent, temperature adaptive i.e. no IR signature, etc. They are primarily used for monitoring, i.e. spying at close range. Germany secretly won WW2 and NaZi technology survived WW2 covertly and is being improved to this day.]

Mojave Secrets

The complete story behind the space shuttle incidents. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. I did not use these reports, because these have been injected with a lot of disinformation. [They suggest there was space travel using conventional rocket technologies, but in reality there was no such space travel. The alleged secret agent was staged, i.e. faked, by the government who made sure this document would find its way to the public. But because the odds of physics tell me clearly that rocket technology will not work beyond the Earth atmosphere, I know for fact that the entire space shuttle program is a fake, and therefore all related (meta) information.]

Moon Wars

No comment. Received from anonymous source – – including the socalled “Cooper Files” and “Apollo 20” shit – – and never done anything with it because it turned out to be mainly disinformation, i.e. lies. It is based on the assumption that there was and is space travel using rocket technology. This lie alone makes this document zero credible. Even for entertainment it sucks. [I reiterate, the entire space programs world wide are all fake, and that includes the space station, space telescope, satellites, voyagers, pioneers, landers, rovers, probes, Gemini, Apollo, Soyuz, Shenzhou, Tiangong, Selene, and all the other fake scams, etc. No conventional newtonian rocket technology can put anything beyond the Earth atmosphere. All astronauts float in swimming pool based simulators and live in a hotel at Star City in Russia.] For you to download for free, read and see for yourself.

Pentagon Aliens

Top secret aliens involvement in the Pentagon. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. I did not use any of the information in any of my books because of lack of clear evidence. I refuse to willingly take part of disseminating disinformation. [Anything that is leaked or released from the Pentagon is highly questionable. Real secrets do not leak from source.] The government uses the “top secret leak” concept to make you believe that you discovered the real truth, but it is just another layer of lies. You are being fooled by the government whom you pay tax money to.

Project Management *

Project Planning *

For the rookie project manager. Based on my own experiences as a project manager in the oil industry information technology. Free for anyone who is interested in my experiences as a project manager. Perhaps later in the future I might use these two 2 manuscripts for a schoolbook. Or you do it ;-) be my guest!

[CONTENTS: Acceptance ““ Activity Modeling ““ Analyze Locations, Users, Presentation, Processes and Data ““ Application Development Projects Guide ““ Actual Cost of Work Scheduled ““ Audit Review ““ Authority to Proceed ““ Baseline ““ Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled ““ Build Outline Implementation Plan ““ Build Technology and Database Independent Applications ““ Business Case ““ Business Needs ““ Business Policy and Procedures ““ Change Management ““ Choice of Functionality ““ Class Definitions and Class Specifications ““ Class Diagrams ““ Client/Server ““ Close-out phase ““ Common User Access ““ Concept phase ““ Conducting a User Documentation Inspection ““ Configuration Management ““ Consolidation Workshop Protocol ““ Contingency and Risk ““ Contract Administration ““ Contract Management ““ Contract Guide ““ Core Team ““ Corporate Strategy and Product Portfolio ““ Cost Breakdown Structure ““ Cost Performance ““ Current Systems Analysis ““ Data Flow Diagram ““ Data Normalization ““ Defect Tracking ““ Defining Boundaries ““ Defining Evaluation Categories ““ Defining the Content ““ Defining the Detailed Scope ““ Definition ““ Design Infrastructure Architecture ““ Designing Classes ““ Designing Data ““ Designing Inputs and Outputs ““ Designing Tasks ““ Detailing the Work Breakdown Structure ““ Determining Category Weights ““ Determining Potential Vendors and Products ““ Develop Infrastructure Specifications ““ Developing Business Specifications ““ Developing Initial Vendor Questionnaire Materials ““ Developing Materials for Detailed Evaluation ““ Developing Software Modification Analysis ““ Developing the Package Evaluation Summary ““ Developing the Task Flow Diagram ““ Developing the Vendor Solicitation Document ““ Developing User Documentation Objectives ““ Developing Vendor Reference Questionnaire Materials ““ Disaster Plan ““ Documentation Usability Testing ““ Earned Value ““ Economical Value ““ Encapsulation and Information Hiding ““ Encapsulation Overview ““ Entity Modeling ““ Entity-Relationship Diagram ““ Error and Fault Management ““ Establish Background ““ Establish Implementation Requirements ““ Estimating Conversion Projects ““ Estimating Projects ““ Euro Checklist for Insurance Companies ““ Evaluating Solutions ““ Evaluating Package ““ Evaluating Vendor Bids ““ Exceptions Management Guide ““ Fast Track ““ Financial Management ““ Fixed Price Contract ““ Functional Requirements ““ Fundamental Business Process Modeling ““ Gantt Chart ““ Identifying Relationships between Classes ““ Implementation Approach ““ Implementation phase ““ Inspect Infrastructure Specifications ““ Integration Plan ““ Intellectual Property Guide ““ Interview Tips ““ Interviewing Vendor Reference Users ““ Inventory Management ““ Issue Management ““ IT Impact Analysis ““ Lessons Learned ““ Life Cycle ““ ISO ““ Logistics Checklist ““ Matrix Analysis ““ Messages and Methods ““ Method Descriptions ““ Model-View-Controller ““ Module Decomposition Method ““ Module Specification ““ Object Diagrams ““ Objects and Classes ““ Operational Test ““ Organization and People Management ““ Organization Breakdown Structure ““ Organizational Impact ““ Overrun ““ PERT/CPM ““ Physical Database Design ““ Planning and Estimating ““ Polymorphism ““ Portfolio Management ““ Postcontact planning phase ““ Precendence Diagram Method ““ Precontact planning phase ““ Preparing for Definition ““ Preparing for Designing the Business System ““ Problem Management ““ Process Modeling ““ Process Verification ““ Program Management ““ Progress Reviewing ““ Progress Tracking ““ Project Completion ““ Project Control Book ““ Project Definition ““ Project Endorsement ““ Project Identification ““ Project Office ““ Project Planning and Scoping ““ Project Startup ““ Project Transfer ““ Proposal Projects ““ Prototyping ““ Purchase Orders ““ Qualifying Vendors ““ Quality and Conformance ““ Quality Control and Testing ““ Quality Management ““ Questions for Decision Support Systems ““ Questions for Technical Criteria ““ Questions for Vendor Criteria ““ Questions for Workstation Criteria ““ Reconcile Process Views ““ Refine Infrastructure Configurations ““ Resource Management ““ Responsibility Assignment Matrix ““ Request for Proposal ““ Request for Quatation ““ Return on Investment ““ Reuse ““ Reviews ““ Risk Management ““ Scheduled Variance ““ Scoping and Estimating ““ Safety Plan ““ Select Infrastructure Components ““ Sign-Off procedure ““ Sizing Guideline ““ Software Plan ““ Spiral Model ““ Splitting Fundamental Business Processes ““ Standard Processes ““ Startup ““ State-Transition Diagrams ““ Statement of Work ““ Structured Design ““ Structured Diagrams ““ Structured Programming ““ Structuring Phases ““ Subcontracting Plan ““ Subdividing Large-Scale Development Projects ““ Summarizing the Package Evaluations ““ Supplier Management ““ System Test ““ Task Analysis ““ Task sequence ““ Team Building ““ Technical Design ““ Technical Requirements ““ Test Case Development ““ Test plan ““ Transaction Analysis ““ Transform Analysis ““ Transforming Diagrams ““ Transition Plan ““ Trends ““ Triggers ““ Underrun ““ Unit Test ““ Using the Specimen Contract Appendices ““ Variance ““ Walk through Major Processes ““ Work Breakdown Structure ““ Work Packages ““ Workflow Business Process Modeling]

I have been teaching this stuff at a university. So before any Project Manager straps on the black belt, now you know.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. There is enough information about silent weapons, such as microwaves, particle beams, ultra low frequencies, etc. so I have no reason to be number zillion on this trodden path, but for you this might be a new topic.

Space Shuttle Coverup

The complete story behind the Space Shuttle incidents. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. I did not use these reports, because these have been injected with a lot of disinformation. [They suggest there was space travel using conventional rocket technologies, but in reality such space travel cannot exist other than in medieval sci-fi wrytts. Moreover, the real truth that I learned later on is totally different from whats been written in this document. You must besome aware that all space programs are fake. But all this background about fakery is not covered in this space shuttle document. Just that you know the real truth and the real lies, before you get into intentional (and faked) government leaks.] To me, this document is rather entertainment for conspiracy thrill seekers.

Space Suit Protecting Against Radiation And Zero Gravity *

Invented by me, George Philip Birney, a means to protect astronauts against cosmic radiation as well as the zero gravity effects on the human body tissue. Based on an ancient physics principle. I give it for free to anyone who has the funds to develop this concept. Space agencies from the US, EU, Japan, China, Russia did not show any interest! Of course I know why: There is no space travel, so there is nothing to protect against ;-) WTF, space agencies my ass. I repeat: There is no real space program ever!

The Krill Files

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. For me it is more esoteric sci-fi entertainment rather than factual hard proven evidence. Nice for entertainment for conspiracy addicts, but as useless as secret doctrines from the usual dusty armchair gurus and YouTube science hippies who claim they know “secrets”.

The NaZi Files

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. There is already enough information about Nationalist Zionist technologies, so I have no reason to be just another toothwheel in the not so secret info streams. I have nothing to add to the already largely available NaZi related information supplies.

The Secrets Of The Mojave

The complete story behind the Space Shuttle incidents. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. Well, there is nothing secret about it, other than a lot of disinformation. [The real truth behind the real Challenger staged incident has been completely left out and is substituted by a and absolutely useless sci-fi story written by a fake CIA agent named Branton. Moreover, the alleged killed Challenger crew is still alive, their photos, identities and bios have been published on various social media, and it is no secret that the entire Challenger incident is fake from A to Z. Just that you know this background information before you read the Mojave files.]

Time Travel

No comment. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. Later on I found out through unacademic physics studies that time travel is not possible, simply because the concept of time is totally misunderstood by the even the greatest scientists, so I left the subject for sci-fi sheeple whom I certainly do not serve. [There are a lot of YouTube gurus such as Hawking, Icke, Kaku, Hoagland, etc who claim to know (about) “secret space programs” etc, but they are mere puppets moving the torrent of fantasy through the river of disinformation on the lands of entertainment. None of these gurus are to be taken serious. They are all meaningless useless autistic low IQ i-apes who use false public domain data as “evidence”. They even believe that conventional newtonian rockets can get into space. They never proved anything as true fact and they are wasting my, your, and their time. Bad sci-fi at best.] This document is not even good enough for entertainment. See for yourself.

Uranium Coverup

No comment other than that some nuclear trading is exposed rather superficially. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it. Some information on whats happening in the political world of nuclear technology. The only thing that is clearly missing is the actual military application of nuclear technology. [To me, the whole nuclear bomb concept is as fake as the Kodak bombs at Japan in the mid forties. This document was made available to the public, quite likely to rub sand in the eyes of the beholder. Well, not me.] I do not find it interesting because it contains questionable data. CONTENTS: 00/21 ““ Iran’s True Nuclear Position | 01/21 ““ Crime against mankind | 02/21 ““ Introduction | 03/21 ““ Uranium hazards | 04/21 ““ Fate of Uranium | 05/21 ““ More hazards | 06/21 ““ Health effects | 07/21 ““ Govt & Industry | 08/21 ““ Humanitarian law | 09/21 ““ Law violations UN | 10/21 ““ DU-banning treaty | 11/21 ““ Consequences use | 12/21 ““ Anatomy coverups | 13/21 ““ Information warfare | 14/21 ““ David and Goliath | 15/21 ““ Behind the scenes | 16/21 ““ Deny, delay, deceive | 17/21 ““ Service to humankind | 18/21 ““ The other factor | 19/21 ““ Captive science | 20/21 ““ International Commission | 21/00 ““ 20,000 Nuclear Warheads World Wide | 21/21 ““ References.

WTC 911 Nuclear Demolitions

Based on the analysis of Russian scientists, the demolition of the WTC has been done with nuclear technology and was an inside job. Received from anonymous source and never done anything with it, because I have nothing special to add or change anything to it and I had no involvement in this research whatsoever. But one thing is certain: Nuclear technology was involved in the demolition of the WTC. [It is already sufficient to analyze the cars around the WTC area that got fried due to EMP, a by-product of nuclear reaction. No other technology can cause that.]


ebooks – – ordered by number of pages


Science Technology

1235 pages


  • Hollow Earth Theory – – 1 PDF file total 60 pages – – based on the discoveries not only by Admiral Byrd but also by others who have been on the inside
  • Moon Wars – – 1 PDF file total 20 pages – – esoteric sci-fi from the flower power era for newtonian hippies
  • Nuclear Physics – – 2 PDF file total 1120 (!) pages – – With this knowledge youll know how to make nuclear bombs, and … why they wont work as generally advertised – – well, as a matter of fact, the science of nuclear physics contains a lot of fake data in order to pretend the face of military power
  • Space Travel – – 7 sections total 25 pages – – the hype vs the truth – – space scams exposed


Area-76 Aliens UFOs (Daily Terra Conspiracy Archives)

1000 pages

Alien Secrecy – – Omega Files – – Orion Technology – – Roswell Is Nothing Compared To This – – Secrets Of The Mojave – – The Cosmic Conflict Files – – The Krill Files – – The Nazi Files – – The Secrets Of The Mojave – – The Space Shuttle Coverup Files – – UFO Secrecy – – Underground Activities

Over one hundred 100 distinctive and shocking chapters in total! This is the best value package of all my ebooks.

Those Daily Terra archives were bundled.

BlogBook Be Have Social

688 pages

Note: This is the first raw edition. This means that it contains what the mind contained before it got written, yep, and also in the same non-order, yep, you tell me which mind is in the super-order, hehe. In other words, for a given topic, you will find the chapters not neatly arranged by meaning, congruence or similarity, rather spread a bit randomly. Why? Because thats the way thoughts go anyway!

As the title “Be Have Social” might already suggest, it is all about social behavior. How to deal with others, in private, in business, anywhere, anytime. It is not a story, neither a thesis that would lead to a conclusion, rather a collection of tips and advices, more or less randomly arranged, not in a particular logical sequence.

This book has been compiled from my earlier blogs [discontinued] and covers five major aspects in social life – – yes I know, there are a lot more, but this is what I produced for you:


    • Five 5 major categories:


  • Wellbeing – – 101 chapters
  • Feeling – – 105 chapters
  • Social – – 39 chapters
  • Dating – – 161 chapters
  • Relationship – – 93 chapters

Special note on the DATING category: [CONTENTS: 52 Free Things To Do With Partner | Accelerating Seduction Skills | Advice Number One | After Divorce | An Office Mate | Anxiety | Are You In Cyberlove? | Asian Respect And Honour | Asking Someone On A Date | Attract Women With Your Attitude | Avoid Cyber Stalking | Bad Boys Or Nice Guys | Bad Date Survival | Bad Guy | Before Meeting Her First Time | Before You Say ““ I Do ““ | Best Place For First Date | Big Date | Bird Dogging | Blind Date | Cheap Date Ideas | Check Your Web Date’s Honesty | Choosing A Dating Site | Co-Worker | Communication Do’s And Dont’s | Communication Is The Key | Creating Sexual Tension | Dangerous Assumptions | Dangers With Internet Dating | Dating Older Women | Desperate To Date A Girl | Desperate To Date A Girl? | Does Female Age Matter? | Don’t Be Blind | Dressing Tips For College Guys | Empty Profiles | Enjoyable Dates | Facing Rejection | Finding Your Muslim Significant Other | First Date Kiss | First Date Success | First Kiss Anxiety | First Time | First Time Meeting After Chat | Flirting Mistakes | For The Clueless | For The Rich And Beautiful | For The Timid | Friend Or Lover? | Fuss To Create A Profile | Get A Girlfriend Easily | Get A Yes For First Date | Get Back Your Ex | Get Dozens Dates Online | Get Hurt | Get Ready For Men | Go for it | Good Dating Conversation | Good Habits | Goodnight Kiss | Healing A Broken Soul | Hiding in Cyberspace | Honesty The Best Policy | How Soon Again After Dump? | How To Approach A Woman | How To Ask Out A Shy Woman | How To Date An Older Woman | How to Get a Boyfriend | How To Get A Girl To Have Sex | How To Get Girls | How To Get Respect From Women | How To Hold A Girl’s Hands | How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You | How to Say No to a Nice Guy | How To ““ Your Profile | I Am Worthy | In A Small Town | Indian Girl Dating | Internet | Interracial | Irresistible Ways To Make Women Fall For You | Is He Interested? | Is She Open? | Kissing Tips | Loneliness Scam | Mail Order Brides | Make The Woman Feel | Man Increase Your Appearance | Meeting After Chatting Online | Meeting Her Parents | Men Have To Lie | Men’s Essentials | Mistakes Buying Gifts | Mistakes By Men On First Date | Mr Right Not Found | Myths For Men | Narcissistic People | No Fear Of Rejection | No Immediate Results | No Russian Women | Not So Casual Dating Ideas | Office Romance | Office Romance | Online | Online Etiquette | Online Scammers | People Who Stammer | Perfect Kiss | Physically Touching A Woman | Promises Of Free Personals Sites | Proportions Matter, Sort Of | Reading Her Body Language | Recovering From Scam | Regrets | Relax Before Big Date | Reliability Of Match Making Tests | Right Person? How To Tell | Rules For Single Dads | Russian Dating Scams | Safety | Safety Tips Online Dating | Senior Dating | Seniors Looking For Romance | She Has A Child | She is Testing You ““ Retaliate Now | Should I Tell My Date About My Kids? | Shy Or Not | Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend | Signs Of Attraction | Signs She Is A Scam | Single Until the Right One Comes Along | Still Friends? Yeah Right! | Stop Being Nice Guy | Stress & Nerves First Date | Stress Hurts | Stupid Online Mistakes Guys | Success On First Date | Sugar Daddy Dating | Take Women To Your Bed | Talking On The Phone | Teen | The Seduction Game | The Waitress | Truthful To Your Online Date | Types Of Women To Avoid Dating | Unwritten Rules | Use Your Friends | Using Humour | Virtual Do Virtual Dont | What a Woman Wants | What Do You Want? | Where Senior Singles Find Love | Why Not To Read Dating Advice | Why Women From Russia | Woman With Kids | Write Your Own Love Letter | Writing Your Profile | You Don’t Know What To Say | Your Boss]

Well, the other categories are equally interesting. This freebook is amongst the most useful social interaction documents on to read!

How Not To Be Short Of Cash

375 pages

This book offers you a wealth of easy to grasp and easy to apply know-how on everything that has to do with money and prosperity.

It is not a quick rich millionaire scam document. And it will not make you instant millionaire or up. But it will make you someone who knows what money and prosperity is, and from that basis to be able to build-up wealth, by working smart.

No, it is not just another law of attraction guru hoaxie thing. That is just a heap of fantasy everybody seems to swallow like candies, not knowing that the end-result is only disappointment. This document goes to the bare bones. Yes, no, to sit back and do positive thinking is not good enough. You will have to move your lazy ass.

Handle money well, and prosper. CONTENTS: (Dis)Advantages Of Bankruptcy | 4 Mandatory Buckets Of Personal Finance | Accounting Police | Accounts Receivable Factoring | Adult Learning Grant | After School Loan And Graduation | Annuity | Bad Credit | Bad Credit Loans Watch Out For The Bad Guys | Bad Credit Personal Loans | Balanced Mutual Fund | Balance Sheet | Bank Accounts Online | Become Debt Free In A Few Years | Before Buying An Annuity Policy | Business Credit Card | Business Financing Frustration | Business Of Hurricane Victims | Certificate Of Deposit | Choosing A Home Equity Loan | Choosing Mortgage Lenders | Common Life Uncommon Wealth | Compare Prices | Credit Card Debt | Credit Card Secrets | Credit Card Troubles | Credit Repair | Credit Repair | Credit Score | Debt Consolidation | Debt Consolidation Loan | Debt Reduction | Debt Reduction Programs | Deserve More Money | Effective Investing | Fatal Mistakes That Drive Down Credit Scores | File Bankruptcy ““ Yes Or No | Financial Statements | Financial Tips For Students | First Time Home Buyer | Foreclosures Investments | Forex Trading Scam | Free Financial Advice ““ Beware | Fuck Tax ““ Sue The Govt! | Get Rich Quick Schemes | Get Your UK Tax Refund Now | Gold Exchange And Trading | Grants | Grocery Shopping On A Budget | How To Escape From Debt | How To Save Money For Your Family | Important to Teach Your Kids About Money | In Charge Of Your Finances | Insurances | Invoice Discounting For Cash Flow | Invoice Factoring | Life Insurance Checklist | Loans For Small Business | Make The Most Of Your Credit Card | Medical Factoring | Mutual Funds | Pay Off 30 Year Mortgage In Under 12 Years | PayPal White Collar Crimes | Phony Credit Scams | Prepaid Debit Card | Prepare For Retirement | Private Education Loans | Protecting Your Identity Against Theft | Qualities Of Useful Financial Reports | Raise Your Credit Score | Recover From Money Emergency | Reducing The Cost Of Spending | Reverse Mortgage | Save On Your Home Heating Bills | Save Your Money Easily | Small Business ““ Good Or Bad | Some Ways Of Debt Settlement | Steps To Save Your Retirement | Stockbrokers Advice | Student Gant Or Scholarship | Take Waste Out Of Your Spending | The Truth About Debt Settlement | Three Levels Of Earnings | Tips For Conserving Gas | Tips To Save Gas And Money | Turn Money Into More Money | Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy | Ways to Cut Spending | Ways To Improve Your Credit | Ways To Reduce Business Costs | What is True Wealth | What To Know About Paid Surveys | When Your Debts Get Tougher.

The Management BlogBook

345 pages

The Management BlogBook is not a scientific thesis on how to manage. It is even better than that. It is a bunch of – – more or less – – randomly jotted down thoughts on how to manage. Every page is another subject, something like that. No predictable chapters or boring sequences of prose. Let yourself surprise by each page!

As the title may suggest, yes, initially it all started out with blogs on a management website of mine. I no longer have that site, but I preserved the postings with the most visitor hits and best evaluation comments that I got over the years.

No need to go online. Just keep on reading this ebook that way you like. There are no URLs to click on.

Okay, it has a little over 340 A4/legal pages, so if you read 3 pages a day, then in four months you will have all the management know-how that any great leader would dream of.

CONTENTS: About Coaching | Afford A Receptionist | Afford Inventory Control | Avoid Corporate Event Nightmares | Background Check | Business Analysis | Business Analysis | Business Management Consulting | Business Planning Basics | Business Plan Software Considerations | Buying A Franchise | Career Enhancement Tools | Conducting Bad Meetings | Cost Of Meetings | Critical Components Human Resources Training | Critical People | CRM | Customer Relationship Planning | Cut Your Business Expenses | Deal With Salespeople | Difference Between Boss And Leader | Disaster Plan | Document Management Data Model ““ Sample | Document Management Workflow | Do Not Ignore Health & Safety | Don’t Hire This Truck Driver | Effective Meetings | Employee Internet Monitoring | Employee Performance | Employee Recognition | Employee Retention & Commitment | EPC Terminology | EQ & IQ vs Success & Failure | Ethics Formula In Business | Ethics Leadership In Business Development | Evolution Of Employee Motivation | Executive Career Coaching | Forming A Team | From Mediocre To Great | Getting The News Or Not | Global Project Planning | Global Project Risk Assessment | Good Supervision | Good Ways To Procrastinate | Goodwill Partner Or Perish | Harvard’s Nolan’s 4 stages still hold | Help Desk Outsourcing | Hiring Mistakes | Hiring the Best | How To Answer Complaint Letters | How To Hire For Small Business | Human Resources 101 | Identity Theft | Improve Customer Loyalty | Incentive Programs | Interim Management Lifestyle | Is Leadership For You | Is Your Home Business Legal? | Keeping Your Employees Safe | Keys To Get Out Of A Rut | Leadership vs Management | Leasing Virtual Employees | Make Your Day Longer | Meeting Facilitator | Meeting Mastery | Meetings Myth And Waste | Mentoring Matters | Modular Office | Monsters In Meetings | OK To Be Happy At Work | Performance Appraisal Discussions | Performance Management | Planning The Perfect Conference | Plants In The Office | Poor Performance Reward And Recognition | Positive Communication | Profitability | Project Audit | Project Change Control | Project Management | Project Management For Dummies | Project Planning | Project Risk Assessment | Protect Your Boss From Bad Meetings | Qualifications | Quickly Register Brand Name | Rapport In 30 Seconds | Recognition Skills | Recognize The Right Performance | Request For Proposal | Restaurant Cast | Risk Assessment | Safety At Your Home Office | Sales Management Strategies | Setting Up A Beauty Salon | Shipping | Sickness Absence Among Workforce | Simple Leadership Basics | Six Sigma | Small Business Billing Software | Speaking In Public | Statement Of Work ““ Guidelines | Statistical Variation In Six Sigma | Strategic Planning | Strategic Planning | Stress Busted | Successful Documentation Projects | Survival Without Computers | SWOT Analysis | Take The Heat Off HR | Talk To Staff ! | Task Management Tools | Team Building | The Lie About Leads | Time Management | Time Management For Entrepreneurs | To Coach Or Not To Coach | To Team or Not To Team | Trade Up Trade Down | Transcriber | Trust Factor In Business | Use A Meeting Planning System | Use Data To Drive Improvement | Virtual Assistants | Ways To Motivate Employees | What Real Project Management Is All About | Why Outsource | Workday Interruptions | Workplace Discrimination And Harassment | Work WITH Your Boss | Your Place In The Corp.

The Marketing BlogBook

315 pages

Marketing comes from the word “market” in ancient times. It is about selling.

The Marketing BlogBook is not a scientific thesis on how to do marketing. It is even better than that. It is a bunch of – – more or less – – randomly jotted down thoughts on how to get your products or services sold and paid for. Every page is another subject, something like that. No predictable chapters or boring sequences of prose. Let yourself surprise by each page!

As the title may suggest, yes, initially it all started out with blogs on a marketing website of mine. I no longer have that site, but I preserved the postings with the most visitor hits, comments and stars.

It has 315 A4/legal pages, so if you read 5 pages a day, then in two months you will have all the marketing know-how that any great marketeer would dream of.

CONTENTS: Adsense Essential For Content Sites | Advertising | Advertising Do & Dont | Advertising Outdoors | Advice & Pitfalls For Affiliates | Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing And Home Business | Affiliate Marketing and Pay Per Click | Affiliate Marketing Businesses VS Sole Ownership | Affiliate Marketing Resources | Affiliate Marketing Rules | Afloat In A Changing Marketplace | Article Marketing | Becoming An Affiliate | Brand Design Logo Design | Branding Myths And Realities | Business Card That Sells | Business In China | Business Marketing Strategy | Business Names Do Matter | Business With Arabs In The Gulf Region | Capture Prospective Buyers | Change Of Plan | Cold Calling Sales Secrets | Colors | Common Misconceptions | Confessions Of A Failed Affiliate | Convert Leads Into Customers | Create Effective Advertisements | Create Loyal Customers | Cross Promotiion | Does Your Marketing Pass This 10-Point Test? | eBay BlockLists | Effective Internet Advertising | Effective Internet Marketing | Effective Niche Strategies | Effective Ways to Lose Customers | Email Marketing | Email Marketing Strategy | Every Business Needs A Newsletter | Feedback From Your Customers | Find More Customers Fast | Fishing For Leads | Free Internet Advertising | Free Publicity | Friendship Versus Business Decisions | Get Others to Market Your Product or Service for You | Get Subscribers Trust You Quickly | Gift Economy One Way Street | Google Adsense | Google Adwords Campaign Mistakes “” Draft | Google Adwords Keywords “” Draft | Google Ranking | Health Care India | History Of Marketing Social Media | Home Business Network | How To Be Cautious And Successful In Affiliate Marketing | How To Waste Advertising Money | How To Waste Advertising Money | Identify Good Ad Agencies | Infopreneuring | Information Overload | Joint Ventures Success | Keywords | Knocking Out Big Competitors | Know If Your Business Card Stinks | Landing Pages | Law Firm Grading Clients | Leads From Seminars & Webinars | Lies About Promotional Pens | Linked In Blunders | Links Building | List Building | Lousy Content Attracts No Customers | Low Cost Advertising & Scams On The Internet | Mainstream Logos | Making Your Business Card | Mars Men Venus Women | Maximum Exposure Low Cost Internet Advertising | Mini Sites / Squeeze Pages | Mistakes Managers Still Make | Moves For Business Success | Myths That Steal Sales | Nation Branding | News Feeds On Your Site | Niche In Niche | Offline Methods | Online Scams | Overlooked Free Advertising | Picky When Choosing Affiliate Programs | Postcards | Power Tips | Print Ad Essentials | Product Naming | Product Promotion Strategies | Reach Your Target Market | Reach Your Target Market | Referrals Win Again | Sale Thieves | Seasonal Selling | Seek Out Your Competitors | Sell Your Products Now | SEO Experts Should Not Use Press | SEO Search Engine Optimization | Stimulate Customer Buying | Strategy | Strategy To Segmentation | Successful Ads | Super Affiliate | Techniques For Productive Copy | Teleseminar Basics | Thank You Ronald Regan | Three Times Three Tactics | Tips For A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business | To Women | Trade Show Setup | Twitter Followers Sales Scam | Two Steps | Web Domains | Wedding Photographers | What Is Affiliate Marketing | What You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing | White Papers Often Suck | Who Is The Customer | Why Advertisers Are Illegal And Should Be Sued | Why Network Marketing Sucks | Write Articles To Promote Your Business | You Hate To Write | Your Poster Your Story.

War Politics

295 pages

This ebook cannot be obtained anywhere else on the internet. All been produced by George Philip Birney:

  • Eco Weapons – – 4 sections total 9 pages
  • Middle East Conflict – – 21 sections total 45 pages – – CONTENTS: 01/21 Essence of the conflict | 02/21 About The Conflict | 03/21 Why Is There This Conflict? | 04/21 What is special about the Middle East? | 05/21 Israel is not nr one enemy of the Arabs | 06/21 The Arabs are not a threat to Israel | 07/21 Oslo Accords and beyond | 08/21 Need to corrupt Israel’s leaders | 09/21 Looking through Arab eyes | 10/21 How do foreigners corrupt Arab leaders? | 11/21 Why foreign elite corrupts Arab leaders | 12/21 Britain kept Jews and Arabs from living in peace | 13/21 Press giving whole picture? | 14/21 Aid America grants Israel, Zunes contends | 15/21 Palestinian Inc. | 16/21 Oil, Weapons, Dollar | 17/21 Mainstream Media | 18/21 Foreigners get away with deceit | 19/21 Israeli citizens vs media | 20/21 Economic solution to Palestinian-Israeli conflict | 21/21 Together, Jews and Arabs can solve the conflict
  • New World Order – – 18 sections total 80 pages
  • Star Wars – – 7 sections total 21 pages
  • Uranium Coverup – – 22 sections total 54 pages – – CONTENTS: 00/21 ““ Iran’s True Nuclear Position | 01/21 ““ Crime against mankind | 02/21 ““ Introduction | 03/21 ““ Uranium hazards | 04/21 ““ Fate of Uranium | 05/21 ““ More hazards | 06/21 ““ Health effects | 07/21 ““ Govt & Industry | 08/21 ““ Humanitarian law | 09/21 ““ Law violations UN | 10/21 ““ DU-banning treaty | 11/21 ““ Consequences use | 12/21 ““ Anatomy coverups | 13/21 ““ Information warfare | 14/21 ““ David and Goliath | 15/21 ““ Behind the scenes | 16/21 ““ Deny, delay, deceive | 17/21 ““ Service to humankind | 18/21 ““ The other factor | 19/21 ““ Captive science | 20/21 ““ International Commission | 21/00 ““ 20,000 Nuclear Warheads World Wide | 21/21 ““ References
  • USA Curriculum Vitae – – 4 sections total 14 pages
  • War Conspiracy – – 14 sections total 60 pages
  • WTC 911 – – 4 sections total 10 pages


240 pages

This is a true story novel about an old guy who is trying to date young girls in the virtual world. Cyber relationships develop up to levels of delusion and social obsession. Overlaps of reality and virtuality make life a bit complicated. Explicit scenens of cyber sex and slang.

I Am And I Was – – Dreams And Reality – – Why – – Petman – – I Miss You And You Miss Me – – Lovernaut – – Kungfool – – Who-Man – – Youngies – – I-Loosion – – Frustro – – Psycho – –
Idents – – Realities – – Fate Faith – – Validay – – Change – – Truthlie – – Fairy Dream – – Net.Wedding – – Court – – Forbidden – – Reality – – The Night After

The end of the book reveals a surprise that turns the entire plot 180 degrees and upside down. Whoops, I took it off the shelves for a rewrite of a novel.


230 pages

Social media are amongst the most popular shared features on the internet. Most users seem to like it a lot.

What nearly all social media users do not know is that social media are input functions for the New World Order. One of the strategies of the NWO is to have an acceptable environment as to gain people collaboration to comply with the NWO dictatorship.

So, everybody happily enters the most personal profile information and the NWO grid happily stores it all and will use it against you as they see fit. Remember: data is power. Google is god over data, well, almost. The name “Google” by itself is a god symbol, as you will find out in this book. Plus hundreds of otehr facts hidden from the public herd of sheeple cattle.

History Of Marketing Channels & Social Networks – – Virtual Discrepancies – – Love Thy Cyber – – The Dark Side – – False Control – – Relationship Starters – – Ex Of Decades Ago – – Maze In The Networks – – Hands-On Dating Experience – – Shortcuts – – Cybersex – – Virtual 3d Life – – Grid Design Considerations – – What You Want Is What You Get – – The Voodoo Of The Internet – – Anonymity And Spytronics – – Virtual Drugs – – Robots Happy To Entertain You – – Social Mafioso – – Multividual Template – – Cell Phone Woof – – Virtually Violent Kids – – Brick & Mortar – – But It Feels So Real – – Virtual Versus Real – – Levelling On & Off – – Games Of Superlatives – – Cyber Bully – – Cyber Cheat Adultery – – Whats In A Name – – Virtual Spells And Real Magic – – Brands Logos Labels – – Loving Love – – Same Time Same Space – – Virtual Reality Warfare – – Delusion And Freedoom – – Fairytale The Good Butterfly – – Either Side Of The Wall – – Cyber Gloss-Array

This is not all. Behind the subversive scenes of social media there is a whole history, back to the esoteric era of symbols on the time track of ancient recordings. To this day, countless symbols still keep mankind imprisoned in a grid of template thinking. Each social media site is a symbol too. This book reveals it all.

Negative Thinking For Positive Results

160 pages

This HIGH VALUE book is an album containing 28 personal letters addressed to you “Dear Friend”. Each letter hightlights a life department that certainly will be applicable to your life in a rather personal tone.

Instead of positive thinking that usually leads to falling asleep and ignoring the problems rather than tackling them wide awake, the concept of negative thinking is a lot more workable.

The reader of this book – – eh yep, you – – will be scolded at, insulted, and required to digest rough language. Why, because street language seems more effective than academic language. Fuck meditation, fuck law of attraction, fuck positive thinking, fuck feel good and fuck luv!

You may find this book a load of shit, and that is exactly right. Life sucks, and goddammit fuck them all and do something about it! This book shows how. And I say it again, this is not positive pep talk. This is negativity in its purest form. The Dark Side, if you will. You have to go through your dark side in order to arrive at your own genuine daylight.

Social How To

145 pages

Social How To is a collection of tips & tricks on how to behave and succeed in social life with your fellow human beings. CONTENTS:

Ask Someone On A Date – – Date An Office Mate – – Date Online – – Deal With Online Dating – – Early Detect Disease Of Your Child – – Go Dating – – Go For That Date – – Guide To Dating Women for the Nice Guys -Guide to Online Dating – – Help Children Through Divorce – – How To Deal with People to Get What You Want – – How To Deal With Sorrow – – How To Develop Your Intuition – – How To Envision Your Success – – How To Get Rid of Procrastination – – How To Improve Self Esteem – – How To Know Fears and Phobias – – How To Learn To Set Goals – – How To Learn To Solve Your Problems – – How To Make Or Take Decisions – – How To Make Others Liking You – – How To Manage Stress – – How To Manage Time – – How To Motivate Yourself Forever – – How To Reduce Stress – – How To Set Goals – – How To Take Control – – How To Unleash Creative Thinking – – How To Use Affirmation Properly – – Introduction – – Keep Positive During A Divorce – – Laws Of Magnetic Development – – Make Dates More Enjoyable – – Prepare For A Big Date – – The Final Goal – – The Ladder to Success – – The Law of Success – – The Power of Thoughts – – Wealth Begins In The Mind

This is a very down to earth practical book with simple to understand and simple to apply tips in order to have more real pleasure at the social level. A must for those into dating and any other kind of personal interaction!

Game Of Truth

130 pages

The story is about an Alien space traveller who crash landed on planet Earth on a mountain. He got rescued by some mountaineers who asked him all kinds of questions.

Instead of meditative spiritual academic language of wisdom, you will read things that you may not like the way theyre written. This book makes minced meat of anything that is conventional mainstream thinking, including religion, science, education and social behavior.

Warning: You will be insulted more than once! Aliens dont give a damn about compliments. BTW, this manuscript has been used for the paperback “The iProphet” that is available at Create Space and at Amazon world-wide.

The Real X-Files

125 pages

Alternative X Agenda – – Matrix Files – – The REAL X-Files

The exact number of pages may vary, due to continuous updates. The Real X-Files have once been published on one of my conspiracy websites, but I removed that site because I got tired of maintaining all that stuff. BTW, it has absolutely nothing to do with the sci-fi movies “The X-Files”. This is the real stuff. Well, most of it.

CONTENTS: Aliens: Alien Cloning Sample | Aliens: Metagene For Aliens | Aliens: Who or what are Greys or Grays? | Alter Info: 2012 Doomsday Hoax Myth Scam | Alter Info: Alien Rapture Locust TR-3B Astra- Interview | Alter Info: Aryan UFO Base-211 Antarctic | Alter Info: Astronomy Coverup Sirius | Alter Info: Cannibalism Anthropophagy | Alter Info: Clones replace originals | Alter Info: Cropcircles made by Maser satellite | Alter Info: Current Status World Hunger | Alter Info: Do Galaxies Rotate Clockwise Or Counter Clockwise | Alter Info: Flat Earth Theory Busted By Horizons | Alter Info: Future Sun Won’t Swallow Earth | Alter Info: Hey You Media Apes Shut Up About Iran | Alter Info: Hiroshima Fake Bomb Coverup | Alter Info: Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO? | Alter Info: Locust TR-3B Astra ““ Edgar Fouché’s Notes | Alter Info: Man Is The Only Species “¦ | Alter Info: Men in Black | Alter Info: Microwave Weapons against Iraqi Civilians | Alter Info: Moon Bases Since 1980’s | Alter Info: Moon Landing Not By LEM But By UFO | Alter Info: Moon Scams By NASA & JAXA & CNSA | Alter Info: Planet X or Niburu or Marduk or Nemesis Disinformation | Alter Info: Project Pebblestone Probably Fiction | Alter Info: Russian Cosmosphere | Alter Info: Saddam Hussein ““ The Real One ““ Lives In Moscow | Alter Info: Scientology The 3 Ls: Lies Logo Leave | Alter Info: SETI On The Wrong Frequency | Alter Info: Space Programs World Wide Fake And Hoax | Alter Info: Stargate A Reality? | Alter Info: To Try Nuke Asteroids Is Useless | Alter Info: Zero Tolerance Message To Billy Meier Related Parties | Conspiracy: 3-11 Quake Was The Japanese 9-11 | Conspiracy: Agenda 21 | Conspiracy: Agendas Behind Democracy | Conspiracy: Alternative 1 2 3 4 | Conspiracy: Britain Is The Cause Of ALL Middle East Problems | Conspiracy: Fuck Tax ““ Sue The Govt! | Conspiracy: Google Subverse Conspiracy | Conspiracy: Iraq Attacked because of Hussain UFO technology? | Conspiracy: Mystical Side of the Iraqi War | Conspiracy: News Apes Media Laptop Dogs Shut The Fuck Up About Iran | Conspiracy: Pentagon Report 2020 | Conspiracy: Psychotronic Weapons For Mind Control | Conspiracy: Saddam Bush Blair, Iraq: Truth and Lies | Conspiracy: UFOs and the New World Order | Conspiracy: USA & UK lied to the UN | Conspiracy: War Management By Wallstreet | Conspiracy: World War 1-2-3-4 | Coverup: Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s Diary ““ Hollow Earth Discovery | Coverup: Alien Invasions Secret Space | Coverup: Aryan in Tibet Terrestrial UFOs Subliminal Connection | Coverup: FBI Confessions | Coverup: NATO Opium In Afghanistan | Coverup: Scientology Logo Subversive Meanings | Coverup: Sky Vandalism | Coverup: Slush Funds | Coverup: Tibet’s White Pyramid Of Gathering | NWO: Agenda-21 | NWO: CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children | NWO: Conspiracy Members List | NWO: Facebook Is Now New World Order’s Big Brother | NWO: Freedom Tower’s True Meaning | NWO: Kids Daily Training To Be Violent | NWO: Matrix Files: Mind Control | Tech: Companies seek Chip Implants to Control Staff | Tech: Dulce Base Et Al | Tech: High Power Microwave Weapons | Tech: Particle Beam Disintegrator | Tech: Psychotronic Violence | Tech: Psychotropic Drugs to Control the Minds of Children | Tech: Ridiculed Inventions | Tech: Russias Operational Star Wars Defense System | Tech: Tibetan Sound Levitation | Tech: Weapons of Mass Disabling | Tech: Weapons of Mass Insanity | Tech: Weapons of Mind Destruction | Tech: Why Children Become Violent | Terran UFOs: Abductions by Government | Terran UFOs: Groom Lake/Area 51 Security Manual | Terran UFOs: Half a century of coverup Moon Base Alpha 1958 | Terran UFOs: Other facilities | Terran UFOs: Terran Arctic Base 211 | Terran UFOs: Visit to Dulce | World: Are You Touched By Paris Terror Victims? | World: Dog Is Good According To Quran | World: Fake Refugees Cowards Earn Misery In The EU | World: How To Distinguish Ninety Three Percent Fake Syrian Refugees From Real Syrian Refugees | World: Je Suis Myself | World: Letter To All Coward Fugitives To EU | World: Refugees Attack The EU While The EU Helps Them | World: The Future Of Fake Refugees In The EU | World: The Future Of Fake Refugees In The EU | World: The Illogical Islamic Logic Of The Muslims | World: The Ten Euro Muslim Invasion Factors | World: Who Is Wedge Between Islam And The West And Causing The Migration Wave | World: Why Halal Is Worse Than Western Butchery

The Truth Revealed

80 pages

This is a collection of various subjects of writs that cannot be found anywhere else on the entire internet, simply because these all have been produced by George Philip Birney.

CONTENTS: Dinosaurs Extinction Not According To Common Theory [latest update: dinosaurs never really existed, they have been fabricated from whale skeletons and chicken bones (for the DNA) and sold to museums … and … there has never been a mega astroid that wiped out the dinosaurs leaving all the other animals alive because that is illogical bull-shit] – – iVolution – – About Having A Dog [related with the star Sirius] – – Britain Is The Cause Of ALL Middle East Problems [has been and will always be] and is in fact the cause of all wars] – – Moon Secrecy By NASA And JAXA [those space agency suckers are all autistic liars, fantasists, bad sci-fi mules, and robbing astronomical amounts of tax money] – – Scientology Org Lied To Me [I had a personal confront with the gnoomie David Miscarriage (hehe, nicknamed) as I instantly knew about his criminal intentions. And next, he caused disruption of my case and as a result I quit the org] – – Kids Daily Training To Be Violent [heyas, games of course, you idiot] – – Future Sun Wont Swallow Earth [yet another dumb low IQ idea from astroPhDs who believe that the expanding sun will eat and fry planet Earth] – – 3-11 Quake Was The Japanese 9-11 [this disaster was induced by artificial means mixed with a lot of news fakery] – – Agendas Behind Democracy – – Hiroshima Fake Bomb Coverup [there has never been an aerial atomic bomb in 1945, and wikipedia is lying as usual, nor any such delivery system, and the actual bomb was a ground based incandescent Kodak Bomb] – – News Apes Media Laptop Dogs Shut The Fuck Up About Iran [the news media dont know fucking shit about Iranian people, they have never been there, never spoken with them, etc, yet they wish them dead, well, I wish the media dogs be dead] – – Hey You Media Apes Shut Up About Iran [the news media are the number one cause of war on any of the Gulf countries] – – War Management By Wallstreet [how wars can be avoided simply by clever trading, hey, which wallstreet cowboy has learned to speak Arabic or Farsi, and which wallstreet yankee has ever heard of the true Arabic mindset?] – – Scientology Logo Coverup [Ordo Templi Orientis (the OTO) is a descendant of the German (Nazi) Thule Society, and is the founding body of the Skulls & Bones Society of the Yale University. The OTO symbols play with symmetrical figures, stars and pyramids, such as on currency, flags, and ranks. John Whiteside Parsons, the co-designer of the Pentagon, was a high degree member of the OTO and a good friend of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. LRH named his followers OT, Operating Thetan. But the word “operating thetan” has other meanings than just “someone who does things”. LRH deliberetaly chose the acronym OT as to “comply” with the OTO et al. The meaning “operating thetan” is just a cover-up. Scientologists argue that the triangles represent the corner stones of human interaction, such as Affinity, Reality, Communication and Knowledge, Reality, Control. But that is just what these two triangles do not truly represent. They represent occult meanings directly related with secret societies related with Free Masons, Bavarian Illuminati, Skulls & Bones, Ordo Templi Orientis of course, et al. The two triangles form together the six pointed star Sirius.] – – Google Subverse Conspiracy – – Freedom Towers True Meaning [apopis warrior] – – Ridiculed Inventions – – Fuck Tax – – Sue The Govt! – – Alternative 1 2 3 4 – – Sky Vandalism – – Psychotronic Weapons For Mind Control – – Tibets White Pyramid Of Gathering [so this is another reasons why the greedy Chinese invaded Tibet] – – SETI On The Wrong Frequency [one of the dumbest projects ever] – – Billy Meier Pleiadian Plejaren Hoax [even his wife admitted his scam] – – 2012 Doomsday Hoax Myth Scam [has been confirmed over and over again the day after ever since]

If you are like the sheeple who believe wikipedia, YouTube, and who google to whatever question comes up, then you should re-educate yourself and read this book. If you are (or were) into Scientology, read this book. There are special chapters on both Scientology Org and Tech. I tell you one thing, I have never been & felt so free as a spiritual being after I quit the Scientology Org.

Oh fok, this book is not here for download anymore! Maybe I can find it when you ask for it. Why? I owned & operated WTX TV for a while and I used to try sell the most important archives in ebook format, but this one got too little attention, I have no idea how come, which made me anyway decide to remove this treasure from the herd of web media sheeple who are not worth my data.

Roswell Is Nothing Compared To This

80 pages

This unique ebook cannot be obtained anywhere else.

This highly unusual controversial document reveals the following subjects : 1947 Roswell Deep Impact + Abductions & Alien Breeding + AI-TRIAD + Alien Cloning + Alien Predator in Cambodia + Aliens in Africa + Aliens Underground + Aryan UFO base-211 Antarctic + Crashed UFOs 1947 Roswell, Sovjet Union and Tibet [reason for the Chinese to invade Tibet] + Cropcircles made by Maser satellite [actually not satellites but high altitude planes] + Evademic & Draconian Alien Species + FBI Confessions [intentional disinformation leaks] + Greys and Dolphins + Greys must be Clones + Hybrids resulting from encounters with aliens + Mars landing 1946 by German-Japanese [not with conventional rocket technology] + Mars landing 1962 by US International [not with conventional rocket technology] + Men in Black + OSIR + Prison Planets + Project Pebblestone saved Earth from comet [this is first class sci-fi bullshit and is a big fantasy] + PsyOps Tech used to project UFOs + SOHO did not detect Space War, just bad telescope optics [you should not believe what you see on the YouTube videos] + MIB activities. Some people may argue that this document is yet another piece of disinformation crap, well yes, it tells you basically what not to take for granted, LOL. BTW, most alien & UFO related information is disinformation. Simple as that.

Well, speaking about disinformation, the alleged Mars landings using unconventional technology back in the 1940s – – 1960s may very well be disinformation, fantasy, sci-fi or just plain lies in broad daylight. Why, because to undertake a trip to Mars, lots of logistics are required to sustain primary survival, i.e. to keep the crew well and alive within a sufficient zone of comfort. An ordinary flying saucer is like a SmartCar. Youd need a huge CamperVan to go outdoors in a national park or so for a couple of weeks, so have a guess what youd need to go outdoors on another planet! Right, a big space ship, space station, whatever mega structure. I have not seen one single shred of evidence of any kind of such logistics last century. No one has. You may argue that a UFO can reach 0.8c blah blah, well, even if it can, then how does it do the deceleration from say 0.8c cruise speed up to 0.8 kt final approach speed? Anti-gravity devices are absolutely useless in space because of the absence of gravity bodies to push from. Anti-gravity machines cannot be used for inter space course corrections, neither can rockets do such things. No actual data has ever been released on inter space propulsion systems. The socalled solar wind sail is of course a dumb piece of fiction, as is the ion motor, the atomic blast motor, the particle beam motor, any newtonian piece of action-reaction shit, come on, give me a break! Even if youd accelerate to say 0.1 c using newtonian principles, then youd need at least an equal amount of time & effort to decelerate to zero 0, usually starting somewhere midway the trip depending on the G you want to experience. Also wormholes and time-travel has never been proven and never will because it all is just sci-fi fantasy. Even at CERN a lot of alleged scientific “breakthroughs” are fake at best. CERN is a huge scam toy to fabricate PhD degrees and reasons for mega funds. CERN has never produced anything tangible that could prove sci-fi be reality. CERN has never produced one tangible piece of technology that actually moves an aircraft or spacecraft or any other solid manned object from A to B. Useless boys toys crap out there at Meyrin.

You must be aware that there is a staggering amount of false data being presented to the public through social media. [That (meta) data includes: 666, abduction, alantis, alien, alien agenda, alien bases, alien hybrid, aliens, alternative history, ancient, ancient aliens, ancient scrolls, ancient texts, angels, annunaki, anomalies, anomalies, answers, antichrist, area 51, armageddon, armageddon, astrology, bigfoot, bilderberg, bio warfare, bizarre, black eyed children, black hole, cataclysm, cataclysm, catastrophe, cattle mutilations, chaos, civilization, civilizations, collision, comet, conspiracies, conspiracy,conspiracy theories, crop circles, cryptozoology, demons, disaster preparedness, disclosure, disclosure, discovery channel, doomsday, doomsday, dreams, dwarf star, earth changes, economic collapse, economy, education, end times, end times, esp, et, ets, evidence, evolution, experiment, experiments, extraterrestrial, forbidden knowledge, ghost, giants, government agenda, grays, haarp, hidden truth, history channel, hollow earth theory, holy bible, humanity, human psyche, hurricane, hybrids, illuminati, information, jfk, lunar base, magic, mankind, mankind origins, mars, mass extinctions, mayan, mayan, millitary, moon, moon landing hoax, mothman, mystery, mystery, mystery booms, myth, nasa, nde, nephilim, news, new world order, nibiru, nostradamus, numerology, nwo, obama, obe, occult, orbit, paranormal, phobos, planet x, pole shift, politics, prophecy, prophecy, psi, pyramids, questions, reincarnation,religion, remote viewing, reptilian, reptoids, science, secret knowledge, secret societies, social collapse, solar flare, solar system, space, spirit, stargates, sun, superstorm, super storm, suppressed knowledge, survival death, survivalism, technology, terrorism, theory, time travel, top secret, tornado,tsunami, ufo, ufo, ufo crash, ufo disclosure, ufos, underground bases, universe, universe, vampires, visitations, war, weird, werewolves, world events, zombies]. That data usually is presented under the labels of “disclosure”, “top secret”, “government leaks”, “from undercover sources”, and what have you. If you are serious in terms of knowledge, be very sceptic on any of these subjects.

But okay, other than that, this document is worthwhile reading. Just that you should be aware of the difference between sci-fi fantasy and reality. Do not believe anything that you have no reasonable proof of, otherwise just take it as an assumption of possibility or plausibility, but nothing more than that. So the alleged (German) video tape showing the Mars landing in a UFO is a fake.

Emotional Self Help First Aid

70 pages

Down to earth practical ready to apply emotional self help processes. Results within minutes guaranteed. No magical esoteric vague top of the mountain misty mind stuff. Clear and to the point. It is based on actual experiences using positive Scientology and Dianetics practices from the period before the Scientology org was taken over by a bunch of criminal assholes. By the way, this know-how is fundamentally good and has nothing to do with the cult religion sect guru etc crap. This is your simple to use working one and only first aid kit that handles anything related to:

CONTENTS: Abandonment + Afraid to be found out + Alienantion + Blame + Bruises, bumps, burns + Conflicts + Critical to + Crying + Death (sudden) + Depression + Disappointment(s) + Dying (death) + Feeling disoriented + Feelings suppressed + Forgiving + Grief + Guilt + Headache + Hurried + Hurt another + Hurt emotionally + Jealousy + Loneliness + Loss (sudden) + Love (too much) + Not good enough + Problem + Psychic attack + Regretted actions + Revenge + Self pity + Shame + Sick (of a loved one) + State of the world (TV, web, app)

Orion Technology

55 pages

This ebook was constructed from over 9 hours of video interviews, personal interviews and individual commentary. It is structured in an open question-answer format, without regard to who is asking the question and who is answering; this format also allows insertion of other data in the later part of the report in the same open Q&A format. The data is not proven or verified, but is reported as received.

CONTENTS: 6th root race incarnations, AIDS and Fort Dietrick (NSA), Airborne Instrument Labs, alien groups known as the Kondrashkin and their interaction with US Government mind control programs, Alien soul-trading,Black Nobility, buried spacecraft and alien technical archives under the Giza pyramid, coming new money, Congressional awareness of drug and alien agenda, cross-section of implant device, deliberate murder of thousands of American children in mind control research and time tunnel experiments, electronic life support, Elohim Group, explanation behind closed time loops, FAA and zero-time generators, fourth density transmutation of the human race, geological changes, government mobile mind disruption technology, government rationale and plans for the confinement camps and slave labor, government time-tunnel projects and operational procedures, government weather control programs and hidden agenda, how Nickola Tesla and Von Neumann contributed to these projects, International Aerospace Alliance, Kamogol II and Giza Groups, Leverons, Maglev trains and the US underground tunnel network, martyrdom clause, MIB, Middle East situation, mind control by individual signature, missing human genes, Montauk and the aliens from the Antares system, Montauk Hind Control projects, nature and purposes and the Orion Group, negative Sirians, new life form masses over the poles and their relation to yearly outbreaks of flu-like disease, Nordic and human copper based blood systems and physiology, origins of the Radiosonde and connections with the work of Wilhelm Reich, Orion Group manipulations, Philadelphia Project, Phoenix Projects 1-3, Project Dreamscan, Project Mindwrecker, Project Moonscan, Project Rainbow, Psi-Corps, Reichian Orgastic-type programming and its use by the US Government and Sirians, Sirian Mind Control technology, Soviet scalar weaponry,systems of the Reptilian Humanoids, technical spin-offs from the Philadelphia project, technical ways to produce planetary holograms and Matreiya effects, technology of cloning and the development of synthetic humans and political replacement programs, telepathy producing drugs and their use and suppression, US Army and the black helicopter forces, US Government and the Greys, US Navy and time-tunnel projects, Wilhelm Reich and mind control, and more.

Note: The terms Orion and Sirian not to be taken as the well-known constellations; these are names of groups, not of locations.

All in all, a compilation of different thinking and perceiving. Things that people would normally not be aware of. This document has a reasonable level of factual truth, so, give it a shot. I may take it away any time.

Sales In A Matchbook

45 pages

A book doesnt have to be hundreds of pages fat in order to be credible or complete. Why having to read half a thousand pages if only half a hundred is enough?

This book goes to the bare simple essentials of selling. It has been compiled from top business blogs over the years and only the best chapters have been included. A must read for salesmen, sellers, and marketeers. From first hand experience of some top sales executives.

Article Writing

45 pages

This is a compilation of the most important articles that I have written about Article Writing. It is about half a hundred pages or so – – hey, size does not matter – – can be read in one day, and with that little baggage you will be able to write great articles.

CONTENTS: Annoying Things Beginners Say | Bad Literary Agent Worse Than No Agent | Bestselling Book Author | Build Your Writing Style | Different Way To Write Your First Novel | Dilemmas Of The Writing Journey | Do That Novel | First Person Perspective | How To Succeed As A Writer | How To Write A Better Book | Killer Intro | Mistaken Question | More Persuasive | Natural | Reasons For A Web Site | Style vs Real Writer | Tackle A Trilogy | Too Long To Market A Book | What Does A Ghost Writer Do | What Makes A Good Fiction Book.

Activities Underground

40 pages

Unique ebook that cannot be obtained anywhere else but here. It reveals uncanny secrets such as the yearly disappearance of nearly one million US citizens into underground bases! Not to mention the number world-wide … And none of them being searched for by the Feds, Interpol, etc. Did you know that? Guess whats happening with them? Thats been revealed in this document. This is definitely not sci-fi.

Alpha Omega Control

30 pages

Alpha Omega – – is derived from the well-known Silva Mind Control school. Their library is very extensive and it would take numerous books to read to get to the practical point of Alpha Theta healing. The huge problem with their library is that most words are simply useless and arther serve to hide the bare bones behind veals of esoterism, meta philosophy, religion, meditation – – whatever that may be – – and many other vague what-have-you hot air balloons.

This eBook summarizes all techniques in one single down to earth document in very simple non-esoteric language that everybody can understand and apply quickly. Everyone has psychic capabilities, and this eBook tells you how to unleash your psychic capabilities within one day of exercising.

All Space Programs Are Fake

24 pages

The major space fake agencies are: the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA or Roscosmos). They all have full fakery capabilities, using chroma-screen, CGI, chroma-ropes (e.g. used in movies like Superman, Gravity, etc), solid models, swimming pools, and of course a lot of media channels. They are all steampunk sci-fi hippies to fill the gap of fantasy and serve that as fact to mankind through their websites, social media and YouTube.

BTW: There is no “secret space program”. That concept is just another layer of lies and fantasy. The internet is invaded by i-gurus and e-agents who (often unknowingly) disseminate “top secrets” and “disclosures” or “hidden agendas” of whatever exciting sci-fi amateurism comes up. [Here is a list of entities, uncapitalized for legal reasons, who are spraying rainshowers of disinformation over the fields of questions by the thirsty public: al bielek, alex collier, alex jones, benjamin fulford, bill deagle, bob dean,bob lazar, bob wood, brad steiger, brad steiger, brent miller, brian greene, brian oleary, brooks agnew, brooks agnew, bryce zabel, budd hopkins, catherine austin fitts, chuck missler, dan burisch, david b. sereda, david corso, david hatcher childress, david icke, david wilcock, dolores cannon, douglas hagmann, dr. roger leir, erich von daniken, george green, gerald celente, giorgio tsoukalos, gordon-michael scallion, gordon cooper, gordon novel, graham hancock, henrik palmgren, james van praagh, jerome corsi, jesse ventura, jim marrs, jim sparks, john hogue, john lear richard sauder, jordan maxwell, joseph p. farrell, joshua p. warren, l. a. marzulli, major ed dames, maurice cotterell, michael cremo, michael salla, michael horn, michael st clair, michael tsarion, michio kaku, mike bara, mike heiser, miriam delicado, nick redfern, nick redfern, peter schiff, philip coppens, philip corso, preston nichols, amongst others.] Nothing personal, no offense, just observing.

This eBook reveals and proves exactly and scientifically all space program fakeries, and is a must-read to anyone who no longer wishes to stay part of the ignorant sheeple cattle grazing in amnesia on the meadows of entertainment and many other means of wasting time, killing time [which is the same as delayed suicide] and throwing precious life-time down the drain.

20,000 Nuclear Warheads

15 pages

Unusual controversial downloadable ebook compiled by George Philip Birney based on data from the Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists (BullAtom Org seems not to exist anymore) revealing the fact that there are roughly 20,000 nuclear warheads on this planet, today!

Those stories as broadcasted by CNN, BBC, ABC, and so forth, about decommissioning nuclear weapons are a hoax and a lie! Weapons of mass destruction – – WMD – – keep on being manufactured and no-one knows exactly where each one nuclear warhead is installed. There are too many to count.

Based on the WMD statistics from Bull Atom Sci Org it can be safely concluded that today there are at least 20,000 US nukes around. Now you will see which nation has the most nukes and forbids the other nations having the same. [By the way, just a side note, the latest rumors say that nuclear bombs do not exist. Well, since the 1970s – – long before the internet came into existence – – I do know of the Kodak Bomb tech used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to fake nuclear bombing delivered by aircraft, so I do not dismiss these rumors right away. Besides, the first aerial nuke system got into operation only in the 1950s, years after WW2. Wikipedia is lying about the nuclear history, as much as about the majority of other important matters. Anyway, this document does not cover these rumors that you must take as plausible background info. This “Nuclear Warheads” document is an archive focusing on politics and administration rather than technology.]

Pyramids Stars

10 pages

The most important scientific discovery since the astronomical decoding of the Pyramid of Gizeh.

The pyramids in China form very specific pattern that exactly match some starry constellations, discovered by Dr. George Philip Birney. This ebook comes with GPBs diagrams and some pictures.

You will be absolutely surprised and pleased reading this. It makes Gizeh look like a joke.

Avoid Skip Ads In 12 Seconds

8 pages

SKIP AD is usually clicked on as soon as the ad starts out very loud, almost blowing-up the sound card. If some yells in your ear “I luv ya!!!”, would that really sound more convincing than a gentle warm whisper? And so there are lots of other mistakes that marketeers make in video commercials.

This book is only 8 pages. More pages are not needed for this unique innovative solution to your sucking ads. Companies pay me net 12,000 US Dollar per day consulting to tell them exactly the same that you can read in those 8 pages. So dont balk at the price. Once a decade ago I got an offer to give a 3 days marketing seminar for 120,000 Dollars to top executives of a marketing firm in China, but I was denied a permit without reason! So, as a result, to this day they produce the same useless mediocre ad clips that are an annoyance rather than a stimilus. Just like your enterprise does.

You are a marketeer, responsible for creating video commercials, i.e. ads to be displayed on social media such as YouTube. Your ads are a nuisance by default, and you know that, so you opt for tick-marking the SKIP AD button feature, right? Instead, it would be far better that your ads would excite the viewer to the extent that the sales is going to take place.

Marketeers! How To Avoid SKIP AD Clicks in 12 Seconds. First of all, you should recognize that marketing has little to do with the product or service to be promoted or sold, but it has everything to do with psychology. A marketeer who has no serious psychology background has no chance of survival in these modern times of today. A few years ago you could still survive with all that CGI stuff, but that era has gone.

The fact that your ad video clips on for example YouTube allow interruption by the infamous SKIP AD button confirms that you do not value your own ads as good enough to be enjoyed till the end. Obviously, you needed to do something special. Your video ad must open the mind and keep it open until the message gets through. In 12 seconds.

Once you understand the basics of the mind in terms of communication, you will understand what to do with that knowledge. Read this book and get the true know-how. It will change your life (including income) forever.

Marketeers must seriously get into sympathetic commercial mind control, in an ethical way of course, and therefore a thorough understanding of the human mind is a must. I am going to show you exactly why and how in only a few pages. So, no matter how busy you are, these few pages can make you a better marketeer with a thicker bank account.

[Once available for only 120,000 bucks to marketing companies including a personal consult on location, its been taken it off the market because lots of marketing pussies were crying about the money. Well losers, you are not worth it. Keep on failing as a mediocre marketeer, if that is what you want. Your YouTube ad video clips suck!] Mail me if you really want a copy. Maybe I can find it somewhere in my archives. Fifty percent discounted price tag: 60k$.