Billy Meier Plejaren Fake Aliens Hoax Scam


Billy Meier, the Swiss so-called main contactee prophet with Pleiadian extraterrestrials, has been writing thousands of pages about the past, present and future of Earth civilization and beyond. As far as timelines, evolution and spiritual content is concerned, the writings are sometimes “corroborated” (and post-dated). BM would be a great sci-fi writer.

Billy Meier has written many copy/paste facts, lies, mockups and fantasies. Of course he was the only Earthling to have met with the Plejaren, simply because he himself invented them! It was BM who renamed Pleiadians to Plejaren. And the naming change is based on no reason at all, other than secure his position as “the only contactee”. Real aliens would not care about their nickname.

It is not just the things that Billy Meier DID write, it is also the things that Billy Meier DID NOT write, that make up the entire hoax.

Billy Meier lost his arm, and only after that incident he started to write up things. Simple medical explanation is that losing a limb can invoke a chronical overload of endorphins. Those endorphins can easily alter the state of mind up to the very extremes. Billy Meier is simply “drugged” under his own endorphins.

One of the most naive reasons that might support the BM case is the alleged fact that BM was subject to 21 assassination attempts. But you should know, that NONE of the killers got ever arrested or identified! And I can assure you, the police in Switzerland in particular is highly meticulous and efficient. They catch every real shooter, no matter what. Moreover, in Switzerland, nearly every civilian actively helps the police by denouncing anyone who appears weird. I lived there! In other words: the BM “assassinations” were all staged!

For example, the subject of the “Hollow Earth” is simply dismissed as “nonsense”, according to Meier’s scriptures. Further no mention about anything related to this subject. The subject of the hollow earth and underground tunnels & caverns has been totally left out. This is strange, as countless Alien traces got found in underground caverns, etc.

BM also does not do any mention about the destroyed planet Tiamat in relation to the Asteroid Belt and the oceans and deluges on planet Earth. This is a major topic that should have been highlighted in any of the Contact Notes. But it is not. The Great Deluge has not been elaborated upon in BM’s Contact Notes. Weird, because it has a lot to do with other worlds in outer space as well. Not a single mention about the possibility that an ice asteroid could melt while entering the Earth’s atmosphere and causing heavy water falling.

BM mentions nowhere in his notes anything about the alleged stargate around the Earth. This is a major subject in both the interest of Terrans and Aliens! It has been so for ages! Even if stargate would be a hoax, still then the Plejaren should have mentioned that. So, there is no explanation as how exactly the Plejaren manage to break through stargate. No word about stargate. Nothing at all. This is one of the strangest OMMISSIONS in Billy Meier’s writings.

No mention about how the Plejaren manage to survive radiation such as the Van Allen Belt either. So shred of data.

Another example is the fact that the Plejaren only in 1995, at their withdrawal from Earth, after a couple of decennia from first contact, disclosed that they are not Pleiadians from the Pleiads but Plejaren some 80 lightyears further and a fraction of a second off our time dimension. What a nonsense, this and their part of the universe has exactly the same time dimension! BM’s reasoning about time is completely wrong. A second offset in time does not mean it’s invisible in space!

After 1995 they still have contact with Billy Meier. Yeah right, Billy’s writing never stopped. Billy Meier was still writing a whole bunch of Scriptures for the imaginary Plejaren. And to this day , still some Contact Notes are being recorded, as can be seen in the FIGU publications and BM’s facebook page that is heavily backed by Michael Horn, the author of the Plejaren related fantasy book “They Fly”. Not only does this contradict the alleged withdrawal by the Plejaren but it confirms BM’s ongoing fantasying.

And why does Michael Horn still try to prove that BM’s output is true and real, by referencing to “corroborated” papers? Lots of science fiction writers and politicians did make “predictions” too. So what’s so special? Any fantasy can be corroborated aka promoted to the level of reality. And I reiterate: Look at the things that MB did NOT write about. And that largely outnumbers the socalled “proofs” of validity.

The initial publishing spokesmen about the Billy Meier case told the audience during a UFO convention that they already knew from Billy Meier that the ET’s were Plejaren instead of Pleiadians. On purpose they kept that secret as to be able to check on hoaxers who claim having met with Pleiadians rather than Plejaren. Well, that is totally fine, but I don’t see the real benefit, other than that BM can verify who is stealing his own creativity.

On Earth we have time & space machines, such as the JSM … yes we have this (hidden) technology since half a century. Perfected by the Nazis half a century ago. Very easy to find some papers about that stuff and to get some ideas from it. No mention of it by the BM UFO Convention at all! Another suspicious omission.

The socalled “photobook” or “photo album” of BM that was shown at Alien UFO conventions by some spokesman does show some pics of space stations elsewhere in our solar system, however, only very few pics. You know, if I were in a UFO, on a trip along the solar system, and I would see a space station near Jupiter, I would make at least hundreds of pics of it, not just one! Same as for the dinosaurs and any other interesting “time travel” objects. The fact that BM was economizing on such pics indicates to me a priority that has to do with something different than truth. Other than that, BM simply copy/pasted some dinosaurs pictures from an encyclopedia.

BM produced an abundance of pics of UFOs that obviously were easy to create in the mountains near his village. But to produce pics of crafts in outer space requires meticulous photo techniques. So he took some paper photo books and photographed with his camera the pics. And that way, of course, there won’t be many photographing opportunities, which explains the scarcity of the space pics.

Real aliens don’t travel 580 lightyears each time they want a chat or peek, come on. Would you? They are not interested in talking to Terrans. They have their own problems and objectives and any Terran would only increase their risks to failures. They only put such expensive resources into operation where clear benefits are expected with super high feasibility. They know that. We know that. And Aliens from planet Z in the outer Pleiads do not speak Swiss German. Believe me, they do not, and their cows do not wear Swiss bells around their necks.

The Plejaren – read Billy Meier – repeatedly changed their predictions or prophecies about the AIDS cure. Still they say it has not yet been invented. Sorry, but the electronic AIDS cure has been invented decades ago! On eBay there are electronic Clark Zappers and Rife zappers for sale and they work perfectly and they do cure AIDS and cancer and any other disease effectively. Even the electronic plant growth stimulators do the job effectively. So why saying that the AIDS cure is yet to be discovered? Answer: Billy Meier did not know the AIDS cure exists. He failed to learn about that stuff. AIDS cure devices can be bought at eBay for less than 100 Dollars each. Billy Meier says it is not true. Well, do a search on eBay!

Billy Meier was told by the Plejaren that any human on a given planet, who dies on that planet, will reincarnate on that same planet. According to spiritual teachings of for example Theosophy and Scientology, after dying, the spirit detaches from the body, moves to a kind of collective energy entity – not near Earth – and then separates again as an individual to be reincarnated elsewhere. And that elsewhere could be another planet.

This contradicts to what the Plejaren told to Billy Meier, who obviously has no clue about this topic in depth. We, spirits do have a choice, but Billy does not know that. If he would have studied Scientology or Theosophy or similar stuff seriously, he would have written totally different things. Of course, no real Alien was dictating him the knowledge.

Also, the Plejaren estimated that after about 300 years, if Terrans would sincerely combine the efforts, we would be as far as they are in technology. Well, I have news for you, our (hidden) technology is already matching alien technologies of centuries ahead of what is publicly available! This is not science fiction. So why projecting this as future whilst it is present?

Billy Meier’s story about Semjase having stumbled over something on the ground that caused her fall with her head on a piece of metal, incapacitating her for many years, is another great fantasy in his writings. It would have been a great opportunity to take some blood samples for DNA analysis. But that did not happen. Because there was no blood. Because there was no such event. Because there was no Semjase. He just needed to get rid of her for some years in order to be able to invent other stories as he ran out of Semjase fantasies.

During the past half century, what exactly NEW has Billy Meier taught us? Really NEW? Nothing! BM writes stuff everyone already knew, such as ‘be good to your fellow humans’ and ‘the rings around that planet are composed of smoke’ (which is wrong by the way). There is really nothing new.

Billy Meier is supposed to write scriptures, dictated by the Plejaren. Those scriptures are for Terrans and other scriptures are for Plejaren only. Why would the Plejaren dictate BM scriptures for the Plejaren that they could as well have written by themselves without any via? What is the point for Plejaren to have BM write their dictated religion or philosophy in Swiss German, to be translated into Plejaran lingo afterward? Cannot the Plejaren write? It does not make sense at all! Not even the Bible has been written by a freelance Martian!

For centuries and millennia we have the most precious wisdoms, for ages we have vast material and spiritual technologies. We all know that we should be nice to each other and we knew that for zillennia. Nothing new here either. So, have we now gotten the tools from the Plejaren to really make a difference? Why not give us the specs on how to make a device that generates peace in the mind? Oh yeah, “you must meditate”, that’s what they say. But no word about meditation technology or gadgets. Organizations who developed true meditation (read: postulation) technologies successfully are Scientology and Silva. Thus Scientology or Silva is better than Plejarology. The FIGU does not want to accept any technology from Scientology or Silva or any other Terran mind method.

The socalled ring shaped mind amplifier on a metal pyramid is another fantasy of Billy Meier. There has never been a mind amplifier. If there were, then full scientific analysis would be performed to figure out about the waves, frequencies, force fields, etc, well, at least that’s what any intelligent man would do. There has never been any scientific analysis. So either BM is not scientifically smart, or he is a fantasist. Both, I suppose.

The two Germans who were initially selected by the Plejaren, to fulfill a position of verification of the Billy Meier case, got killed by a “car accident”. I don’t believe shit about such “car accident” story. The Plejaren have proven to be capable of preventing “accidents” or “incidents” such as assassination attempts on Billy Meier. So it would have been peanuts for the Plejaren to protect these two Germans from an ordinary “car accident” on the ordinary Autobahn hiway. What really happened, how and why, no one will ever know. But I know one thing for sure: it was NO BM related accident! Why else have not anyone else been selected for a similar “position” after that “car accident”? Tell me why? This stinks most definitely. No mention of this was ever done in any of the Contact Notes! So either is was a total lie, or a total conspiracy. In fact, it never happened. It was mocked up by Billy Meier, or certainly copied/pasted from a German newspaper.

The Plejaren should not tell things like “I cannot tell you because you are not ready” or “this is nonsense” or “you do not need to know” or something like that. That is sheer arrogance and an insult on intelligence. I decide for myself when I am ready, and I certainly do not need to depend on someone elses decision for my readiness. True aliens would not speak such way. They really wouldn’t give a damn. What is the point to filter information to such an extent that those who read it anyway may have a chance to absorb it? Anyone who comes across the Meier scriptures is “chosen” by default. So why then applying truth filters in the first place?

If the Plejaren were real and smart, then they would have chosen a Terran contactee who speaks English fluently, a globally used language, not just Swiss German that no foreigner can understand. And their contactee would be fluent in marketing as well. But no, BM never stands on stage! He sends spokesmen and his son instead.

BM says he met and talked with countless great leaders, such as Saddam Hussain. So, tell me, in what language did BM speak with them? He hardly speaks English or any other foreign language. And none of the photos showing BM with any of those great leaders have ever been published in any newspaper. None! And BM’s photo album shows only ONE photo per leader. You know, if I would be having a beer with a great leader, I would make sure hundreds of pics be shot. That is the normal thing to do! BM never met with any great leader and the photos are fake. All BM photos have been edited of course. BM did that with leaders and with his UFO pics.

The photo pic of the finger prints on the car, suggesting a hand with 7 fingers contradicts the photo pic of the hand of the Alien lady holding an Alien handgun in her hand. That hand shows 5 fingers. Whoops. And another whoops is that BM shows a video where he is holding that Alien gun in his bare hand. In his Contact Notes he mentions that the Aliens hands should not be shaken, touched, because of their acidity. Yet he could hold the Alien gun that was given to him by the Plejaren who held that gun in the bare Alien acid hand. Doesn’t make sense.

The Plejaren statement is that Terran human species are designed to have a lifespan of 1000 years and that due to our way of processing food that lifespan has been reduced to 10%, i.e. 100 years. How come that certain tribes who live very close to nature, eating only unprocessed food, they too have this limited 100 years lifespan. So, there are other variables that cause the shortened lifespan. Why not making any mention of these important things? BM of course has no clue how to fantasize on that one that goes over his head.

And you “MUST learn Swiss German”, according to Meier’s contact notes, or else you will not get close to Source. This is bullshit. How can one determine that only ONE language is good enough to understand the universe? Hey we all have the ability to read between the lines and to catch thoughts! Tell the FIGU members to learn Sanskrit – the number one language of knowledge, as proven by Theosophists – and behold no one will show up. Aliens have never left any scriptures in Swiss German. Look at ancient artifacts, such as on Easter Island, at the Mayas, in Gizeh, at Stonehenge, in Peru, and so on, and lo behold there is nothing in Swiss German!

When I read through the Semjase Silver Star forums, I get sick of all those folks who pour their ego-tripping into that bucket of new age soup. The FIGU Org obviously has good cause, but its members make a complete mess out of it. It has become a sect, a cult, a closed group that does very poor marketing for such important matters. Even their forum is closed to the public. Why keeping knowledge important for mankind so secret? Answer: because the cult is hiding the greatest lie of mankind: Plejaren hoax.

FIGU tends to dismiss anything that is not Plejaren as nonsense or untrue. What about other alien UFO cases, such as the Jarga aliens who met with a Dutch. The same Wendelle Stevens, one of the Meier spokesmen, wrote many pages about that Jarga case. Not a word about it on the UFO conventions! WTF! Do the Jarga aliens not exist anymore since BM came into the picture?

Why no word about the Jargan aliens? The Jarga aliens conveyed a lot of technology data. The Plejaren did not. I say, it is technology that we need to accelerate our life improvement and space exploration. All the alledged Plejaren have to say is that we have to conduct peacefully. Well, sorry, but we don’t need flying saucers for that, neither the hippie BM cult sect.

Why naming these conventions “UFO Conventions” whilst in fact these are “Plejaren Conventions”? Normally, at a UFO convention, several kinds of cases are highlighted and compared. But no, the FIGU monopolizes the alien UFO subject. That indicates that any other alien UFO case is excluded, therefore leveling the Meier case at the top of all truth. Yeah right.

Why no word about the real truth concerning WTC 911? Such an event of such a huge magnitude does not get any decent attention by BM or the Plejaren. That is quite inconsistent with BM’s “profile” as a “prophet”. With all the time traveler technology at BM’s and the Plejaren’s disposal, not a single new fact about the WTC 911 came into light. Nothing! Besides, time travel as defined by science fiction does not exist and never will. Study physics seriously and you will know. Same as for countless other topics such as JFK. Nada!

Anyone wanting to read the FIGU forum MUST apply for membership. I signed-up and read the FIGU forums that are crammed with useless postings, quarreling about trivial irrelevant personal matters. Their excuse is that one can always learn from each other. Well, the only thing they really learn is to post more postings. Prove me otherwise! All FIGU members make quarrels and have nothing to say.

FIGU members email me to order deletion FROM MY WEBSITE the postings, videos and audios about the BM case because I did not pay them! I am sorry, but that goes way too far. What about the poor? They get the Bible for free, but have to pay for a better truth. Fuck the goddam money, you materialistic ego trippers! You only want to cash in by selling sect cult lies! But nevermind, I have news for the cult sect: I have removed all your fake “knowledge” and all that is left is what you are reading right now.

The FIGU acts as a filter. Some arrogant forum members take on the role of “Eduard Meier” by answering questions in his name. That is not what I call “Source”. The forum is by itself a hippie flowerpower tree hugger sect.

BM’s own ex-wife has publicly admitted that BM faked all UFO pics, and used those pics to try make his writings credible. What better witness could we have?

Not a single photo was produced from any UFO interior. Meier claims the Plejaren destroyed these photos, and on other occasions Meier says that the radiation destroyed the pics. Bullshit. Inside real UFOs there is NO radiation! How else could the crew stay alive and healthy? And how could Meier make photos from the screens in the UFOs? So all of a sudden there was no radiation? How inconsistent! He simply used filters in front of the lens to simulate color distortion.

Billy Meier could not make any photo from any UFO interior simply because he has never been inside any UFO! It had nothing to do with radiation or an Alien taking films out of his camera! If Aliens did not want him to take photos inside the crafts, then why did they allow him to take his camera with him? This is inconsistent at best. Moreover, Area-51 et al would never corroborate his UFO interior photos, and he knows that.

And his story about the fine matter trip in outer space is typical a mock-up based on the sci-fi movie “Dune” with the theme “travel without moving”. Yeah right, folding space my ass. And a space station population of a hundred thousand individuals is really not going to make a time-space fine matter jump demo for one farmer guy from Switzerland.

Last but not least, the fact that BM had to travel by moped for hours to a landing site contradicts that beam-me-up-scotty technology that Plejaren UFOs can use, according to BM Contact Notes. To beam someone up can be done at any location, i.e. near BM’s house. There is no reason for these invisible UFOs to stay away hours of moped driving from BM’s house. Unless BM has to look for a place somewhere where he can setup his UFO models and wires. BM never explained how the UFOs dropped him back and away from his moped and how he had to walk and find his moped. Instead, he always magically got at his moped just like that.

Since BM lost his arm, obviously he is getting an overdose of certain pheromones or hormones that keep him super active and mentally creative. BM is just a medical anomaly who, sadly, is taken serious by scientists, academics, priests, leaders, the walks on the street and what have you. You know, Buddha did not need any ET story to get his thoughts across. Muhammed neither. And so on. BM is in fact suggesting that prophets are sent out by ETs. Sorry, but there is nowhere any mention about Muhammed having a UFO ride. And BM is not a prophet no matter how hard he tries.

And you, FIGU, bunch of hippie sect liars, stay away from me! I write in my website what I want! And you know what, I am highly convinced that the entire BM case is a HOAX! You Billy Meier, Michael Horn, Jim Deardorff, Jim Dilettoso, Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders, FIGU & SSSC I dare question and put onto the hoaxers pedestal! And you guys, you know very well the whole BM case IS a hoax! You have just ruined your own reputation, if you had any. And I am definitely not the only one thinking this way. Congratulations.

Of course the CIA and the FBI love this BM and likely sponsored said persons, because BM brings forth a lot of disinformation to the world. Yes, the money came from somewhere, as BM was way too poor to pay for all the films materials and studio works. Why else did the Feds have an “office” next door BM’s place? Agents helped him shopping films and materials of course.

The BM case distracts many scholars and researchers from the real truth. It is far better to watch the X-Files TV series and movies and believing it is true rather than listening to BM BS.

And once again, this is yet another Alien UFO hoax of the xth kind. Up to you to choose for naivety or realism.

Let’s face it, the FIGU/SSSC is too much of a commercial sect/cult like closed community, somewhat like Scientology Org does. Also other people/orgs make it a business rather than a mission. If they would have used their brains, they could have obtained funds from any government on this planet. As a consequence the wisdom of the Plejaren is not disseminated globally effectively.

I am getting emails from anonymous cq unidentified entities who seem to disagree with the fact that I publish things about the Billy Meier case on this website. Here I summarize my position:

Zero point: The whole Pleiadian alien Plejaren ufo case is a hoax conspired by Billy Meier, Michael Horn, Jim Deardorff, Jim Dilettoso, Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders, FIGU & SSSC, amongst others. Yes, Billy Meier is truly the only one who had these “encounters” simply because he faked them. Okay, Billy Meiers writing may contain elements of flowerpower “wisdom”, but we don’t need the alien ufo crap in order to accept words about good conduct.

So here you have my ten commandments for the Plejaren hippies:

First of all, if you are a true representative of Billy Meier and / or the FIGU, then use the official email account, with full sender brick & mortar address. Public freemail accounts have no legal value to me at all.

Second, if you want one or more of my postings to desist, then state your full identitiy, name, last name, home address, phone number, date of birth – the same info the FIGU obtained about me – so that my lawyer knows to find you if it comes to a court of law.

Third, if you want one or more of my postings to desist, then state your true organizational position at the FIGU, include a copy of your id, and the exact reasons why you want me to delete the posting(s).

Fourth, if you want me to remove the Google or YouTube videos, you must be aware that Google and YouTube videos have embed code to be used publicly without any further authorization. It is public domain.

Fifth, as social media networks, such as facebook, hyves, hi5, twitter, wordpress, etc. contain a lot of text about the Billy Meier case along with invitation to copy and redistribute or share that text, then it is totally legal on my part when I do so.

Sixth, would you please be so kind to show me what you are actually doing in making real truth known to the world? And please, stop lying and hoaxing. Your UFOs are faked as is proven by several special effects makers.

Seventh, stay away from me if you have no legal reason whatsoever to require from me to delete any posting. The FIGU has my home address, so the FIGU is asked to put such request in writing, Eduard Meier or Semjase (if he/she/it really exists) to personally sign it, and send by registered paper mail with full sender info. My address is public, e.g. through my web domain. eMails have no legal value. Only paper mail.

Eighth, do not ask me to provide you with URLs or references from where I got the text and media. With your superior alien contacts you should have no trouble at all to figure out any intel data.

Ninth, all data has been obtained for free from free public source named the internet and subsets thereof such as torrent providers. I republish these for non-profit and earn no money from it.

Tenth, I have the right to express my own opinions freely at my own websites. If you don’t like these, then that is not a legal reason to require deletion of the posting. Your bad feeling about me or about my writings is yours, not mine, and has no legal value. And there it ends.

And you, Billy Meier, Michael Horn, Jim Deardorff, Jim Dilettoso, Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders, FIGU & SSSC and any other related person or entity, you can only write me by signed registered paper mail though your attorney if you want anything of me to desist, and that has to be by court of law, otherwise no chance. Your emails are automatically moved to the spam box and have no legal value at all.

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