Flat Earth Hoax Debunked By Horizon


This article will not be long, simply because I am already wasting my precious time on a subject that is so ridiculous that I just have almost no words.

There is an increasing number of blogs and vlogs coming out of the domes of flat minds about the alleged Flat Earth. There are even “authorities” who promise rewards of thousands of dollars to those who can prove the Earth is not flat. I did prove it, but never got any flat green bills WTF.

The subject of “The Flat Earth” has been growing out of proportions, even involving world leaders in the political and religious areas.

One common detail has never been discussed: the horizon. See, suppose the Earth is flat and covered with a half spheric dome. When you are not exactly in the middle, but for example moving towards the “edge”, then the apparent horizon in the direction of the edge in front of you should be closer to your position than the apparent horizon opposite that direction, i.e. at your back. The horizon at your back is further away and should look distinctively different compared to the horizon at your front, because of the relative distances between your position and their edge.

Horizon(s) on a spherical (globular) planet have all the same base characteristics regardless from what direction is looked at. As all current “Flat Earth” videos and photos show these horizon constants, but fail to show these major flat horizons differences in any way, the Flat Earth Theory is hereby busted even by the Flat Earth “proofs” themselves.

Moreover, if the Earth were truly flat, and the “South Pole” would indeed be the “wall of ice” around the rim, then why does no horizon show the “wall of ice” from any direction? And why does the setting Sun not melt a hole in the wall of ice, if the Sun moves within the alleged “dome”? The complete absence of icy horizons and molten sunset rim ice proves the Earth is not flat and is not under a “dome”. Not one single Flat Earth disciple has ever produced any scientific record, i.e. photo or video of all this. They merely refer to medieval drawings showing misinterpreted “waters above and below” from some questionable scriptures.

Thus this note to the “authorities” who promise “rewards of thousands of dollars to those who can prove the Earth is not flat” : Pay me out now, because I have just proven that the Earth is not flat but spherical. The horizon analysis cannot be denied.

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