Freedom Tower’s True Meaning

Now the Twin Towers have been removed, the Freedom Tower is taking their place, however, not on the same footprint. Freedom of what? The Freedom Tower looks pretty much like the serpent Apophis holding a spear. It is definitely not symbolizing the state of freedom! Unless freedom means war. This tower represents the Serpent, the symbol of the super race, now free from the double tree WTC – the double capital “i” of ISIS.

That means that the US economy is no longer based on money making machineries but rather on “life engineering” machineries, the original essence of the Serpent. It is a shift from monetary power to genetical power, even though we may not see the signs yet so clearly at all. Unless you open your eyes to the chemtrails, vaccinations, viruses, exhaust gases, water fluoride, tooth amalgam, metal food tins, medications, food supplements, mass food processing, crop genetics, meat genetics, artificial food additives, engineered diseases, drugs, electro magnetic frequency waves, haven’t I said enough yet?

Why else has the US military taken away all alien genetic artifacts from the museums in Iraq, the former Mesopotamia, at the expense of countless lives and resources? And why is the US going to try the same in Iran? Why is the US so obsessed with genetic artifacts from thousands of years ago from a region where in fact its civilization had their roots? The US does not seek nukes. They even never sent out any nuke inspector to Iran! Yet Iran has been publicly inviting the whole world to come and see their nuclear endeavors since the 1980’s. No one showed up! The US did send archaelogists to Iran. The same folks who also went to Iraqi musea with the single objective to photograph, video and map the whereabouts of all artifacts.

And that’s what happened: the military took away nearly all artifacts and left all “regular” juwelry behind. It was obviously not for currency value, the robberies. So what has a museum to do with democracy, weapons of mass destruction, regime, terrorism? You tell me. I have no clue.

Mesopotamia is the very root origin of the civilization and wisdom that we know today. It was the paradise of knowledge and development. The entire (hi)story of Genesis – gene isis – is to be found exactly there. It is the place where you originate from. Yes, you. Adam and Eve.

Now, the name of Adam is closely retaed with the word Atom. Atom symbolizes the origin, the beginning, the basis of physical existence. In present time, Mesopotamia is forbidden to have any hands on the atom. Symbolically representend by “not having hands on nuclear technology”.

The two WTC footprints of water symbolize the rivers Eufrates and Tigris, between which Mesopotamia was located, to become later Persia, aka Iraq and Iran. The serpent “Freedom Tower” stands in between the two waters, the rivers Eufrates and Tigris. And that literally symbolizes the position of the US in the region of the Anunaki. Right now, the US operates bewteen these two rivers.

So, any Sumerian artifact in that region is of great importance to the masonic US conspiracy. That explains why the US seeks to complete their penetration in Iran. It has nothing to do with an alledged nuke programme or an undemocratic regime. It has all to do with alien technology. And here I am not speaking of UFOs. Rather of genetics. It seems that the programme of Nazi Hitler is getting repeated, to create a super race. The Aryan Uebermensch. So in this regard the US president plays Hitler and the US military plays Nazi. That is the congruence of history 70 years later. It is too obvious.

Right now, the US is in a transition period, till the 1776 feet Freedom Tower is at 100% completion. ETA perhaps 2013 or 2014 – of course one of the dull dates will be chosen, such as July 4, etc., so that implies any war not happening before! Regardless of what Aztec or Maya calendars may be intepreted for. A war without a complete(d) Serpent is symbolically not feasible. The Illuminati know that.

It is the Obama era that is merely a transition phase. Obama is just a go in between president, just to keep the soup warm, and to create a reason for war: deficit. And Romney stirrs the soup. The next president may very well be someone from the same bloodline as the Bush family, such as Jeb, to actually execute the war on Iran or Korea or whatever country has something useful to the US power play.

A Serpent without Tree will get tired after a while staying erect. Quite literally. And as a consequence will fall down just by itself. The US has designed their own future, the fall of an empire from within. Take down Mesopotamia, and the US will be taken down with it. For the US to create a world war from within the Middle East means absolute suicide. That is what the symbols tell us. And if you find this far fetched, then why have the war talks between the US and Iran been going on for at least 3 decades, even without red hotline, yet not one rocket fired? And why keeps the US importing oil from Mesopotamia rather then using its own much cheaper and richer oil resources in Alaska? There are indeed things that don’t make sense. And that’s why other (read: symbolic) ways of viewing the situation may bring more clarity.

Watch the Freedom Tower, that Serpent statue standing on a pyramid base (!). It will tell you when the next global war will occur. It will be no longer the All Seeing Eye on the Pyramid but the All Stabbing Sword. The top Masons have chosen the wrong symbol. They obviously had no choice. There is an entity higher than them.