Alpha Healing with the Mind 1

ALPHA CONTROL improves many areas of well-doing and well-being. It allows you to understand and act through visualization, to the benefit of any living being.


A treatise, written by George Philip Birney, based on his studies of existing works, own research and experiences on how to put into practice some spiritual knowledge in a simple way.

It is dedicated to those who wish to reach a higher state of love.

This treatise attempts to remove the mystic around occultism, healing, predicting, creating and other matters that have been considered miracles till sofar. The Pisces mystic has ended; the Aquarius clarity has started.


While reading this treatise, do not skip a single word. Make sure each word is well understood. Misunderstanding, even concerning small words, will lead to misapplication and breaking away from the subject, its purpose and results.


Information input is only useful when it can be converted into knowledge towards a certain goal. Conversion takes place through intelligence. Therefore, knowledge is information plus related reasoning (inference) through intelligence.

Knowledge makes only sense when it can be put into practice reaching a certain goal. Practice is only useful when the projected end result is of constructive characteristic.

The principal aim of practice is creation. The principal aim of creation is happiness. Therefore, if information input is sincerely felt as increase of happiness, then the probability of usability of that information towards creation is relatively high, provided that it supports reaching a certain goal.