Moon Scams By NASA & JAXA & CNSA

The Japanese JAXA, the European ESA, the Chinese CNSA, or the American NASA, they are all the same shit. Neil Armstrong, in the only press conference he ever gave, said something about “layers of truth”. Quite a cryptic statement from this Apollo movie actor, however, the message came through. In a way.

Basically Neil was admitting one the greatest lies in history. He was forced to. And finally he died a “natural death”, and so his extended footnotes never made it to the public.

It has been now half a century that discussions whether or not the Moon Landing is a hoax or has been mocked up in a studio on Earth, in Hollywood or at Area-51, and so forth. In the 1960’s some movie studios had the full capability to make extreme realistic space trip scenes, such as in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey”, showing several Lunar scenes!

BUT … the question whether or not the astronauts landed on the Moon is DIFFERENT from the question whether the Apollo/LEM landed on the Moon. Layers of truth …

  1. The Apollo/LEM did not land on the Moon the way was suggested on the film, neither did the LEM take-off from the Moon the way was suggested on the film.
  2. The astronauts did not land on the Moon using the publicly known technology of fossil fuel based engines.
  3. Yes, the astronauts DID land on the Moon, but with a UFO of Terran origin.
  4. The Moon is fully colored, not shades of grey.
  5. The Moon has an atmosphere.
  6. The Moon has artificial mega structures.

All the discussions and hoaxes and mockups and other things were deliberately put in motion only for reasons of distraction. Distraction from the real truth, the ultimate layer of truth. The Apollo/LEM concept was also meant as an “example” to other nations on “how to go the Moon”, of course, to lead these nations astray from better technologies.

All advanced technology such as anti-gravity, zero point energy, magnetic drives, time machines, vril crafts, jenseits machines, particle beams, and what have you, has been remained hidden from the public to this day.

And so the old fashioned space shuttles, satellites, missiles, impactors, probes, canons, bombs, aircraft, and so forth, are here only for reasons of distraction. The real technology is completely covered-up. Public technology is at least a century and a half behind, compared to what is actually kept hidden.

One of the most questions asked to the astronauts is “could you see the stars?”. Well, the simple answer is, truthfully, in the daytime no-one can see stars. Let’s not forget, the astronauts were on the bright side of the Moon. Yes, the Moon is supposed to have “no atmosphere” and has therefore no atmospheric glare. But it has never been proven that the Moon has really no atmosphere. The sunlight gets dispersed in the atmosphere, causing a curtain of light through which no stars can be seen. Like daytime on Earth.

So, if the Moon has an atmosphere, the astronauts could not see the stars in daylight. If the Moon has no atmosphere, the astronauts could see the stars in daylight. In other words, either the presence of atmosphere had to be denied, or the stars had to be left out on the pics as to avoid analyzing things relative to the stars positions. Check-mate.

You know, if I were on the Moon, of course I would take pictures of the Earth. That would be one of the most obvious things to do! None of the astronauts ever took one picture of the Earth, from the Moon. Woops, of course all such pics would show the Moon’s atmosphere. Flunk NASA! This would even deny also the use of UFO technology to land on the Moon. To me this proves that no astronaut has ever set foot on the Moon at all, due to the subject of radiation, unless using a spacesuit of a totally different technology.

The Earth is visible from the light side of the Moon all the time. An astronaut on the Moon only needs to look up a bit to see the Earth. Anytime. But not a single photograph taken. Doesn’t make any sense.

See, from Area-51 it would be very hard to make a pic of the Earth. Same for any other movie studio. Astronomers would, of course, immediately take their measure rods and figure out the amount of fakery in minutes.

See, we all walk on Earth, look up into the sky to the Moon, and, make pictures of the Moon. Everybody does. It is the normal thing to do, to photograph a huge heavenly body.

So, if an astronaut is asked whether or not he could see the stars (from the Moon), then if the answer is ‘yes’ then why aren’t the stars on the photographs, and if ‘no’ then how could the light from the stars be filtered if there were no atmosphere? And I bet, they could have at least seen the Earth.

Moreover, the photographs got all edited as to remove the sky. All skies in all photos are 100% black. Obviously there were things in the Moon sky we’re not supposed to see, such as clouds and machines. The “stars” topic was not the important issue! That was just to cover-up the flying objects issue.

Of course, NASA has been adding snow onto pics and vids ever since they got into space. Even though NASA had, and still has, the best telecom systems of the world that enables them to transmit and receive crisp clear images without one single pixel of snow. And this since the 1960’s. And the imagery had no radiation snow at all.

JAXA was a bit less generous with snow. JAXA simply cut on the number of images made available to the public.

The videos, allegedly made by the astronauts near and on the Moon, should have been naturally “scratched” by cosmic rays, i.e. radiation damage always DO show on foil film. But no scratch was ever seen … How come that the astronauts were so perfectly protected against cosmic radiation? They must have been in a perfectly shielded environment such as a UFO compartment surrounded by a gravity tachyon shield.

Certain energy fields of electromagnetic nature do protect against cosmic radiation, as experienced in UFO crafts. And that layer of truth applies to the Apollo astronauts. They went to the Moon with UFOs. A whole different technology. Yes they all did land on the Moon, but definitely not the way as seen as on TV!

The LEM should have been very noisy inside. How else could the astronauts talk normally while doing a descent with a noisy rocket engine. I have flown old (in the 1970’s) jets myself, and I know how noisy the engines can be. And the lunar lander is nothing more than a frame around an engine. I can assure you that no normal conversation can take place when that engine is running. The lunar lander should normally shake, vibrate and scream and cause a lot of dust blown up there. None of it on TV… Nothing. The entire approach and landing went smooth like a maglev train arriving at the station. Only a UFO can land that silent way. And only a Hollywood studio can produce such flight.

Where is the crater, to be caused by the rocket engine exhaust? Nada. Where are the streaks on the films, to be caused by cosmic radiation? Nada. Why did the astronauts not see “fireflies”, to be caused by cosmic radiation, even though at the Moon there is plenty of it all the time?

As for the “laser reflector” – the single most artifact brought forward as scientific proof of astronauts having set foot on the Moon – that is just bogus. There are plenty reflecting surfaces on the Moon. The Moon is not just an ocean of dust. It has a wide variety of reflecting natural objects. We happen to have found a reflecting object by sheer coincidence. It is very easy to move the laser around a bit and you will always find a reflecting response due to the nature of the laser beam. It is exactly the same laser technology as used with laser guided missiles in war on planet Earth. The same laser technology as used with DIY household tools to measure distances between walls etc. No special reflector needed, ever.

You just take it to the test at home. Take a simple laser pointer, aim at any object in the room and lo behold you will see the reflection. No special reflector needed! So the whole Moon reflector experiment is just bull-shit. There isn’t any.

Besides, why putting a laser reflector on the Moon if you could use the Lunar Lander unit or disposable tool for that? It doesn’t make sense.

Moreover, the level of cosmic radiation was way too high for the medieval space suits the astronauts were wearing. They would never survive one minute of radiation exposure.

Of course the Moon Landing fakers were not entirely stupid. They deliberately put some errors in their creatives, simply because they too would love the truth finds its door. And the best way to do that is to do a sloppy job.

NASA does not even know about the “other” space program. Poor chaps, totally kept dumb with their fossil fuel based stone age engines. JPL my jet ass. And even Area-51 is kept dumb about the “other” space program. Yes they know about UFO tech, but not about the program. Area-51 is a mere dumb coverup factory. Area-51 is NOT the REAL place where UFOs are made. It is a distraction and a joke.

And the reason why JAXA keeps silent and hides their photos and videos from the public is obvious. They discovered things that we are not supposed to know. JAXA has to shut up or else. That is the space program status for Japan. And so the Japanese scientists decided to make their probes crash. They were not left any other choice.

What a coincidence, the Fukushima nuclear reactor incident…

After JAXA decided to crash their Moon probes, which by itself is somewhat of a weird decision, I asked by email and by printed letter to JAXA several times for any genuine HD photo resources.

I got one email, most likely an automatic reply of some sort, stating that first their scientists are the first to see the images before they get released to the public.

This clearly smells to censorship. For what? Must the images first be photoshopped prior to release?

Later on I mailed them again, both by email and by written letter, asking for HD photos of the back side of the Moon.

No reply at all. Weird, as I am pretty sure the Moon does have a backside. Or should I have asked for the farside? And have the infrared (JAXA did make IR photos, didn’t they?) images revealed a bit too much from the farside?

I skimmed the web a bit and figured out that indeed JAXA does follow NASA footsteps in that they fake, hide, and alter (photoshop paintbrush edit) photographs of the surface of the Moon. The Japanese “scientists” and politicians are liars! They rob peoples tax money to fund a project that leads only to hiding the truth about the Moon. And CNSA does exactly the same.

What have we learned from JAXA and CNSA lunar exploration? Nothing! We could as well have been looking through some 14″ SCT on a hill and shoot some pics. Same results.

JAXA hides images that show artifacts, traces, anomalies. Just like NASA does. And even if they do receive signs of life from outer space, they will deny every alien existence till the end of times.

The more JAXA and NASA hide about the Moon, the more it is likely that there is Terran and or Alien intelligent activity on the Moon. Things that the govt doesn’t want you to know about.

Hah, the next thing will be the Chinese exploring the Moon. An guess what, they will follow the hidden treaty with NASA and JAXA and will show the same fake craters and rocks produced by JAXA and NASA photo editors. All major space agencies are just scientific MacDonalds giving some fastfood type of data that is not even healthy to digest.

The Russians seem to be the more honest scientific community in lunar discovery & exploration. They simply do not go to the Moon. They know why they shouldn’t. They don’t pretend. They stay with the facts. So yes, I’d rather trust a Russian than an American, Chinese, European or Japanese “scientist”.

JAXA had the most advanced cameras onboard their probes. It’s comparable with a balloon ride over New York City and taking pics of the rooftops of the syscrapers with a professional 5-figure camera. Tack sharp. There is no way these cameras miss anything unusual, such as a building structure, life forms, land scape features, and not in the least: true colors.

On planet Earth, every mineral has its particular color(s). Have a look at your marble tiles in the kitchen. There are a hundred different colors of marble, the most common mineral used in homes and offices. No one can convince me that the surface of the Moon is covered with only one type of mineral and that this mineral by sheer coincidence happens to be grey. Why publish everything in grey scale if the Moon is so rich in colors, and even the simplest camera produces megapixels of hi-res images these days?

There is one plausible answer. The JAXA Moon was NASA’s LOLA Langley model, or a Nippon version of it, that has been painted in grey scale. And CNSA photoshopped each and every Moon image since the first colored version came out as a “photographic error”, on YouTube.

The Moon is not just grey. There is a whole spectrum of colors to be seen on the Moon. Not a single mention of it. Same bullshit as the Mars coverup. Mars is not just red. Mars has a whole spectrum of colors too. Of course the Moon “looks grey” from far away, but that is due to atmospheric filtering both by Terran AND by Lunar atmosphere.

Colors, of course, strongly indicate presence of life sustaining minerals, liquids, gases, vegetation and so on. Every amateur scientist knows that. Lots of things can be computed from just colors. Spectral analyses would reveal about every detail.

Frankly, the JAXA videos that have been released are not of a quality that you may expect from the kind of hi-tech HD cameras onboard the lunar spacecraft. The JAXA Moon videos rather look like sloppy 3D video editing productions. There is a distinct difference between real video and digitally produced video, and that is natural depth. No computer generated video can match a real video in terms of field of depth. Any professional photographer or videographer knows this.

Same for the CNSA photographs and videos. They are all manipulated and / or heavily CGI constructed. Only the very first image was unedited, and showed nautural colors.

The Chinese Moon rover has made a lot of photographs, but only a few heavily photoshopped images got public. The CNSA, JAXA, ESA and NASA are all one and the same pot of lies and cover-ups.

Even the China’s Yutu Rover has been photoshopped by CNSA to hide some critical color parameters. None of the space agencies releases RAW pics, only JPG or BMP. RAW format keeps all parameters

And all space agencies say that ultimately their probes crashed on the Moon. Yeah sure, what a coincidence. Why do Earth satellites not crash after a few months orbit? Same technology. In reality the Moon probes are still operational, but kept secret.

It is so sad how mankind has been kept astray in the realm of honest science, if there is any. All science is a set of lies.

One more thing: Where the fuck are the stars in JAXA and CNSA imgagery? Let me guess: the same photoshop heavens as NASA’s. Sure any stars would give clues about the date and time and orientation. So the space agencies took the easiest shortcut, which is not to show any star.

So what’s next? Only Europe has yet to land en explorer on the Moon or at least have a sat in low orbit, to make pictures. I can assure you that ESA can and will photoshop all Moon images exactly conform NASA standards. Russia will go their own way, and may be the only nation to disclose a bit more truth. But still I have my doubts.

Astronomy has become the slave of masterminds of scientific deception. All visual publications contain lies. All of them. No exception. These lies are closely guarded and sustained by YouTube PhD celebs like pathetic liar idiot Kaku, including National Geographic and Discovery Channel disinformation media.

End 2013 CNSA has decided NOT to make any photograph available to the public. Shame on them and their clumsy photoshoppers who – for now – just seem to escape debunk time! CNSA is even worse than NASA and JAXA combined!

The bottom-line is this: None of the space agencies will ever show you the real and true facts.