Binding : Paperback
Taal : Nederlands
Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
Formaat : 135mm x 215mm
Aantal pagina’s : 674
Uitgeverij : POD
Datum publicatie : 28-sep-2019

PAPERBACK EU – ISBN 9789463457644 Nederland
PAPERBACK EU – ISBN 1697318878 Duitsland
PAPERBACK UK – ISBN 1697318878 Brexit
PAPERBACK JP – ISBN 1697318878 Asia
PAPERBACK WORLD – ISBN 1697318878 World wide

Non-fictie vertelling door een oud VDMB (Veiligheids Dienst Mariniers Brigade) marinier in het voormalige Nederlands-Oost-Indie ten tijde van de dekolonisatie. Hij beleefde in eigen persoon de zeer duistere Indische schaduwzijde, de mishandelingen, de extremistische Japanse bezetting, de Nederlandse dekolonisatie, de Bersiap en Merdeka gerelateerde bloedige gruwelen rondom de verrijzenis van de staat Indonesie, wraak en moord en misbruik, de militaire en tegengestelde politieke situatie. Dit is een harde feitelijke stuk geschiedenis optekening, inclusief de echte namen van personen, instanties en gebeurtenissen.

Vertelling: Adolf Birney – Dolf Sie Birnie
Eindproductie: George Philip Birney


Voorheen: “Dachtboek van een sago knar”

U kent misschien wel het boek ‘De profeet’ ongeveer een eeuw geleden geschreven door Kahlil Gibran.

Dit boek is de tegenhanger.

paperback & epub

131 pagina’s 5″x 8″

BESTEL NL – ISBN 9789463456883 Boekenbestellen Nederland
BESTEL EU – ISBN 9781096364689 Amazon Duitsland
BESTEL US – ISBN 9781096364689 Amazon wereldwijd

Welnu, ik heb de hoofdstuk titels van Kahlil Gibran’s boek “De Profeet” gejat en voor dit boek gebruikt, plus nog wat extra. De inhoud is uiteraard geheel anders, absoluut niet poëtisch, lijnrecht tegenovergesteld, harde realisme, zelfs beledigend.

Het gaat over dezelfde onderwerpen: Liefde, huwelijk, kinderen, geven, eten en drinken, werk, vreugde en droefheid, huizen, honden (extra hoofdstukje), kleding, kopen en verkopen, misdaad en straf, wetten, vrijheid, rede en hartstocht, pijn, zelfkennis, onderwijs, vriendschap, praten, goed en kwaad, gebed, genot, schoonheid, religie, dood, en virtueel.

Lois Love Lintilla

paperback and epub

This is the only novel that George Philip Birney has ever written. Based on a true story

Parthyme dedicates this story to that special younger lady Lois from the Lintilla Talker.

247 pages 5″x 8″

UNAVAILABLE US – (247 pages) Amazon
SOON AVAILABLE EU – (247 pages) Boekenbestellen

Has your heart been broken by finding out that the other unknown person was having a cyber love affair with another? Even though you never met that person for real? As soon as you get warm feelings for a cyber profile, please do analyze yourself to figure out what exactly turns you on. If you are honest to yourself, you may be surprised. If you are so much in love with a cyber profile that your life gets turned upside down, then you are in a cyberlusional state.

Hey, no offense, it’s just a story! Let’s say, it is a psychological cyber love drama.This novel is aggressive and contains rough language. No, it is not porn, but is has some cyber sex passages. Yes it has also some true literary poetic elements in it, but you definitely won’t fall asleep! So do not read it in bed. Unless you have other plans than sleeping of course.

Storyline: A true dating related story about an older man who is forced to deal with different sex cultures in a virtual world that is not his own, where he is to confront people outside of his reality in a complex maze of feelings, desires, beliefs and behavior on the internet.

Chat & email style reading, also for those who have never been online. CONTENTS: I Am And I Was | Petman | Lovernaut | Kungfool | Who-Man | Youngies | I-Loosion | Frustro | Psycho | Idents | Realities | Fate Faith | Validay | Change | Net-Wedding | Why | Truth-Lie | Court | Forbidden Reality | Net-Only Wizdoom | Awakening | Reboot.


Hard harder hardest sci-fi! This is more than just top-secret alien ufo stuff. This is a whole different view on a whole different platform of reality than you have ever considered.

Subtitle: What you should not know

paperback & epub

456 pages 5″x 8″

BUY WORLD WIDE – ISBN 9789463453844 (456 pages) Boekenbestellen

Now newly released as a paperback!

This book contains the complete story of a contact I had after my first UFO sighting in France. It all started with the subject of Blue Water Craft, initiated by an Op from the ultra secret Ad Vitam Aeternam faction. Now exposing the Aliens secret bases, as well as many other top secret hidden facts, such as about the manipulation of mankind as we know it today. We are not in the universe – we are part of the universe. There is no time – there is only now. There is no space other than matter itself. Energy and matter are different words for the same thing. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing seems as it is.

Soon to be revised by added content!:

The added content reveals how mankind is mass manipulated through the virtual world as well as through apparently static things and harmless blings in the physical world.

ADDED: The first part largely talks about cyber space, or the virtual world if you will, including all the fakery, lies, mind manipulations, and countless other matters that keep the sheeple from truly thinking as a true human being. The last part talks about outer space, i.e. reveals the complete greatest hoax of all times: the Space Program, everybody believing there are things put there in space by rockets, such as pioneers, voyagers, rovers, satellites, space stations, shuttles, landers, probes, space telescopes, ICBMs, and what have you. I have news for you: there is nada of all that. Nothing goes higher than the atmosphere. Did you know that GPS is ground based because there is no satellite out there? Google maps is made by Aerodata Surveys, a company that employs aircraft to produce aerial photographs, and so Google is lying about the term “satellite view”. It should be “aerial view”! Did you know that satellite TV is a ground based scam, why else do all dishes point horizontally instead of vertically? And many more interesting things that no one seems to give a damn about. And the chapters in between the first and the last, well, that will be the major eye opening part, such as about the impact of symbols, architecture, brands, logos, names, labels, banners, headers, jewelry, stickers, patches, fashion, blings, etc etc on mankind.

Summarized: Introduction | History Of Marketing Channels & Social Networks | Expectative Summary | Real Versus Unreal | Virtual Discrepancies | Love Thy Cyber | The Dark Side | False Control | Relationship Starters | Ex Of Decades Ago | Maze In The Networks | Hands-On Dating Experience | Shortcuts | Cybersex | Virtual 3d Life | Grid Design Considerations | What You Want Is What You Get | Black Magic Of The Internet | Anonymity And Spytronics | Virtual Drugs | Robots Happy To Keep You Dumb | Social Mafioso | Multividual Template | Cell Phone Woof | Iparents | Virtually Violent Kids | Brick & Mortar | But It Feels So Real | Virtual Versus Real | Unlike Dislike Like | Levelling On & Off | Games Of Superlatives | Cyber Bully | Cyber Cheat Adultery | What’s In A Name | Virtual Spells And Real Magic | Brands Logos Labels | Loving Love | Same Time Same Space | Virtual Reality Warfare | Delusion And Freedoom | Small Screen For Man Giant Fake For Mankind | Either Side Of The Wall | Cyber Gloss-Array.

You live your life rubbing the smartphone screen and apping all day and you don’t give a fucking shit. You won’t want to read this book. You think that you should keep abreast of the times, but you have no idea what that really means or implies. You won’t want to read this book, you want to stay happy by staying ignorant, and I pity you.

And then there are some bonus chapters, such as the fake atom bomb in 1945, the fake dinosaurs been exposed, the effects and purpose of radiation beyond the much discussed G frequencies, the true meaning of god, the dynamics of existence, the densities of existence, what the universe is not, what space is not, what matter and energy are, the real cause of the straight cuts of the polar ice sheets, the nonsense behind the global warming theory, and many other topics.

ETA revision 2020


If your life is ruled by “keep abreast of the times”, then this book is for you, simply because in reality the times do not keep abreast of the true you, only of the fake you. If your life sucks, then this book is for you. If your life should be better but you just give up, then this book is for you. If you are in whatever way not happy with your life while you are fed up with all those postitive thinking & meditation & visualization & what have you hoax scam fake methods, then you should read this very down to earth book.

The art of negative thinking

paperback & epub

254 pages 5″x 8″

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You are wasting your time! Yet you want to have success in life? Are you not tired of fried air zen meditation, positive thinking and law of attraction hypes that only lead to nothing?

The dark side is the region of negative thinking that you must go through in order to know the real cause of your “life sucks” existence.

Then you will be in a position to choose between becoming a winner or just staying a loser.

28 Personal weekend letters to those who wish to prosper but who just don’t succeed regardless of the amount of positive thinking.

There is no table of contents ;-)

I will be showing you a way to free yourself from sheeple level inefficiency, even though you may think you are using your time wisely by eating in front of the computer screen.

In this book, or bundle if you wish, I am writing letters, rather than chapters. It is not a course or source of reference. You won’t get any follows, likes or emoticons from me. It is not some psychology or sociology fall asleep crap. You do not need to agree with me on anything I write to you. There is no absolute truth on countless life issues anyway. But I will never lie.

I am not trying to come up with any kind of cheer talk or positive mantras. Just trying to clearly pinpoint the reasons why your life is rather mediocre. Yes, life sucks, and this book will tell you why, and how to reverse that. You deserve the best you, don’t you?

You will find out how to fuck that up and how not to fuck that up.

A series of 28 letters (instead of chapters) addressed to the reader. These are all based on my own hands-on minds-on experience in this sucking life. Throughout roughly half a century, I have been in the deepest shit, on the highest top, and everywhere in between. I know not only what happened and what can happen and what should not happen, but I also came to know how and why. Contrary to sheeple belief, there is no deity pulling the strings of your destiny, unless you do nothing but wasting your life time.

Through highlighting all sorts of ways to waste time, a wake-up call is forwarded as to come to the point of rolling-up the sleeves and do something about the day to day misery that the average loser is going through time and time again until death as the best opt-out and unsubscribe.

It is written in somewhat strong offending insulting language, with the intention to stimulate initiative toward building wealth. If I do not shoot loud enough, no one will hear me. If I do not write rude enough, no one will read me. The reader is urged to have a good look at him/her self, the daily routine and the many ways of time waste. Some letters may cause the reader not feeling well. Remember: I am not fighting against you. I am fighting for you. How would you wake-up a sleeping kingkong?

This book is the opposite of any book about positive thinking, in that it won’t put the reader asleep, it won’t lullaby the reader to peace, it won’t caress the reader’s soul with nice wordings about “all will come alright”. Honesty is more important than nice words, as the author stands for this book. The usual trodden path type of positive thinking has proven to be absolutely useless unless the reader needs to fall asleep and continue being passive and lousy. The zen gurus fill their pockets with your money and laugh their ass off. They don’t give a fucking shit with if you fail in life. You truly get no useful advice from a stoned hippie!

This book shows the reader the harsh reality of life and the hard currency value of life time. It is written for the ones who want to become more successful, happy and prosperous in life. It is written by someone who knows what abuse, poverty, depression, misery and failure is. So what do you want? To keep living the cattle’s dream with google, iphone, social media, entertainment, drinks, drugs and sex? Well yeah, sure that is the ultimate top of life, right? Come one, give me a break! I know that these superficial cradle toys make you fake and a loser deep inside.


paperback and epub

230 pages 5″x 8″

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Storyline: An alien crash landed on Mount Saleve in France and spent some time with the rescue team. They got the opportunity to ask questions and learn from an alien perspective all about the life departments on planet Terra as outlined by “The Prophet” in Orphalese long time ago.

But now it is in the modern world where mankind lives unaware about the actual reality, despite of their intellect.

This time there is no gentle poetry to read. It is exactly the opposite in style and content compared to the book “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran.

Hardcore reading, also for those who have eaten too many guru zen meditation vegan salads.

CONTENTS: The Coming of the iProphet | Love | Marriage | Children | Giving | Eating and Drinking | Work | Joy and Sorrow | Houses | Pets | Clothes | Buying and Selling | Crime and Punishment | Laws | Freedom | Reason and Passion | Pain | Self-Knowledge | Teaching | Friendship | Talking | Time and Space | Good and Evil | Prayer | Pleasure | Beauty | Religion | Death | Forms Of Existence | Real vs Virtual | The Farewell