Being revised with newly added content that no one is supposed to know

The secrets behind top secrets to be revealed – eta 2020

Being revised by added content!:

The added content reveals how mankind is mass manipulated through the virtual world as well as through apparently static things and harmless blings in the physical world.

WHAT IS IN THERE ALREADY: All secret and subsurface Alien bases on planet Terra, also known as Earth. Fake factions witin government departments. The Terran Alien organization of the invisble government of planet Terra, the Septagon. The world wide hoax and lies about all space travel programs; they are all fake. In this book it is proven by simple science from the space agencies themselves. The works of the Old Force towards the installation of intelligence on planet Terra. The hoax and lies about the dinosaur; there has never been any. The hoax and lies about the 1945 atom bomb; there has never been one but a incandenscent kodak bomb. The book of Gene-sys, the creation of the universe.

And then there are some bonus chapters, such as the fake atom bomb in 1945, the fake dinosaurs been exposed, the effects and purpose of radiation beyond the much discussed G frequencies, the true meaning of god, the dynamics of existence, the densities of existence, what the universe is not, what space is not, what matter and energy are, the real cause of the straight cuts of the polar ice sheets, the nonsense behind the global warming theory, and many other topics.

FIRST TO BE ADDED: The first part largely talks about cyber space, or the virtual world if you will, including all the fakery, lies, mind manipulations, and countless other matters that keep the sheeple from truly thinking as a true human being. The last part talks about outer space, i.e. reveals the complete greatest hoax of all times: the Space Program, everybody believing there are things put there in space by rockets, such as pioneers, voyagers, rovers, satellites, space stations, shuttles, landers, probes, space telescopes, ICBMs, and what have you. I have news for you: there is nada of all that. Nothing goes higher than the atmosphere. Did you know that GPS is ground based because there is no satellite out there? Google maps is made by Aerodata Surveys, a company that employs aircraft to produce aerial photographs, and so Google is lying about the term “satellite view”. It should be “aerial view”! Did you know that satellite TV is a ground based scam, why else do all dishes point horizontally instead of vertically? And many more interesting things that no one seems to give a damn about. And the chapters in between the first and the last, well, that will be the major eye opening part, such as about the impact of symbols, architecture, brands, logos, names, labels, banners, headers, jewelry, stickers, patches, fashion, blings, etc etc on mankind.

MORE TO BE ADDED: Introduction | History Of Marketing Channels & Social Networks | Expectative Summary | Real Versus Unreal | Virtual Discrepancies | Love Thy Cyber | The Dark Side | False Control | Relationship Starters | Ex Of Decades Ago | Maze In The Networks | Hands-On Dating Experience | Shortcuts | Cybersex | Virtual 3d Life | Grid Design Considerations | What You Want Is What You Get | Black Magic Of The Internet | Anonymity And Spytronics | Virtual Drugs | Robots Happy To Keep You Dumb | Social Mafioso | Multividual Template | Cell Phone Woof | Iparents | Virtually Violent Kids | Brick & Mortar | But It Feels So Real | Virtual Versus Real | Unlike Dislike Like | Levelling On & Off | Games Of Superlatives | Cyber Bully | Cyber Cheat Adultery | What’s In A Name | Virtual Spells And Real Magic | Brands Logos Labels | Loving Love | Same Time Same Space | Virtual Reality Warfare | Delusion And Freedoom | Small Screen For Man Giant Fake For Mankind | Either Side Of The Wall | Cyber Gloss-Array.

You live your life rubbing the smartphone screen and apping all day and you don’t give a fucking shit. You won’t want to read this book. You think that you should keep abreast of the times, but you have no idea what that really means or implies. You won’t want to read this book, you want to stay happy by staying ignorant, and I pity you.

FINALLY TO BE ADDED: The book will end with the true definitions of god, life, death, universe, time, space, mass, energy, and the various densities of existence in various dynamics. Eveything is different, nothing as generally understood. It makes all science, philosophy, religion obsolete, even science fiction. And yes, no one is supposed to know this. No one even wants to really know this, because truth is almost impossible to digest by mental stomachs that are accustomed to snacks made of lies and illusions.

ETA revision 2020