SETI Scam On The Wrong Frequency

SETI on the wrong track
wasting time & resources

Let me first quote a few statements from SETI :

  • The Arecibo transmissions are in a very tight beam (they are not omnidirectional, like TV and military radar), so they only cover a very small part of the sky at once (about a millionth of the total sky). It’s is unlikely another civilization will be within one of these narrow beams.
  • The Arecibo transmitter’s oldest signals left Earth about 30 years ago, so have only travelled 30 light years.
  • SETI@home is not searching the band of frequencies that the Arecibo transmitters utilize (although our older SERENDIP III program did survey one of those bands)


This means that if an extra terrestial civilization receives a signal from Arecibo, naturally they would duplicate it and send it back, because they will assume that that is the signal most likely understandable by the originator. Logical eh ?

But SETI does not check on that. So, this is a major issue that SETI seems to ignore completely.

Another important issue that SETI never raised is the big question of whether or not extra terrestials indeed do use the kind radio waves that WE are applying. We could very well ending-up in searching for signals that are not produced, even though intelligent civilizations might be even nearby. And even if we do receive similar radio waves, they might be as old as the distance in lightyears between the transmitter and the receiver here on Earth, so we would only receive signals from way past.

No way to communicate with extra terrestials or even to double-check with such decades or centuries of delays. In scientific research it is a necessity to reproduce the cause and effect of any investigated phenomenon, in other words, do it again and see if the same results are obtained. Only then we are more sure. But with radio wave technology it would take at least a century, if not more, to do such checking.

And the final issue I would like to raise, the most important one, is that it would be a much better idea to capture thought waves rather than radio waves. We do have the technology (for example in thought guided computer applications), but SETI does not use it. At least they never publicly did any mention of it.

After all, any intelligent living being transmits and receives thoughts. And it is quite certain that Aliens use telepathy for their ‘telecommunications’. Thought transportation speed is not limited to light speed. It is instantaneous, no matter the physical distance. And as for data communications, Aliens may very well use transmission technology based at the sub-atomic level in a finer state of matter such as “space aether”. And at that level there is no such thing as light speed barrier.

At least some intelligent people at SETI must have thought of that. If there are REAL intelligent people working at SETI. Whether or not that is the case, SETI seems a nice way to shift people’s attention away from the real stuff.

And what about Aliens in outer space trying to send & receive thought waves? What do they get from planet Earth? You should try imagine the thoughts that come from this planet. No Alien would dare come visit us down town.

In other words, SETI, including all the SETI@Home users, is wasting time & resources.

But the most ridiculous thing is that if Aliens find us, the Terran Governments undertake all effort to deny the existence of Aliens.

So what is the role of SETI ? Distraction…