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The word “google” has been referred to as a term that indicates something related with mathematics and statistics. I am not going to repeat here the history of Google as written in the wikis and forums all over the web. I am going to write here my own “not so far fetched” thoughts about the name “Google”.

First of all, what strikes me is the “G”. This capital letter is the symbol for general Free Mason societies. You know, that “G” under the pair of compasses. The work level, so to speak. The “G” is the capital of “g”. And the “g” is the symbol of serpent or snake, which is related with a race with superpowers. So both Free Masons and Google share this symbol.

No, the letter “G” in Free Masonry is not “God”, otherwise in France it should be “D” (dieu). The uppercase  “G” disguises the lowercase “g”, the serpent, and that’s all to it. Most Free Masons do not even know this basic thing. I personaly know a Two Tau member who does not even know about it, pathetic!

The “oo” could be read as “infinity” or “eternity” or the two snake heads that come together as in numerous snake symbols. After all, “goog” is exactly that. But the double “o” is also the symbol of the British Secret Service. The “l” is the hidden capital “L” and seen upside down, that “L” is the “7”. That number is also the symbol for “serpent”. That “7” symbol you also find on all logos of all space agencies and symbolizes in essence the flying Serpent or almighty power race. The “e” comes from “E” which is the symbol of grand total and the symbol of energy or everything. Seen in reverse it is the number “3” and that refers to a triangle that is also an esoteric symbol found in numerous organizations. Triangles, pyramids, stars, compasses, and what have you. And “L” 7 plus “E” 3 equals 10, a divine number.

So, the elements are “G” + “oo” + “g” + “L” + “E”, read straight and in reverse combined, can be decrypted into the “Eternal Lodge of the Free Masons governed by the secret Serpent Divinity to oversee and rule Everything”.

It is not a coincidence the way the name is spelled. Every corporate symbol has some esoteric background. There is never any coincidence in designing their brands and logos. Yes, I may be writing some far fetched things. But you should be aware that Google is well on the way to become the world’s keeper of world’s information. This is functionally similar to the Free Mason Keeper Of Secrets level. So this promises even more power in the future, as the Keeper Of Secrets is not the highest Masonic level.

Check your Gmail, Adsense, YouTube and Google+ accounts and terms & conditions. Plus all the other Google tools & “goodies”. Google has become the world reference and dictator of any kind of information. People take it all for granted and conform to Google’s behavior. Webmasters are scared to be penalized with lower rankings & search results positions if they don’t work conform Google’s mafioso dictatorship. It all started in the virtual world, but now it has taken the physical world as well. For example, your physical world id is required when applying for your virtual account at G+. Your physical location (e.g. home) is in full 3D record in Google Earth.

If you search for the combined term “google sucks” (two words paired between quotes) on Google, you’ll get only 100,000 results. That cannot be true. Only 100,000 pages (there are at least 10,000,000,000 pages in total) that say that Google sucks. Come on! Clearly there is some filtering going on in the search engine of Google. So a lot of websites are simply not listed anywhere in the search result.

Moreover, “google” has even become a verb! Yes, you can Bing or Yahoo on it.

I have removed all Google Adsense stuff from my site and I am closing down all my Google related accounts. I refuse to conform with the internet dictator number one.

Do I see things not being there? I think I see things others think not being there.

“Those who control data, control the universe.” I deliberately use the word “control” rather than “manage”. At school we learn all about “data management” or “information technology” and get our nifty PhD degrees. But what do we know? How to move data from A to B. To manage. But to control is a whole different endeavor, that you won’t learn at school.

Data is the building stone of information which is the building stone of knowledge which is the building stone of intelligence which is the building stone of creation.

Back in the 1970’s at Harvard University it was Dr. Nolan who designed the (initially 3) four stages of IT evolution. Here I summarize his evolutionary model:

Concerning growth of applications :

  • Stage-1 represents typical cost reduction financial applications, such as payroll, accounts receivable & payable, billing.
  • Stage-2 represents proliferation of applications in all functional areas, such as cash flow, general ledger, budgeting, forecasting, personnel inventory, order processing, sales.
  • Stage-3 represents a moratorium on new applications; emphasis is on control, such as purchasing control, scheduling.
  • Stage-4 represents database applications, such as financial planning models, on-line personnel query system, on-line customer query system, on-line source data entry (cost collection, purchasing, etc.)

Concerning growth of personnel specialization :

  • Stage-1 represents specialization for computer efficiency, such as operator, programmer.
  • Stage-2 represents specialization to develop a variety of applications, such as systems programmer, scientific programmer, business applications programmer, systems analyst.
  • Stage-3 represents specialization for control and effectiveness assurance, such as systems programmer, functional analyst.
  • Stage-4 represents specialization for database technology and teleprocessing, such as database administrator, network administrator, but also data administrator at management level.

Concerning management techniques customarily applied in each of the four stages :

  • Stage-1 represents a small IT department, first-in first-out priorities, lacking controls, no chargeout, loose budgeting, relaxed management.
  • Stage-2 represents informal It project control, assignment of analyst/programmers in the various functional areas, lax controls, few standards, little budget control, IT management moved up in the organization.
  • Stage-3 represents control oriented management, presence of a steering committee, control through centralization, increased maintenance activities; budgets must be justified; initiation of IT project management, chargeout and systems quality control through standards; strong budgetary planning for hardware/software facilities and new applications.
  • Stage-4 represents IT as a separate functional area, decentralization of IT analysts to user areas; systems design & programming take on a consulting role; introduction of database policies & standards; IT manager taking on a higher level position; focus on pricing of IT services; multiple 3-5 year IT-plans for infrastructure, personnel and applications.

Concerning responsibility of information :

  • Stage-1 represents IT to be accountable for defining information, with almost no user involvement, which results into imposed systems.
  • Stage-2 represents substantial user involvement in defining information through extensive requirements analyses.
  • Stage-3 represents the user to be primary accountable for defining information; there is little data administration.
  • Stage-4 represents adapting the philosophy that data is a corporate source, which includes data administration at high corporate organizational level; information planning is done by IT based on information supply requirements formalization by the user.

Taking into account this Nolan model, and holding it against the greedy information empires such as Google, it is fairly easy to compute where the evolution would go to.

As a regular internet user, from an information responsibility perspective, we are moving from stage-3 to stage-4.

From a management perspective, we are moving from stage-2 to stage-3.

The other perspectives vary a bit, depending on location, culture and likewise parameters.

“Stage-4 represents adapting the philosophy that data is a corporate source, which includes data administration at high corporate organizational level; information planning is done by IT based on information supply requirements formalization by the user.”

It is this stage that Google is envisioning to be the number one corporation to dominate the world’s treasure named “data”. User formalization will happen through social network interfaces, in order to make it pleasant. Data access will be priced and taxed! Yes, wou’ll have to pay for reading the data that you may have entered yourself.

Years later, users will no longer feel accountable for the world wide information “cloud” that is owned by Google. And that is purposely done by the information empire, as to shift control to Google’s management. As a consequence, users will increasingly avoid that information control empire, which results in arriving at stage-1 of the next evolutionary phase, which is a mushroom grassroot period where lots of individual private systems will be developed as a next information army to make sure that information stays manageable and under control after stage-2 of proliferation. So it is the game that remains the same, only the players to be different.

It will, however, be a data world war, in the true sense of the word. Weapons of mass data destruction are now being legalized, and the Bill Of Rights has no meaning anymore in the virtual or in the physical world. So on the long term, when part of the US Govt gets privatized, Google will be a major political party. Or a governmental department.

Let’s face it, those who control the world’s data, does control the world itself. Think of data as for example genetic data, energy knowledge, artistic talent, intelligence information, social contacts, what you do, what you think and feel, where you are and with whom, and so forth.

Knowing that data is the building stone of information which is the building stone of knowledge which is the building stone of intelligence which is the building stone of creation, ultimately the data empires will be the creators of the world.

Now, the way it is implemented isn’t necessarily with overt force. In fact, it is implemented in quite a pleasant way. People get their online games, their gadgets, their social interaction, their porn and multi media, their freedom to participate with forums, polls & surveys, ads clicking & rating, and to update the wiki and to upload their information. People get addicted to the virtual world, cannot live without it, and become data slaves without even knowing. And already now you see the signs in Gmail and G+ (Google Plus) for example, reason why I give up my Gmail account.

People have to conform and consent to ever more stringent regulations of the internet and its applications. They are continuosly pushed into such direction, blinded by social network profile gadgets and governmental regulations.

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