Why Children Become Violent

Just a comment on one of the many strategies (or should I say : tactics ?) the grand conspiracy is applying to pulling the strings of mankind.

Newschannels and entertainment giants are closely related, for example CNN and Warner. This already indicates a source of mass manipulation. For many years, the media openly annouce the headlines as “real”. And when it comes to Hollywood soaps, movies, and so forth, then the media announce it as “entertainment”. So, “real” and “entertaiment” seem easy to recognize or distinguish. From the outside at least…

But between “real truth” and “fake” on TV and in the newspapers, there is no way for most people to verify the content. So they take it for “real” or “true”, because “everybody listens to the well respected media”. About Aliens and UFOs, the media merely dismiss the subject as “fantasy” or “esoteric”.

But the play goes a step further :

The news media (twinning with entertainment media), show things like violence, war, killing, and so forth. And so do the entertainment media, although under the label “movie” or “game”, very overtly on all kinds of movies. Now, this brings us to another closely related subject : Games.

Children nowadays, play with Playstation, Nintendo games, computer games, watch cartoons on TV. Most of these games and cartoons contain violence, fights, shooting, killing, etc. But, in an “innocent” look. But the concept is exactly the same as “hurt thy neighbour”. Those kids are growing up, with a mindset filled with violence. And then, what happens next, is “real” violence, ranging from irritation, mild aggression, to vandalism, fighting, injuring and killing. And quite likely with minimum emotion, because it is “normal”.

We live in a world where people get their daily brainwash through television, internet, radio, newspapers, magazines. And they are not aware. All that information gets swallowed, without asking themselves the question “what am I going to do with that information ?”.

Movies, such as the early series of the “X-files”, labeled as “entertainment”, contain more “truth” than the government would ever publicly admit on the newschannels. Such movies are allowed, even promoted, of course, because they appear under the label “science fiction” or “fantasy”. And nearly everybody takes that for granted.

So, there are several ways to convey information to the people. But it is up to the sharpness of their minds to separate the wheat from the chaff, the “truth” from the “fake”. Entertainment media (ful)fill up the news media, and vice versa. And here ends and starts the vicious circle of the media.

Media : “the best way to lie is to do it loudly, looking into the eyes, without blushing” like “here are the data, but it is not true”. And that is what the media are doing.

And the internet ? Well, that is not very much different. I would say, even worse. Staring at the computer screen, people submerge themselves in a dreamworld. Any form of unpunished bad behaviour seems normal these days.

All of the above, and more, unfortunately, are seeds of terrorism. If the basis of education and socalled entertainment does not change for the better, then terrorism will keep on being reborn. Think about it.

Please note that the FCC “ruled” years ago that subliminal programming with television was illegal, but it never stopped. You find it more common on cable TV. They are using subliminal conditioning on all cable networks. They use it to emphasize different elements of what you are seeing around you. People end up being brainwashed and stay programmed this way towards ignorance,