The Root Cause Of Polar Ice Melting May Not Be What It Seems

When watching ice sheets break-off, there are some phenomena that are highly “unconventional”, such as perfect straight lines and “disintegration explosions”.

Straight lines are indicators of either artificial cutting, such as with laser beams, or indicators of direct radiation, i.e. the Sun. Regardless, they are indicators of radiation of some particular kind.

It is known that the Sun has a slightly cooling trend over the past three decades. Other scientists oppose this observation. All scientists’ statistics show not very significant variations in surface temperature and irradiation. Yet they argue about these W/m2 values as though these are prime.

It finally gets recognized that CO2 is a coolant, rather than the opposite (it is still used to extinguish fire successfully), and that H2O vapor would rise as the culprit. But neither alleged “cause” would explain the straight cuts in the polar ice sheets.

The usual argument is that ice was once water, and water forms a layer that is uniform in thickness and pressure, also when it freezes up. So, the ice sheets have no isolated weak spots because of their uniformity. That’s why the breaking occurs over long straight lines.

Another aspect of the way of breaking is the sinking of broken-off sheets. They sink just a few meters. It really looks as though the sheets are cut from above by lasers. I am not saying that the sheets are actually cut by lasers! It just looks that way.

The Sun radiates certain energies other than just thermal that are responsible for weakening the ice, and it is the Sun being prime responsible for ice sheet melting. Why else is ice sheet breaking occurring both at the Arctic and at the Antarctic?

At the North the CO2 and H2O values are quite different from those at the South, so that would eliminate the gas related theories concerning ice melting.

Yes there are theories regarding the water flow layers of sweet water versus salt water, and how global streams may be affected. But that does not explain the straight lines.

We know for fact that other planets in our solar system are heating up as well! And I can assure you that on these planets there is no manufacturing going on, neither cars or planes polluting the skies. So, it is not the human being prime responsible for planetary heating-up.

Yes there is an increasing amount of CH4 and N2O on planet Earth, but not on the other planets. So why shifting focus on Methane nowadays?

But now, one of the most important overlooked phenomena is the “disintegration explosion”. Now what is that? “Disintegration” can be interpreted as the “break-down into loose particles”. When we view ice-bergs and glaciers breaking-off, what exactly are we looking at? We clearly see first loose particles – that have the characteristics of liquid water – coming out of some “pores”, as though “internal explosions” take place. And then the next minute or so, large chunks of ice break-off in WTC style!

That tells me that the weakening of the ice is not primarily caused by heat, but by a form of radiation that we have totally ignored to this day. Ordinary heat mainly weakens the ice from the most outer layer inwards. But when we see the ice-bergs collapsing, with those “internal disintegration pockets”, then we cannot just conclude it is the heat from the Sun or from the atmosphere or what we call the greenhouse effect.

In other words, there are direct radiations from the Sun involved that we have not considered to this day. When we take into account the “laser cut” ice sheets, and the icebergs’ disintegration phenomena, then the logical conclusion is that the type of radiation is beyond the ordinary spectrum that ranges from IR to UV. So we could think of radiation in the micro wave spectrum for example, or even in the gamma spectrum.

So why do ice sheets break-off so neatly, and why do icebergs collapse in WTC style? The mainstream answer is that it has to do with the shape and pressure variations of the ice. A flat surface behaves totally different than an amorphic surface, including the way it absorbs radiation. But the shape and pressure is not the cause of disintegration. Radiation is.

The bottom-line is that there is a phenomenon not yet taken into account by any scientist, and that is electro magnetic or sub atomic radiation, such as gamma and neutrinos. These types of radiation, including the ordinary micro waves, can have a devastating effect on matter.

And then there is one more aspect: Artificially generated radiation. People have no idea how much the entire planet is electromagnetically polluted. The entire planet is literally surrounded by a layer of electromagnetic waves. Just think for a moment at all the cell-phone towers, radar systems, microwave transmitters, low frequency waves, radio waves, and so on, not to mention H.A.A.R.P.. All those different waves are interfering with one another causing again new waveforms.

EMP has never been addressed.

So now we have two things to look at: cosmic radiation and local radiation. And these two types may very well converge into a third type.

Why do scientists ignore radiation other than prime heat? Isn’t that stone-age science in the nuclear era? Is the thermometer all what scientists are looking at?

The entire discussion about global warming ends here. Or better, a new one starts here.