Wallstreet Incompetence & Harvard Stigmatism

“Wall Street: Money never sleeps.” But the traders do.

“Obama talks. Stocks down. Obama talks, stocks up.” It is unbelievable that presidential talks have that kind of impact on stocks. As though politics leads trading. It should be the other way around, if America would be business minded.

The true US war is on debt. Not on terrorism. Not on presidential fried air. There are several agendas behind the possible upcoming war on Iran.

One of the agendas is related with having the Middle East buying into the US deficit through the US Dollar as the oil base currency. This formula currently applies to Saudi Arabia. That country has agreed to trade oil for US Dollars, receive tons of money from the US, however, obliged to use a big part of that money to buy stuff from the US, thus helping the US to relieve from the national debt.

Other agendas I will not mention at this time.

There are other ways than warfare to get rid of the deficit. There are ways to have the USD currency in balance with the EUR currency. No killing and destruction is needed. If the Govt treats the country as a business, rather than as an ego trip playground, then we may have a chance.

The low position of the USD against the EUR is not caused by faked terrorism, neither by some radio active material or some oil spill. The low USD compared to the EUR is due to incompetent US traders. They just don’t do a good job. They learn the wrong things at the business schools. They are mislead at Wall street and at Harvard. It does not matter what base currency the oil trading is applying. European traders have proven it over and over again.

Base currency is just a numeric conversion factor. Why else has Europe no such problems with the USD currency base in oil trade? It is just a matter of doing some work. The US wants it all the easy way, just by ruling the base currency. That cowboy mentality does not work.

Of course, oil trading is not the only element in the deficit problem. The US expenditures on black projects, infrastructure, consumption, government personnel, etc. are way too high. Why not learn some modesty from the Europeans?

The US may fight a new war, on Iran this time. Then what? At what cost? And what exactly determines the end of the war, the last bomb or bullet or the last living Jew? What results are hoped for? I can tell you this: the war on Iran by the US will put the US in the greatest recession ever, never to recover from.

Any great empire has ultimately collapsed under its own militarism. Look-up the history books. There is no exception to this natural law. The Roman empire is the perfect example. That one too fought useless wars and ended up in the ultimate recession. All that is left now is Italy. Now the US is on the brink of implosion, self destruction. The harder the US will hit onto other countries, the sooner the US will collapse. The US better use the money wisely, rather than on military budgets. The US behaves exactly like Nazi Germany did in the 1940’s.

The US must stop blaming all wrongs on other nations. That is what a preteen does toward adults. And yes, compared with the nation’s age, the US counts a mere 300 years, whereas the Middle East counts at least 3000 years. Guess who are the adult countries.

The US is such a beautiful nation. It is crammed with creativity and intellectual energy. The people are so nice. They have not chosen for such deficit mess. Their government screwed it up. All those people pay a huge tax load, and all they get in return from the Govt is the reassurance that the war on terror is to be won and that Al-Queda is the axis of evil and that 911 is not an inside job and that Iran has WMD that threaten the touristic places in the US. No one has seen a nuke in Iran. Show me the photo!

Sadly, most Americans buy into that. Their mind is under control. They have no clue they are betrayed by their own government. Under influence by a president who promised A but gave Z and who enslaves the populace by chains of tax.

And now the US Govt is talking about regime change in Iran. But that is not the problem. The current Iranian regime has been the driving force behind the gas stations in the US, which to this day went all fine. The Iran regime is accepted by the Iranian populace, roughly 70 million people. It is not up to the arrogant US to dictate the cultural content of a country. Most US citizens (including news media agents) do not even know the location of Iran, neither one word of Farsi, let alone the name of Iran’s president. They just don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to cantine thrill talk about Iran. Journalists who have not been in Iran and talked with Iranian locals should shut up and stop posting stories of sensation.

“Regime change” is a govt term meaning “puppet on a string”. The US wants power.

Power just cannot be gained by applying violence, killing civilians, bombing buildings, assassinating scientists, sabotaging factories, etc. It cannot be gained by hanging Hussain and Ahmadinejad on a rope or by microwaving Iranian civilians’ faces and dropping them in depleted uranium debris.

True power can be gained only by causing affluence. The ability to create affluence is on a higher plateau than the ability to destroy, of course. Obviously too high for the US leaders. It seems that philosophy has no meaning to the politicians. They see that merely as a residu from spice & herbs countries. Too bad for this kind of stigmatism. Ethics have more value than just Dollars.

The highly primitive concept of the survival of the strongest does not apply to reality. Otherwise the dinosaurs would still be running around.

If the US destroys Iran, Iran will have all the good reasons to stop exporting oil to the US and to destroy the US on the long term. They will.

As for Iran, there is no weapons grade trans-urane material incorporated in any military delivery system. No nukes. The show they gave on TV with a fake Uranium rod underscores their bluff. I know it was a fake rod. I have a nuclear science background and I have worked in nuclear facilities. I know the characteristics of U and Pu rods. Iran just needs this kind of propaganda as to show some teeth to the “enemy”. And why not a bit of bluff?

The US carriers now sailing in the Gulf are transporting nuclear weapons of several kinds. I know this from an officer who’s working there. The US intends to use their nukes. So who is the WMD threat in reality?

We all know that Iran’s military capability is not much more that it was the case with Iraq. Iran has just more short & medium range missiles. Why else did the war between Iran and Iraq take that many years? But they don’t have nukes.

Again, it is not the possession of trans-urane elements that makes Iran a threat towards the US. At least, not in the military context. However, if Iran can be self-sustained in electricity through nuclear facilities, then Iran would simply flourish. As a consequence, Iran would be able to sell oil for cheap. That makes Iran a direct competitor to Saudi Arabia. Iran has no agreement with the US to buy into their debts. Saudi Arabia has. Therefore, any competetiveness of Iran will hurt the US in terms of having Saudi Arabia as their customer.

So again, it is up to the US traders to do their work. In the Gulf Region – I have worked there for years – trading is not just a matter of shouting the numbers. It just cannot be properly done the Western way. All business heavily rely on social communication. Westerners do not understand that. They throw contracts on the table, draw their guns, yell through their phones, shoot emails around, show PowerPoint slides, and they don’t give a damn about the Middle East culture. The US business schools should put some Arab teachers in front of the class. I know what I am talking about. I have been living and working with Arabs in the Middle East for years. It is so simple: Learn to talk with the Middle East man and there’s no need to draw your cowboy gun.

See, the US way is not the only way. That certainly applies to the entire Middle East. Again, the US must not assume that the American way can apply to Middle East countries. It is simply incompatible.

Moreover, and this is the most important part of the story:

The US needs to invest only 15 billion for local pipeline construction to distribute it’s own oil from Alaska throughout the states. And within 18 months the R.O.I. will be so high that the Dollar price per gallon won’t be higher than 1.50. Even better, the US can even export their Alaskan oil to China!

The American traders and politicians of today are really not smart, I am sorry to say. What do they learn to get their MBA?

Wake-up Harvard! Remember the American dream?

If the US wants to change for the better, the US should start change at the base inside and work on ethical means to raise affluence. The war on debt can be won this way only. From within. Not by destroying properties of others. All the winning elements are within reach. It’s just a matter of picking them up.