Facebook Now New World Order Scam

Dear Friends,

Facebook just announced a new feature to its app, which will let it listen to our conversations through our own phones’ microphone .. and store all your conversations indefinitely for analysis by intelligence agencies!

This is clearly a Big Brother move for the New World Order.

You can join me to call on Facebook to protect our privacy here: http://action.sumofus.org/a/Facebook-app-taps-phones/?sub=mtl

Sign this petition!

And on top of their webpage the message “enter your phone number to make your account more secure” – or variations of that message – clearly is a sign that they go very far in acquiring your personal data. Why does Facebook need your phone number? Why not simply a personal code or a password (which is already there). They will never call you. They use that number for something else. This is highly suspect.

Facebook is now the first to make that move, and soon ALL other social media will follow similar schemes. They get funded by black project money from intel agencies.

Facebook is LYING about this feature to be optional. Yes you can “turn it off”, but WILL it indeed be turned-off? Answer: NO! The OFF setting is a simulation. That is how these Big Brother systems try to deceive us.

I have been deep into the IT world for decades, been teaching IT systems design and development at a university, even to hackers and social media web developers, and I know exactly how social media systems work. They are all spyware platforms. Just like all free email accounts such as Gmail of Google mafia.

I already predicted this move in my book Unlike Social Media Like, published January 2012. Buy it here for your Kindle at Amazon:

You are NOT free at all by using free social media platforms. You are entering all your private information, because it is “fun to do”. That is exactly the trap you all fall right into. NWO Big Brother intel wants your personal info, to use that to keep you under control.

And if you think it “does no harm”, then that is exactly because the social media are designed that way, so that you voluntarily give away your most private life information. The social media all serve as data entry modules. You are ignorant and blind if you believe that it does no harm.

You are increasingly being monitored.

– How is it that for “unexplainable reasons” you get into trouble at college, at work, with the government, the tax office, in hospital, etc?
– How is it that you see each time ads targeted to your wish list and get manipulated to spend money on things you do not really need? How is it that you spend hours and hours at the computer screen on social media instead being productive toward something useful?
– How is it that you have become less able to communicate with your fellow being, unless you can use apps, chats, emails, etc?
– How is it that you stay at home a lot more as to “enjoy” the internet, rather than going out to the real world? Of course the more isolated and web addicted you become, the less of an annoyance you are for the New World Order.
– How is it that your virtual friends don’t really give a damn about you, other than getting a bunch of LIKEs?
– How is it that of the hundreds or thousands of social media friends there is perhaps only ONE with whom you can share some private reality and the rest is a waste of time?
– How is it that you “feel loved” by all those goddam LIKEs? Are you sick or delusional?
– How is it that you feel depressed each time after those hours of social mediaing? No, you don’t feel truly uplifted! That is an illusion. Not to mention the impact by television.

And so forth. Coincidence does not exist in the real world.

You can clean up your browsing history, cache, cookies and temp files what you want, but all your www surfing history has long been stored on super computers deep underground. YouTube stores your behavior on its own computers, not on yours. You think it is “science fiction”. Yeah, that is exactly the number one sign of deep intellectual sleep.

Since the introduction of social media and internet gadgets, life has become a slavery. The end-users are web junkies who keep on tapping the screens and keypads to do things that they do not really need. What a waste of life time. All those hours, days, years thrown down the drain, and at the end of your life you may finally realize how much time you have truly wasted. “Oh I should have done this and that” … Too late! The NWO Goverment laughs their ass off, and you rest in peace, being totally free.

Read my book, and you will understand what’s behind all social media and the socalled concept of “freedom”.