Scientology Insider Reveals Murder Of Son Jett By Dad Travolta

A Scientology insider at the level of OT8 of Truth Revealed on The Bridge of Scientology has come forward with a story that I am permitted to publish on this website. What I care about is that a Scientology celebrity is getting away with murder, the highest crime on the Dynamics as per their own Scientology definition.

Scientology has a record of physical and mental abuse of its members, and misuses the Scientology Auditing technology to justify these acts.

Many lies have been told about the medical condition and the mental state of Jett, and I am not going into all the details that you can find on the web anyway. But the true bottom-line is this: From the Scientology viewpoint, Jett was mentally ill and incurable. No auditing could help Jett cured. This proves that Scientology Tech has major flaws, and these flaws only weaken the foundation of their Bridge. A mentally ill person who “cannot be cured” undermines the validity of Dianetics and Scientology Spiritual Technology. And this is something that would largely ruin the reputation of that cult.

John T is found prime responsible by this OT8 for the murder of his autistic son Jett. For a high level Scientologist and Hollywood celeb any obstacle must be cleaned-up, right? And if the Scientology and Dianetics Tech cannot ensure the healing, then of course “natural death” can. So blame it to God, and all is well.

And it would not be a surprise that some Scientology celeb buddy such as Tom Cruise would shed some nice tears in front of the YouTube cams as to underscore the big loss blah blah. Look at this pathetic video by yourself !

That criminal – yes he supports JT in this murder – chap cannot even act! He is so hypocrite! All of his body language very clearly tells us that he is faking! He is lying!

You should know that body language is not addressed in any of the Scientology courses, not even in any of the Comm or TR studies, so any trained Scientologist is unfamiliar with body language and the control thereof. A very weak spot in the Scientology curriculum. Too bad for Tommy boy who’s just completely unable to hide what his body language is telling so clearly.

And of course JT simply continues his Hollywood career as if nothing has happened, and to the press he acts as the sad dad, and after he shuts the door, he repolishes his grinn and calls the movie studio next.

Of course the entire world wide web will be crammed with sob-story disinformation about Jett’s death – heaven forbid me to refer to all those websites – but if a senior insider at the level of OT8 comes forward with the truth about a junior OT7 such as JT and TC, then it must be something.

Quite a few people got killed through Scientology Org, and to this day, that Org got away with these murders.

How Jett got murdered is not the issue. The issue is that John T is prime responsible.

He will pay with his existence as a miserable thetan till the end of times. He knows. And his faggot buddy TC knows too, as he was involved in the murder conspiracy. JT and TC even made fun with it, as they masterminded the killing plan, including the justification auditing processes after.

JT’s major overt on all Dynamics normally should keep him from going to the next OT level on the Scientology Bridge, unless … unless this charge gets waived by all the Security Checks of the Org. Why, because the Org heavily depends on JT’s role in their marketing scheme. It must never be leaked about JT’s crime.

Over time, he may as well receive a next OT certificate with D Miscavige’s fingerprints on it. DM too, he knows about JT’s crime. And because he keeps it all hidden, he is part of the conspiracy. He was already actually a major criminal on all Dynamics, so this one is an add-on.

So now we have these three men on top of the Scientology Org who got away with conspiracy to murder: David M, Tom C, and John T, the latter being the principal criminal. It will stay on the Time Track forever, and life after life these thetans will have to confront their overts. No floating needle or T/A will ever erase their crime, and no justification will ever be, no matter the apres audit, check, or flying whatever ruds.

How does the “insider OT8”, that I am mentioning, know? Some OT8s can completely operate outside of their body, and some of them in stealth mode, so OT7s or below do not even notice. So that’s how. There are not many who can do that so well. Only a very few.

The content of this post is not my own. It is given to me by this insider very high up in the Scientology Org, and I am happy to host the words. Rest assured that I will never reveal the identity of this thetan. Wanna sue me? Go ahead! I dare you, and you will lose the case, no matter how many millions you spend. I already checked this with my lawyer. Besides, if you have a better REAL truth, then you come forward, in public. Any lie will be detected. E-Meters do not have to be physical …