X-Files: Zero Tolerance Message To Billy Meier Related Parties

Let’s face it, the FIGU/SSSC is too much of a commercial sect/cult like closed community, somewhat like Scientology Org does. Also other people/orgs make it a business rather than a mission. If they would have used their brains, they could have obtained funds from any government on this planet. As a consequence the wisdom of the Plejaren is not disseminated globally effectively.

I am getting emails from anonymous cq unidentified entities who seem to disagree with the fact that I publish things about the Billy Meier case on this website. Here I summarize my position:

Zero point: The whole Pleiadian alien Plejaren ufo case is a hoax conspired by Billy Meier, Michael Horn, Jim Deardorff, Jim Dilettoso, Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders, FIGU & SSSC, amongst others. Yes, Billy Meier is truly the only one who had these “encounters” simply because he faked them. Okay, Billy Meiers writing may contain elements of flowerpower “wisdom”, but we don’t need the alien ufo crap in order to accept words about good conduct.

So here you have my ten commandments for the Plejaren hippies:

First of all, if you are a true representative of Billy Meier and / or the FIGU, then use the official email account, with full sender brick & mortar address. Public freemail accounts have no legal value to me at all.

Second, if you want one or more of my postings to desist, then state your full identitiy, name, last name, home address, phone number, date of birth – the same info the FIGU obtained about me – so that my lawyer knows to find you if it comes to a court of law.

Third, if you want one or more of my postings to desist, then state your true organizational position at the FIGU, include a copy of your id, and the exact reasons why you want me to delete the posting(s).

Fourth, if you want me to remove the Google or YouTube videos, you must be aware that Google and YouTube videos have embed code to be used publicly without any further authorization. It is public domain.

Fifth, as social media networks, such as facebook, hyves, hi5, twitter, wordpress, etc. contain a lot of text about the Billy Meier case along with invitation to copy and redistribute or share that text, then it is totally legal on my part when I do so.

Sixth, would you please be so kind to show me what you are actually doing in making real truth known to the world? And please, stop lying and hoaxing. Your UFOs are faked as is proven by several special effects makers.

Seventh, stay away from me if you have no legal reason whatsoever to require from me to delete any posting. The FIGU has my home address, so the FIGU is asked to put such request in writing, Eduard Meier or Semjase (if he/she/it really exists) to personally sign it, and send by registered paper mail with full sender info. My address is public, e.g. through my web domain. eMails have no legal value. Only paper mail.

Eighth, do not ask me to provide you with URLs or references from where I got the text and media. With your superior alien contacts you should have no trouble at all to figure out any intel data.

Ninth, all data has been obtained for free from free public source named the internet and subsets thereof such as torrent providers. I republish these for non-profit and earn no money from it.

Tenth, I have the right to express my own opinions freely at my own websites. If you don’t like these, then that is not a legal reason to require deletion of the posting. Your bad feeling about me or about my writings is yours, not mine, and has no legal value. And there it ends.

And you, Billy Meier, Michael Horn, Jim Deardorff, Jim Dilettoso, Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders, FIGU & SSSC and any other related person or entity, you can only write me by signed registered paper mail though your attorney if you want anything of me to desist, and that has to be by court of law, otherwise no chance. Your emails are automatically moved to the spam box and have no legal value at all.